Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Roborock S6 MaxV Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot cleaners has been in the market for quite a while now but as laggards (as usual), we finally managed to try out one recently. Even though we never thought of getting one, since we HAD a helper in the house back then, I had personally heard stories on cheap sets being bought and discarded within days because of lack of suction power, as well as sets being kept in storage as the owners spent more time rescuing them from being stuck! So yes, I know I needed to manage own my expectations for the Roborock S6 MaxV review set that we got recently.

She has got a little help now, since she always kenna arrow to vacuum also.

So after having used it for a while now, let me share with you on my experience with the Roborock S6. Call me mountain tortoise, but this nifty gadget is really high tech sia! All I needed to get the cleaner started, was to download the Roborock app from Play Store, set up my profile and just connect the cleaner to my home Wi-Fi network. The app automatically detects the cleaner and setup was as easy as can be! I never even had to refer to the instruction manual except the time when I needed to empty the bin for the first time and cannot find the receptacle opening in the cute machine.

For a laggard like me, the machine really quite hi-tech lor!

I left the S6 charging in the dock until it had full power before starting it on its maiden job in my house. I was really amazed by the very accurate mapping of my entire living room as I see the watch the map of my living room slowly materialize on the app. After a complete cleaning of my living room, I was able to see the cleaning limitation, with the various obstacles in my house reflected in the virtual map. For example, the S6 was not able to get pass the legs of the chairs to get underneath the dining table lor, and many nooks of the house are also stacked with lots of boxes. 

I  pity the robot... Need to navigate through lots of obstacles indeed.

In all honestly, I dare say the S6 would do a very good job at picking up all the irritating hair and food pieces in the house with its good suction power. I know, because I was amazed by the amount of dirt picked up in just one run when I emptied the bin! But the disclaimer would be, the area to be cleaned, also needed to be reasonably obstacle-free because the robot will end up avoiding all the occupied areas or risk getting stuck somewhere leh. This to me, is the most irritating problem because with 5 kiddos in the house, keeping the place tidy is virtually (and physically) impossible lah! 

Really quite a lot of dirt even after just one run!

The mopping function though, is kind of iffy. I mean we cannot seriously expect the S6 to replace the physical mopping done manually right? The floor does feel cleaner on the feet but any tougher stains would still require intervention by yours truly of course. I was thinking to myself, maybe if I add a little bit of disinfectant in the water tank, it can even sanitize the floors during this Covid time! I personally think adding a little bit of disinfectant would not affect the performance of the machine, but don't quote me hor!

You do need to clear the hair from the side brush though, so yes, you still need to maintain lah.

For maintenance, you can also refer to the app to find out when you need to clean the different parts. Recommended to clean the main brush and dustbin weekly and maybe the rest as required.

What I really liked about the machine is that you can control it anytime, anywhere and program it to adhere to your cleaning schedule via the app. You can even command it to clean certain zones in your house, indicating no-clean or no-mop zones as well. If you are really so bored, you can even watch the cleaning live on the app, through the lens of its camera and also send voice messages across to whoever is on the other side! You are not paying just for the machine, but the whole suite of high tech functions that come with the Roborock app!

Check out irregular shape of my living room as mapped by the robot. It is really accurate lor, but the shape is funny because of the numerous items all over the house!

In all honesty, I would imagine S6 to be extremely useful for those living in huge properties with lots of open space but for HDB-dwellers like myself, it may feel like a little overkill. One thing for sure though, is that it does give me some motivation to clear the mess left behind by the kiddos so as to allow the machine to perform its duty to the best of its abilities! I do have to admit that it seems to be a little pricey to be retailing at $659.90 on its official store on Lazada, but it sure beats buying a cheap knockoff from Tao Bao and then complain that that sucks because that does not suck? Pun intended.

You can even view the cleaner from its POV from anywhere while it cleans your house and even speak to anyone over through its microphone!

Nevertheless it still feels like a luxury item to me, but please go ahead and get it if you are confident of working it really hard and making your money's worth, but you still must clear your house of obstacles first hor! The Roborock S6 MaxV will surely fit right into your smart home, although it seems that S7 will debut in US later this month. 

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Farm Florist: Flowers, Cakes and Many More

It was Steffi's birthday yesterday, and she is now officially a teenager! She was asking us if she would be getting a cake this year, to which I bluffed her and said I will not be buying her any this year due to budget cut. She sounded a little disappointed but I wasn't lying to her anyway. That's because for her birthday this year, Farm Florist had actually sent a her a birthday cake and a beautiful bouquet of flowers!

13 this year... How time flies!

They are actually having a promotional bundle just for International Women’s Day, which is celebrated worldwide on March 8. Well I do not think that we celebrate it as much here in Singapore, nor should we only celebrate women on just one day. But since they have this International Women’s Day Bundle, which included an Admiration bouquet, a cake and delivery at $80, why not enjoy the deal? You can surprise your lady just like I did with my young one, and it can be for any occasion lor. 

International Women's Day Bundle at $80 (Cake + Bouquet)

This one really taste like milk tea with jelly! Nice!

But a disclaimer here lah. The $80 bundle is supposed to come with a Chocolate Banana Cake but we got the Okinawa Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Jelly Cake which was totally awesome lor, albeit it may be a little sweet for those who cannot tahan sweetness, unlike me. You can check out their website for the various bundles available! Thank you Farm Florist for sending Steffi the bundle!

Her very first flower bouquet lor!

Thursday, January 28, 2021

CNY Goodies from Pineappletart.com

Asked her for a different look and this is what I got!

Singaporeans are really spoilt for choices when it comes to CNY goodies. Just a walk along your neighborhood confectioneries and you will be able to see so many different types available. The supermarkets are also not letting you off easily too, with big areas set aside solely for these weight-gainers. I am being very honest here, I am really stingy and would usually wait till CNY eve to pick them up at a steal. But sometimes those 3 for $10 bottles really CMI lah... lol

Looks like a lot hor, but believe me... they will be gone before you knew it!

This year, thanks to the good people from 黄梨家 (https://pineappletart.com), we got to try out their "award-winning melt-in-your-mouth" Pineapple tarts and Kueh Bangkit. But being a non-foodie, I can only say that they were hard to resist once you have tried one and we actually finished the two bottles within a day or two! The same goes for the really crispy and tasty Salted Egg Crab Stick Cracker as well! I finished that one whole container on my own lor. 

I think there is indeed a difference in their premium stuff, for it seems that they are a little milkier and powdery, hence melts in the mouth. But their normal (and cheaper) versions are not bad also lah. In fact, all their pineapple tarts are good, and you can taste and feel the crunchy fruit bits too. I think their stocks are running fast too so you better hurry if you wanna order them online, with free delivery for purchase $88 up too!

Really delicious goodies. Hard to last you beyond CNY!

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Breathe Carefree, With Airfree!

I speak for myself here ok? I usually do not bother about things that I cannot see, until consequences happen. And the classic example these days would have to be viruses in this Covid period. Who would have been this concerned about viruses or bacteria in the air (or anywhere for that matter) back then? Who would be disinfecting one's hands as often as we do now? Not me for sure. And lest you feel all safe and secure at home, just for your info, studies had shown that the indoor air pollutants can be many times worst than outdoor levels! 

One thing that would definitely help in improving the indoor air quality, would have to be air purifiers. Air purifiers in my mind, would be a device with built-in fan, that come with filters to trap air particulates. Or should I say, just a fan with filter. But the air purifier by Airfree that we were recently introduced to, is absolutely filter-less, much to my delight! This meant there will be no need for any costly filter replacements in the future just to keep the equipment running optimally! It doesn't even have a fan lor, so no fear of parts breaking down or moving parts slowing down due to trapped dust.

My first feel when I unboxed the air purifier was that it looked rather futuristic with its pod-like shape and it was really lightweight. The model I got was the P150 meant for rooms up to 60m2 (such as living rooms) which I intended to use for my upsized master bedroom. It was plug and play with no need for any fixing up whatsoever and it does not even have any physical button. I simply turn on the power socket and it started working right away. The only thing which I can control if I wanted to, was the intensity of the blue light through a touch sensor button in front.

So how this machine works is via Thermodynamic TSS Technology, which simply means that air is heated up to 200℃ with 99.99% airborne microorganisms killed or deactivated, just like how we boil water before drinking. It works on bacteria, viruses, mould and organic allergens, through air convection without the use of any fan. Hot air rises and cool air rushes in from the bottom. The unit does feel quite hot on the top after a couple of hours, so one must take care to place it out of reach from young children. 

I had been using the air purifier for the past 2 weeks and I am damn honest one lah. I do not know if it was just my imagination or not, but I do feel that the room smells fresher these days. However, that is the only noticeable difference for me, as I do not have any validation of its efficacy. At the back of my mind, I also wonder how long the air purifying of a room would take, as I would guess it would be quite hard to "pull" allergens from one end of the room to the other where my purifier is located especially without a fan?

So how? Should you buy or not? My take on this is that if you suffer from any form of allergies to airborne particulates etc or if you want added protection from airborne viruses or bacteria for the whole family, this machine would serve as a good insurance. I am personally quite sold by the company especially by the impressive numbers of tests done by independent laboratories that you can find here. After all, it is just a one-time cost of the machine that comes with a 2-year warranty as well and you would feel good knowing that you are doing something to protect the family 24/7, even in your own home. Shop here now. 

Disclaimer: We were provided with a review set. No monetary compensation was received and all views were ours of course. 

Monday, December 14, 2020

Easy Cake Ordering with Whyzee!

My little Stacci is not longer that little anymore. She used to be on the plump side and eats pretty much anything, and her nickname was actually "Ah Fei". But she is no longer fat now and turned rather skinny now. How I wish she could put on more weight and that I could pass some of my fats to her, but she is so much pickier with food these days!

It was her birthday last month and because of Covid, all we had was a simple and cozy celebration back at home with just our family. Nowadays, the cakes I see on social media tends to be "for show" and I dunno if anyone gives a damn on how the cakes tastes. Well, we let her choose her cake and she wanted a bunny cake this time. Maybe it's because it's her Chinese Zodiac animal too?

We ordered the cake from Whyzee and it was truly a breeze placing the order through their website (https://whyzee.com.sg/). We had a choice of vanilla or chocolate and we chose the former because the wife dun really fancy chocolate. Her birthday cake was definitely Instagrammable lor but also tastes rich and decadent as well! I would imagine their chocolate version to be just as good, if not better!

The cake felt really heavy for its size lah. We just couldn't finish the cake the other day, and I happily had it as dessert for a couple more days actually, and was still loving it! They do have a physical shop at Thomson V Two that you can check out if you are nearby but they offer free delivery for orders above $100. If you are in desperate urgent need of a cake in double quick time, they also have 1hr express cakes service, and they carry flower bouquets as well! Thank you Whyzee, for sending the lovely birthday cake over for Stacci! 

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

An Upgrade with BenQ GW2780T + ScreenBar LED Monitor Light


BenQ GW2780T 

Over a year ago, we go to review the BenQ GW2480T which to us, was already a marked improvement from having to rely solely on the small laptop screen. Who would've imagined that many working adults now have to work from home on their office laptops as the default these days, and not to mention students having to do home-based learning as well.

The size of our monitors increased over the years, but the size of the boy remained the same. 

I am really starting to feel old, having to squint at times when I needed to work on my excel spreadsheets and having to maximize the display on many occasions just so to see the contents! But hey, who knew we got the chance to review the BenQ GW2780T this time round, and just the size of the 27inch monitor wowed Leroy when he first set his eyes on it! In fact, our monitor screen size grew, but Leroy hardly did!

Not bad leh, the MacBook auto detected and optimized the display for the monitor.

The monitor does look very sleek with its slim bezels and the display is really flexible, allowing one to choose between portrait or the usual landscape mode. I love that one can raise the height and even adjust the angle easily without working up a sweat. But I have to highlight that the main selling point for this monitor, has to be the their exclusive Eye-Care™ Technology.

So what exactly is their Eye-Care™ Technology?

To briefly explain, this specific range of monitors has the BenQ Brightness Intelligence Technology which automatically adjust the brightness of the monitors based on the surrounding brightness for your best comfort. It also emits low blue light and it almost totally flicker-free! All these work together to reduce eye strain and make working or studying more enjoyable!

This is not a gaming monitor lah. I am supposed to show him working on his schoolwork but now holidays. So this is the real situation lah.

BenQ ScreenBar LED Monitor Light

There will be times when one would like to the desk to be illuminated so that one can work on the PC or laptop and refer to documents as well. There were also times when I struggled with the keyboard too because it was too dark. Of course you can turn on the room light or get a table lamp, but this BenQ ScreenBar can be a great solution!

Finally the kiddos got a 'lamp'!

You simply need to balance it on your monitor screen and connect it via the USB cable to any port to power it up and you are good to go! The minimalistic look and matt back finishing looks really cool, while its 4 brightness levels, 8 colour temperature, coupled with auto dimming with built-in ambient light sensor makes it a total delight when one needs to work in the dark!

Just three simple parts that are a breeze to put together.

No one can predict how the situation will be like post Covid, but one thing for sure is that we need to get used to the new norms such as working from home and home-based learning and many things are just going to turn virtual these days. Getting a good and reasonably-sized monitor, as well as adequate lighting would definitely be a great investment for the dark times ahead. Ok lah, joking only. Must be positive! 

The light you can easily hang off practically any monitors in the market without the need for screws or clamps!

Check them out on BenQ's official stores on Lazada and Shoppee. The 12.12 sales are coming up in the next few days so be sure to strike while the iron is hot ya and get enjoy all the discounts ya?

We are loving the monitor upgrade and our lighted desk with the ScreenBar!

Disclaimer: We were provided with the review sets. No monetary compensation was received and all views were ours of course.

Sunday, December 6, 2020

ELLE Baby and ELLE Kids Giveaway

Nope we are not talking about the kids fashion here, but its range of bath & skincare products under ELLE Baby and ELLE Kids instead. And as with anything that has got to do with the little ones, you bet companies will be especially meticulous in ensuring that their products are formulated in the gentlest way possible. The same goes for ELLE's range of products and my kiddos had been using them for a while now and loving them, and I must add that they smell fruitily nice too! 

My two older girls always have the problem of hair tangling since they both sport long hair and we do go swimming or get under the sun often. The kid's shampoo smells great of course, but the conditioner made all the difference in improving their hair texture after a bath! And they actually have a Detangler Mist that works great on dry wispy hair too, and allows you to comb out those pesky knots after application!

With Christmas just round the corner, I am pretty sure you would be able to pick out some of their very useful products from both ranges as gifts for loved ones. Sure beats having another mug in the house right? You can check purchase their full range from their official Lazada shop, and get 25% off your order using discount code [FATHER25]. But hor, with 12.12 sales coming up soon, they will also be having discounts for their products and I do not know if the discounts can stack or not lor...

We will also be having a giveaway for you, our followers! All you need to do, is to complete the following steps before end of Fri, 18 Dec and you may stand to win one ELLE kids gift set worth over $126 or one ELLE Baby gift set worth over $110 -

1) Like and follow The "Perfect" Father FB page;
2) Like and share this FB giveaway post (with original captions) publicly;
3) Tag 3 friends under the comment section and also state which set you would like to win!

Good luck to all and Merry Xmas in advance!