Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Durians for Birthdays?

I actually quite like durians, and would often stop to look see whenever I see them stacked up high at the fruit stores during the season. But I would never buy them by the kilo, as I am always scared of getting "chopped carrot head". I would however be tempted once in a while, to get their pre-packed ones whenever they decide to slash prices during the closing hours. That is definitely a hit and miss for me because I am no connoisseur, but with pricing at 3 for $10 type, no complains lah.

Seems like there is only one person left in my family who likes durians and would happily eat them with me. The rest seems to not mind, but would also not like lor. And the person is none other than my firstborn, Steffi, whom also just celebrated her 14th birthday last weekend! Time really flies. She was just an infant in my arms but has blossomed into a teenager now. A birthday cake is of course a must and we had an indulgence this time round thanks to The Durian Bakery

Her delicious choc cake filled with durian pulp and the awesome Dark Choco MSW Mousse!

So we had the very 'gelat' Dark Chocolate Fudge Drip Cake with Mao Shan Wang Core which was totally relished by the birthday girl and myself lah. Chocolate and durian do complement each other lor. But that's not all we had, as they not only have cakes, but also sells a variety of durian patisseries as well! And if you cannot make up your mind, you can get their Signature Durian Dessert Box and try them all!

Just look at all the durian goodness!

Ok I am not exaggerating. The huge-ass puffs are the biggest I have even tried and chockful of delicious pulp!

Definitely a great experience for durian lovers, without the need to unhusk or the messiness, and it definitely tastes like 100% durian flesh in my cakes and bakes. Thank you The Durian Bakery, for sending all these goodies over on Steffi's birthday!

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