Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Our (Last) Birth Story

There is definitely some truth in the jokes that parents like to crack about having multiple kids. Jokes like how first time parents would disinfect the house and sanitize all feeding bottles religiously without fail for the firstborn, to casually dusting off the dirt off any food items on the floor and sticking by the 3-seconds rule when it comes to the third or fourth kiddo in the family. Well, I would just say that the kiddos get hardier down the line! 

Steffi accompanied us to the gynae as she wanted to look at Louie' ultrasound too!
Having experiencing 3 child birth in almost the exact same manner kind of killed the fun when it came to the birth of my fourth, our little Louie. But it was precisely because of having this intimate knowledge of knowing exactly what to expect, that I was able to capture some pretty (awesome and gruesome) photos. Both of us were really “zen” about the arrival of Louie and having already fixed a date for his birth, we only got down to packing the “luggage” for our staycation the night before. Oh, we even took a bus to Thomson Medical Centre since we had all the time. 

We even took the bus to the hospital because my wife didn't mind. This kind of wife really hard to find. 
The hospital was kind enough to upgrade us to a suite for our fourth delivery, which really surprised the wife and she even asked if we could extend our stay after we checked into our suite and realized how comfortable it was! I knew exactly what to expect, how to suit up to enter the delivery theatre, where to wait for my name to be called, how to act when inside and what can be or cannot be done. But the only thing I do not know, is how my son is going to look like! 

But what she didn't know is that we got upgraded to a suite upon registration!
It was pretty amazing don't you think so? Thanks to Thomson Medical Center!
All ready to be wheeled in. But she was really apprehensive about the surgery underneath the cuteness facade.
All ready for the big moment.
A cesarean section was definitely not our choice for our first two kiddos. It was performed on my wife because of fetal distress in the case of Steffi and it was only after she was delivered that the doctor realized it was due to the umbilical cord round her neck. As it was an emergency cesarean, I was not allowed in the theatre and it took my wife a considerable amount of time to accept Steffi after she woke up from all the anesthetics. And we did try for a natural birth the second time round for Leroy but it was not meant to be. 

The familiar corridor that I await for the nurses to call my name.
It was quite a wait and I had all the time, to even take selfies.
Friends and family had been joking that affixing a zipper on my wife’s tummy may be a better option and I would laugh along but deep down I know that every single cesarean section that she goes through, is really a gamble on her life. It is after all, not a minor surgery, even though we were rather nonchalant about it. Lives had been lost through such a surgery and I know that my wife is scared every single time, because she would confide in me just before the surgeries. The amount of blood lost, the depths of the cuts through skin, fat and muscles, and the amount of healing required post-surgery is something that I would never be able to imagine going through. That is the power of a mother, the gift of life to the next generation. 

The sacrifices of a mother. The gift of life.
She can still smile, as the gynae cut through her. I would have taken photos of everything if only they had allowed. In any case, she is the only women in this world whom I had literally seen through!
The moment Louie was delivered, just seconds old and held by the smiling gynae.
Here awaiting for hs cleanup and my cutting of his umbilical cord. 
The first time she laid her eyes on him. 
The customary pose for the camera.
All while the gynae was working on sewing her up.
And the friendly aesthetician even offered to take a family photo for us! 
She then asked me to pose for a photo with my second prince.

The wife had endure hours of trembling following the anesthetics. It was a side effect for her case.

As much as we loved children, and how glad we are with the way our kiddos turned out to be. They are the center of our lives now and we are extremely proud to be their parents. We did broached the idea of having even more kiddos but having considered the risk to the wife and the practicality of having one more newborn in the house, I guess we more or less have the answer. It’s been 7 years of having to deal with (different) babies, maybe we should have a little rest and finally watch them grow up. And yes, what other parents say about kids growing up too fast, is extremely true as well. Be sure to savor every moment with the kids, all you parents out there!

The heartwarming photo of Steffi carrying her youngest brother for the very first time.
And also a photo of all the siblings together, their first group photo! We are simply blessed!

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