Friday, November 30, 2018

Thomas The Tank Engine @ NEX!

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Fans of the blue tank engine rejoice because Thomas is now at NEX Shopping Mall with a series of activities for the little ones from 30 Nov to 09 Dec at the level 1 Atrium. The kiddos went for the preview of the show last evening and thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

Thomas Workshop and Tea Party

Kids get to experience a sand art activity and decorate their own cupcakes. Need to spend $50 to redeem a pass 1 hour before the session at 4pm daily. Only from Tue to Fri and note that 1 pass per shopper / NRIC per day.

Thomas' World of Adventure Live Show

My honest take on the show is that it is suited for the younger ones such as Louie since he is probably the target audience. Older ones may not enjoy it that much although I must say that the performers were all really professional and enthusiastic! Admission is totally free, but if you want to get a photo with life-sized Thomas after the show, you will need to redeem a photo pass 1 hour before the session starts. 1 pass per shopper / NRIC per day as well. Show timings: Tue - Fri (1pm & 7pm) and Sat - Sun (1pm, 4pm & 7pm).

Nia's Jungle Safari

The mall also set up a mini maze meant for kiddos between 3 to 8 years of age. While Steffi and Leroy said that the show was too kiddish for them, they truly went wild at the maze and kept going and going with no signs of stopping even after everyone had left. Spend $20 at the mall to redeem the activity pass ANYTIME but 1 pass per shopper / NRIC per day too.

So the above are the main Thomas activities for your little one to enjoy this school holiday at this awesome mall in Serangoon! There are of course lots of merchandise for you to choose from as well as photo opportunities with Thomas and his friends throughout the mall. Check out for more information and thanks for having us at the preview!

Monday, November 26, 2018

The Last Hugs & Kisses

I would usually be the one to walk the kiddos to school before making my way to work every morning. First, there was only Steffi because she was the first to get into primary school. My routine would be walking her right up to the main gate, giving her a kiss on the lips followed by a hug, and wishing her a good day at school. Then I would watch her walk down the stairs, walk towards the school hall, during which she would turn back once or twice and wave goodbye to me from afar. I  would take my time to watch from a distance, until she disappears into the sea of students. 

When Leroy joined her the following year, I had two hands to hold now but the ritual was the same, hugs and kisses. 2 more years on, Stacci joined in as well and the routine got a little longer now that there were three. Those hugs and kisses were sweet, I can still remember telling myself that even if I had to leave, it will be without any regrets, if you knew what I meant. 

Slowly Steffi started telling us that she would want to leave for school earlier on her own because she wanted to meet her friends. I could also sense Leroy's uneasiness with those kisses and hugs, and would hurry me along especially when he knew friends were watching. Well Stacci had always been clueless, but would still reciprocate although she rarely turned back to look at me after our hugs, and would just walk straight into school. 

Then it hit me. I cannot even recall when it was, but we already had our last morning ritual of kissing and hugging at the school gate. They started going to school on their own while I started to just shout from my bedroom for Steffi and Leroy to take care of Stacci and to watch out for the traffic. The babies had grown up. It was bittersweet. The days may be long but the years are truly short. Live in the present folks, we can never know when it would be the last kiss or hug.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

D'Resort Staycation

Everybody needs a break every now and then but as much as we would like to take a overseas family trip together, it is not easy for us to do so due to work commitment and the children's studies schedule. Not to mention that the logistics of planning and packing for a family of 7 to get away from Singapore can be quite daunting, and expensive as well. Imagine taking a flight out to Phuket or Bali just to enjoy the beach? Not very economical I would say.

Convenient Leisure

With Leroy's birthday last month, it presented the best opportunity and excuse for a very short staycation right here in Singapore. Even though I had been to D'Resort for a few times to visit our friends and have BBQ, this is the very first time we actually got a room for the family at the place. We took a cab to D'Resort by cab and it was a short 20 mins right from home to this place of relaxation. We were dropped off right in front of the check-in lobby and got the procedure completed in just minutes. 

Small indoor play area for the kiddos but it was cool air-conditioned fun for the kiddos!

Even Starri got to try out the slides!

As we made our way to our room, we passed by a small indoor play area, much to the delights of the kiddos who asked immediately if they can play, before we barely settle in our room! We only managed to get the Rainforest room and not the family room because it was fully booked. But with the double bed and two extra roll-in beds provided, we knew we are more than set for the night. I must say that the room was well-maintained and looked very much like a hotel room. In fact the check-in process, lobby, lift and the look of the room made me feel as if I had checked into a nice hotel, with a great view of the beach to boot which we visited shortly after!

Very well-maintained furniture and fixtures and came with your usual safe and mini fridge.

Coffee or Tea or me?

I am not that particular about toilets lah but the toilet is seriously clean lor!

Shower area was spacious and I can bath 2 to 3 kiddos without any problems!
We went to the beach via the back gate moments after checking in and changing into their swim wear.

The Beach

The beach could be seen from our room and the kiddos kept asking when they can visit it from the moment they laid eyes on it. Until I cannot take it anymore and brought them down. The beach looked quite clean from afar but it was really sad to find plastic bottles, styrofoam and other bits and pieces of plastic everywhere. This is not a local problem, but a worldwide problem that we humans need to seriously do something about. Water still looks clear though and the kiddos were able to explore the mangrove areas during low tide.

The boys cannot wait to get onto the beach!

How we wish the beach can be cleaner! If only all of us do our parts!

Educational tour by yours truly to show them the various sea creatures during low tide!

Yokai Festival

The day we checked in also happened to be the start of Yokai Festival where revellers come dressed up in Japanese style garb to partake in the Halloween festivities. Downtown East also rewarded all those who come dressed in costume to a lucky draw dip and you can see many people taking photos with the cosplayers. After taking a quick rest in our room, we joined in the fun with our Japanese costumes and the kiddos won some vouchers and toys from the lucky dip as well! To be honest, it was the first time I actually walked round Downtown East after their renovations and they had quite a good selection of F&B choices to suit most budgets! We were happy to find our favourite Just Acai restaurant still in operation after the renovations and had our dinner there.

Came and played along with our Japanese costumes as well.

Met the organizer and some very well dressed cosplayers too.

The two little Japanese looks quite cute hor?

Wild Wild Wet

In the evening, we had our friends join us in celebrating Leroy's birthday with a movie night and cake cutting in our room and even though we had 6 adults and 9 kiddos in the room, it was still cosy and comfortable for all of us! We had more than enough sleeping space for all 7 of us at night and woke up fully refreshed and ready to conquer Wild Wild Wet! But first, I had to try asking for a late check-out so that we can play with the peace of mind that we can get washed up back in our very clean bathroom by the time we are done at the waterpark.

There is this short cut to the back of Wild Wild Wet that connects to the resort via a shorter walkway which we discovered late. Lol!

How can we miss frolicking in the warm Singapore weather?

Having fun at the wave pool!

If we say time flies, this 2D1N staycation was really a quick quickie! But for less than the price of an air ticket for one to nearby Phuket or Bail, this would really make a great escape from the hustle and bustle of work and school for the family. It may have been quite a while since the resort was renovated but the team must have been taking great care of the place and the rooms still looked really new. I am guessing that the only thing missing at this place, would be a swimming pool, and for our room type, perhaps bathtub for soaking in comfort would be awesome! 

A double bed and 2 additional roll-in beds was more than enough for our family of 7!

Thank you D'Resort for hosting our family, it was a memorable birthday celebratory stay for the Si Ginna and the kiddos truly enjoyed the facilities and stay. We look forward to visiting the place again soon and would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone looking for a recharge of the mind and soul! Now that school holidays had started, this would be a great place for a short getaway, so check out to book your family fun now!

Friday, November 16, 2018

Wildlife Reserves Parks Year End Activities!

[Event Listing and Giveaway]

We never get tired visiting the Zoo, Bird Park or River Safari because there will always be something to do, that we missed doing on our previous trips! And we will end up visiting multiple times in a year! Trust them to come up with interesting programs and activities this coming year end to lure you guys to the parks again. Read on to find out what is happening at the three parks this year end!

Jurong Bird Park - Herald The Holidays With Penguins

If only the place is not so far away, but then again, it will not be long before JBP joins the rest of the park in Mandai! Anyway for now, go check out the penguins who are the stars of the park, and also enjoy a one night only, special movie screening of "Happy Feet" at dusk! There are also penguin plush (read out to find out how you can win one as well) and special menu for Christmas too!

Check out these turkey meatballs.
Find the list of activities as follows -

For more information, visit 

River Safari - Escape The River Safari Lockdown

Who loves board games or escape games? Now you can enjoy such games as you explore the place and learn more about the animals too because River Safari is turning into a giant board game ruled by these fearsome river creatures. Form groups of up to six participants to solve puzzles to escape and win a Pin of Honour when the quest is completed! Indulge in some snake-inspired donut or bread to satisfy your hunger after "escaping".

Here are the full list of activities -

For more information on our activities, please visit Activities are on weekends and Public Holidays only, unless otherwise stated.

Singapore Zoo - Dragons & Beast

Mythical creatures such as unicorns and dragons had taken over a part of the Zoo near the otters exhibit and you can even find the Ice Dragon from the Game of Thrones there as well! Partnering HBO, the Night King himself and his White Walkers will be making special appearances on 17, 18, 24 and 25 November 2018 too! Take part in the Creature Researcher Trail to win an exclusive prize as well.

Check out the rest of the activities as follows -

Visit for more information!

Ticket Giveaway

Now that you know of all the fun activities happening across the parks of Wildlife Reserves Singapore, don't you just want to bring you family there for a visit too? If that is the case, we have some great news for you as we will be giving not 1, not 2 but 3 sets of family tickets (2 adults + 2 children) for each of the 3 parks + 1 plushie too, thanks to the wonderful peeps from Wildlife Reserves Singapore! All you need to do, is to complete the following steps before the end of Sun, 25 Nov 2018 -

1) LIKE and Follow The "Perfect" Father;
2) LIKE and Follow Wildlife Reserves Singapore
2) LIKE and SHARE this FB post publicly;
2) TAG ONE friend under the comment of the FB post, followed by "I want to go to the Zoo / Bird Park or River Safari" - Choose one park only. You can have multiple entries for each one of the park if you insist.

The tickets are for your enjoyment and should never be resold. You would probably have to present your identification card on the day of visit to collect your tickets hor! Winners will be chosen at random, maybe by one of my five kiddos! So good luck and share vigorously! 

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

My English School

Giving your child the support they need in English when you’re a busy working parent

People always comment that they really do not know how we can manage with five kids. And truth be told, I really do not know how we maintain our sanity as well. However I do know that we are unable to accord each and every child the type or quantity of resources that a smaller family may be able to. As much as I would like to stay chill and see all my kids cruise through school like the students in my generation did, signs are definitely showing that I need to do more.

Having only sent my kiddos to very basic fundamental phonics lessons held at our community center prior to their entering primary school, I assumed that they would catch up with their peers sooner or later. And I thought that my eldest, Steffi, was doing okay in school only realizing much later that she kept asking what the meaning of her homework questions were. In fact, her lack of confidence at answering some very simple questions was scaring me a bit, and her English spelling and comprehension were also barely meeting the passing grade.

Getting the right help at the right time

She is in P4 now and it was not only English which she had trouble with, but also other subjects like Math and Science, since they were all taught in English. Her grasp of the English language was lacking and she clearly needed additional help, but she was unable to get the attention required from her teacher or even from us, her working parents. With her confidence level at an all-time low, it became a chore just trying to get her to start doing her homework. We knew that this could not go on anymore and that we needed to get her the help she required before we face the dreaded PSLE in barely two years time!

How to tell that help is needed?

As parents, we initially thought that perhaps she was just lazy, hence the poor performance in school, and that more assessment papers and homework could have addressed the issue. But it is often not as simple as that and you should take a closer look if you discover the following signs in your child: 

● Lack of interest in reading books suitable for his/her level; 
● Lack of confidence in doing school homework;
● Awkward when having to converse in English;
● Struggling in all subjects, and not only in English.

Sparking her interest

We enrolled Steffi into My English School for the first semester of her P4 term and were able to see for ourselves how she started displaying keenness in attending the weekly classes. In fact, she would often request me to pick her up later and also told me that her teacher, Ms. Nadine, would encourage student participation in class. She definitely did not feel shy to ask questions in her class, unlike in school.

Building confidence

In her small class size of five, she was given the right amount of attention by Ms. Nadine. Even Steffi herself was happy with her own progress and learning, and has even started to read storybooks on her own regularly now. She even corrects her younger sibling on the correct use of words these days!

Getting the basics right

We converse predominantly in Chinese at home and did not realize early enough that Steffi was struggling with comprehending English. She has since completed one full term in MES and I can sense that she is definitely more confident in doing her schoolwork and requires much less assistance from us these days. Building the right foundation in English has made it so much easier for her to understand the other subjects now. She also enjoys reading storybooks so much now, that she frequently requested for library trips on weekends.

Students are issued one workbook for every lesson, which includes oral, reading and listening activities, beside the usual grammar and vocabulary to be covered in class. And even though Steffi had to bring back certain parts back as homework to do, she would diligently complete them without my constant reminding.

My takeaway

It is important to pick up the signs that your child is struggling with a subject like English as soon as they surface and get the appropriate help promptly. They also learn so much better when they enjoy the process as in the case of Steffi. Steffi’s short stint at My English School sparked her interest in learning and strengthened her mastery in English.

If you are looking for an English enrichment class for your kid, you can sign up for a free assessment at My English School to determine the level of competency so that he/she can start in the appropriate class.

Note: This blog post is in collaboration with My English School. Steffi attended one term at the school for review and all opinions are solely mine. For more information on My English School, follow them on their Website or Facebook