Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Dyson V10 Vacuum Cleaner, Worth It?

Keeping the house clean with a kid at home is tough work, and takes a good amount of energy, both human and machine. I do not know about you, but keeping the house clean with 5 little kiddos in it, is near impossible for me. But short of throwing in the towel (or vacuum cleaner), let me share with you on how using Dyson V10 had made our house-cleaning so much more "enjoyable"!

Louie thought it was his toy.

Ease of Use

Weight / Bulk -

How many of us are guilty of buying household appliances, only to get rid of them later due to low or no usage? I am sure we all do. I have heard of many examples from friends who had bought very sophisticated-looking (and very expensive) vacuum machines that ended up in the store room to be used once or twice a year. I have no doubt that they would probably perform really well, but you need to use them, for them to be useful!

He sure was happy helping me unbox the V10!

I mean if I were to dirty anywhere in the house and it takes me 20 minutes to get a cumbersome vacuum out from the box to fix it up just to suck up the filth, as opposed to a 5-min job to clean up the mess with a piece of cloth, it just doesn't sound too practical does it? No such problem with Dyson V10 for sure, as it is always plugged in and ready for action. At 2.5kg, it is also easy to handle with one hand!

Fixing Up - 

I had been using the predecessor of Dyson V8 Fluffy for over 3 years now and it was like deja vu when I unboxed the latest Dyson V10. All the parts were really simple and user-friendly and not unnecessarily complicated. It is almost intuitive when it comes to putting the parts together!

Just nice to get it fixed up to help with our spring cleaning!

Emptying the Canister -

For V8, one have to pull the lever up to release the catch and empty the rubbish whereas for V10, one needs to remove the attachment first, before pushing the red button down to release. Slightly different but still easy nevertheless.

HEPA Filter

My experience with my old vacuum cleaner prior with the Dyson cordless range were not too pleasant. The bulky corded machine uses vacuum bags that costs quite a bit. But if I get stingy and do not change as often as I should, the suction powers goes down by a lot. Not to mention the smell that I get sometimes, from the air that passed through the machine.

With Dyson V10, no such problem as the rubbish can be emptied easily after every use and with the HEPA filter inside that filters 99.97% of fine particles from the air, I can even freely breathe in without a care when using it!

Cleaning Power

I am absolutely honest here, I do have a helper who cleans the house the old way with broom hence the major cleaning is always done by her manually, and not using the machine. But I am really happy using the vacuum cleaner on my tiled floors on low / medium power whenever needed. Such as during this CNY cleaning! I never had to turn on full power since the dirt and mess can be picked up rather easily.

Louie loves the "boink boink" sound when he releases the trigger. 

I did use the powerhead on full power a couple of times when the kids decided to have biscuits on the sofa and left really small crumbs in between the fabric. I would imagine having to use that combination very often if my floor is carpeted! But so far, all is good and my wife is pleased too!

Some Cons

  1. The first thing what I thought about the cons, would be the fact that this machines is really quite expensive compared to other brands. You can check the prices for V10 here.
  2. I ever used V10 on full power mode because it just feels more powerful (even though I probably need not) and the machine died on me in just around 7 to 8 minutes if I can recall correctly. Hence the up to 60 mins run time is based on the lowest power consumption.
  3. It can also get a little hot when turned on full power as compared to V8
  4. The body is also a little bigger and heavier than V8 with its bigger bin capacity. I guess we cannot have it all!


One can definitely make do with a cheaper vacuum cleaner, be it corded or not. But this is like the "holy grail" for all cleaning fanatics. Just like cars, why get a Chery when you can afford a Bentley, even though they both get you to your intended locations, albeit in different comfort levels. I am bias I admit. Now that I am so used to Dyson, I am afraid I would never love any other. My personal view is that the vacuum cleaner is definitely worth it in the long run!

Go check out and get your V10, as well as other Dyson models here!

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Matilda The Musical + Backstage Tour!

[Media Invite]

I took leave from work on the day of the gala premiere for Matilda The Musical so as to attend the media call, just because the invite included a backstage tour for the production! And it was definitely a leave well-spent! It was my very first time stepping onto the stage to explore the back and boy was I amazed!

From afar, it may look like a graphic sticker wall or something.

But look at all those details we got to see up close!

The black board is an important part of the production and appears in many scenes.

We also got to check it out onstage. 

Matilda singing "Naughty" on stage.

And me checking out the books and the bed on stage. 

The central nervous system of the production?

Covers every technical details of the show I guess?

It calls for a great amount of teamwork and camaraderie for any musicals to run smoothly and perfectly. And getting backstage to have a look at all the props gave me a pretty good idea how well the stage hands and performers had got to work together like clockwork, just to put up a great performance for the audience. Kudos to everyone in the team indeed!

The prop used during Matilda's storytelling at the library.

Hey look, the desks are all on wheels!

Makeup corner!

Trunchbull is not a lady (man) to be trifled with!

No one... I mean no one wants to go to the Chokey. But I threaten my kiddos with that nowadays! :)

Now back to the musical proper. As usual, this literature noob (me) had never read the story and would probably have trouble making out what some of the performers were singing about IF I had not attended the media call and read a little on wikipedia!

But as someone not from the arts scene, I can truly say that the choreography was really good! Catchy songs like "When I Grow Up" are still ringing in my ears, like an earworm and I can still recall the amazing performance by Matilda Wormwood (Sofia Poston) and the rest of the "students". 

It is definitely worth a visit to the theatre for this wonderful musical before it ends on 17 Mar 2018. A great chance to catch it without having to hop on an airplane! Thank you having all of us at the Gala Premiere BASE Entertainment Asia! We all super loved it!

Useful Information

Performance Times (now till 17 Mar 2018):
Tuesday - Friday: 7.30pm
Saturday: 2pm and 7.30pm
Sunday: 1pm and 6pm

Ticket Bookings:
Internet - www.MarinaBaySands.com/ticketing or SISTIC website.
Phone - +65 6688 8826
In Person - Marina Bay Sands Box Offices (Museum, Theatres, SkyPark, Retail Mall and Hotel Tower 1 Lobby). For more information please visit www.MarinaBaySands.com/ticketing

Friday, March 1, 2019

HeART Studio Singapore Giveaway


March holidays are coming AGAIN! So what are you doing with your kiddos during this period, or perhaps you cannot take leave because of work, like me? My kiddos had attended quite a few art lessons at HeART Studio Singapore and I must say that their teachers are really patient and manages the little ones very well. They are having some holiday programmes as follows -

The generous folks from the studio is giving away one slot each to 2 lucky readers who completes the following steps before Fri, 08 Mar 2019 -

1) Follow HeART Studio Singapore on Facebook;
2) Follow The "Perfect" Father on Facebook;
3) Like and Share this Facebook post publicly;
4) Comment in the Facebook post with the name and age of your child who will be attending the class, and tag minimum 5 Facebook friends too.

Please note that the prize is not transferable and only the child named in your entry shall attend the holiday programme. Multiple entries for multiple children of yours also accepted. You get to choose the session so good luck to all of you! 

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Safari Zoo Run 2019

[Media Invite]

So good to be back at Safari Zoo Run again this year, marking our fifth consecutive year participating in this fun run! They call it a run, but we actually only took part in the 4km Safari Zoo Walk category lah. Still an achievement for the kids ok? Even though they never fail to keep asking when the walk is ending as they have other plans in mind, such as going for the animal shows and looking for our reptile keeper friend! 

They got an MP as GOH to wave runners off. 

We were the very last of the first batch of "walkers"
Still happy at the start lah...
A little buay tahan already, asking why need to take photo again at the end.

In all honestly this is getting a little difficult for me to write about this anymore. The run / walk is still as fun for the family lah. But I have to highlight that this is the only run (or walk) in Singapore, that you will stop and maybe take photo photos every now and then, of the animals or with them! A very enjoyable walk indeed, especially with the little ones and great for bonding through exercise too! 

Looking at pigs in the year of the pig! 
Take photos with mascot.

Take photos with bamboos.

Even logs also can take photo. Basically lots of instagrammable places beckoning one to stop lor!

We have so many different runs in Singapore lor, and I remember some of the goodie bags were really quite impressive, with lots of sponsored products! But of late have you noticed that the goodie bags are getting quite pathetic even thought the runs still cost as much, if not more? But I understand that getting sponsors also not easy these days. This  Safari Zoo Run still not bad lor, because you get a water bottle plus 50% discount coupons for Jurong Bird Park and Night Safari on top of your usual tee and finisher medal. 

We went pass the Night Safari as well!

With all the four cute mascots!

Timings changed in view of the run. So that runners also can enjoy more!

MOST importantly, if you have gotten early bird prices for your race slots, the run is practically free as well lor. Why leh? Because the price you would have paid is even lesser that that of a 2-park combo ticket for River Safari and Singapore Zoo, the two places you can revisit on the same day right after the event! I am really calculative one hor, and I can tell you this run is definitely worth it. Don't hesitate hor and be sure to book your running slots early when the registrations for Safari Zoo Run 2020 opens! It will be worth it!

The little finishers!

And this one is finished for the day. Lol!

Thank you so much for having our family at the run again Wildlife Reserves Singapore! And we are so so looking forward to the next edition!

Thursday, February 7, 2019

A Different Kind of Birthday Party

Stacci celebrated her 7th birthday last November with a group of close friends in a Tsum Tsum themed cookie baking class last November at Butter and Bake. It was her first time trying her hands on baking cookies all from scratch (and mine too actually). Read on to find out what you expect from such a kids baking birthday party!

This was our group right in front of their old shopfront.

We probably held one of the last few birthday baking parties at their old premise at Crawford Lane as they have now moved over and started operations at 110 Lorong 23, Geylang Victory Centre, #03-01 since Jan. Their old premise space was about the size of a HDB shophouse and would only possibly fit a maximum 20 kids + 7 pairs parents comfortably? I think their new place can accommodate more now!

The kiddos all getting ready to get their hands dirty!

We were all pleasantly surprised by the decorations put up by the team when we arrived at the premise. There were colorful helium balloons and a big beautiful banner (add on) for Stacci as well! The work tables were neatly arranged, with all the necessary ingredients for a successful baking session all prepared beforehand.

They even did a banner for Stacci!

Don't you just love the aroma of freshly-baked pastries when you walk pass the bakeries? Well, the team also prepared the freshest lemon tartlets, chocolate tartlets, mini chocolate croissants and mini apple lattice for everyone as well. That's not all, still have har kow, siew mai and drinks for everyone too! However these are not included in their basic package, but you have the option to top up for all these goodies too.

These tartlets were the bomb! I had so many I lost count!

The majority of those in our group, save for a few maybe, were total noobs when it comes to baking but the facilitators were patient and pretty good at getting the kiddos' attention during the demonstration, and imparting the necessary skills for us to do what we need to do back at our tables. We were taught how to shape the cute Tsum Tsum Pooh Bear but the kiddos were given full autonomy on what they wanted to make in the end. The adults couldn't keep their hands off also lah, and everyone was also trying to make their own creation lor!

Briefing the kiddos on what is expected of them.

The younger ones would probably need adult supervision.

Watching very closely to the demonstration.

Being the birthday girl, Stacci was asked to help out too.

Pooh Bear Tsum Tsum. Cute right?

Got Piglet as well lor!

But look what the kiddos did. Lol.

But it was not only cookies they baked, but the kiddos made their own pizzas for snacks as part of the package. They rolled their own dough and added in their own ingredients too. A really hands-on session which yielded some great-tasting pizzas at the end. I really wonder if it was really that nice, because we were hungry or because it was so fresh from the oven! Nevertheless, the kiddo polished all the plates clean lor!

The girlfriends making pizza dough!

Kiddos rolling the dough and adding the toppings!

Simple delicious pizza straight from the oven!

What's a birthday party without a birthday cake? And Stacci had a very fresh rainbow cake, with super cute Tsum Tsum decorative toppers at the end of the baking class to celebrate with everyone. The only problem was, everyone was already full by this time as they indulged in the pastries and cookies throughout, even though the cake was delicious too!

Stacci with her rainbow cake topped with Tsum Tsum character decorations. How beautiful! 

Prices start at $55 / child for their basic birthday party packages (min 10 kids up to 30 kids max) which comes with the basic decoration and the cake as well. Up to 20 adults can join in with the kids as well and you can upgrade your package to include refreshments for adults or dessert table too. Go for the upgraded packages if you wanna splurge a little because their pastries are really nice. BUT the basic package is already good enough for the kiddos to enjoy! Check out what they offer below -

Thank you Butter and Bake for hosting Stacci's birthday! The party was completely fuss-free for our family and every detail was well-taken care of! From the feedback gathered, everyone had a great time at the party and there were also a few enquiries from our friends! We shall look forward to more baking sessions in the near future and congratulations on the move!

Meanwhile for all readers out there, we are pleased to inform that you will be entitled to 10% off their published rates for the packages when you quote The "Perfect" Father in your booking (before 30th April 2019) with them! So go on, check out their official website at http://www.butterandbake.com.sg or email them at info@butterandbake.com.sg for enquiries!