Monday, January 7, 2019

Little Bakers Lab: Piggy Pineapple Tarts


We are not exactly the most hardworking parents in the world and having to look after 5 kiddos after a long day at work can take its toil on us. In fact I think sometimes we try to work "late" if possible! It so happened that we were invited to a baking class at Little Bakers Lab recently and the wife complained because she had to bring Steffi and Leroy on her own. 

The wife was really enjoying the bonding with the kiddos!

Lo and behold, I ended up receiving photos of the kiddos enjoying the session with her, and she even texted me to tell me that it was quite interesting too! With Chinese New Year round the corner, she even said that maybe she would try to bake some for friends and family. So instead of naggings from a grumpy wife, I actually heard from a very enthusiastic baker wannabe!

Rolling the head of the piggy!

Poking the nostrils!

Just before going into the hot oven!

Since they are handmade, they come in a a few variations!

I have a feeling that a lot of people will be encouraged to try baking their own pineapple tarts after going through this fun class with their kids. Why leh? Because my wife (who is usually not that on) actually went to Red Man to get all the necessary ingredients and started baking at home the very next day! Yes, she was highly motivated and actually involved all the kiddos too. Steffi and Leroy can really roll those dough very well by now!

As long as your kid is 3 years and above, he or she will be happy to learn!

So Little Bakers Lab is conducting the Piggy Pineapple Tarts Baking Workshops that are great for parent and child bonding! The classes are priced at $58 per pair (adult + child) and each duo will bring back a container of freshly-baked pineapple tarts made with love! Learn from the experts on how to make the tarts in time for this CNY on the following dates -
  • 19 Jan (Sat): 10.30am to 12pm 
  • 20 Jan (Sun): 2pm to 3.30pm 
  • 25 Jan (Fri): 4pm to 5.30pm 
  • 26 Jan (Sat): 10.30am to 12pm 
  • 27 Jan (Sun): 2pm to 3.30pm
Useful Information

Address: Little Bakers Lab, 87A Serangoon Garden Way S(555983) 
For enquiries or bookings: Whatsapp to 9389 6066.

Piggy Pineapple Tarts Baking Workshop Giveaway

How cute these little piggies are, and they are delicious too!

Thanks to the wonderful folks from Little Bakers Lab, we are giving away one free workshop to a parent + child (3 years old and above) pair for any of the 5 classes listed above! It is super fun I tell you but beware, because it may just turn your kitchen upside down after you are highly motivated by the very patient and encouraging teachers! To stand a chance to win, you must follow and complete the following steps before Wed, 16 Jan 2019 -

1) Follow Little Bakers Lab on Facebook;
2) Follow The "Perfect" Father on Facebook;
3) Like and Share this Facebook post publicly;
4) Comment in the Facebook post the reason why you should win the giveaway, and tag 3 Facebook friends too.

Thank you for having us at the workshop!

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Who Pays When A Domestic Helper Steals?

I am an employer of a domestic helper as well and when I hear about the horrific conditions some of the helpers are subjected to, it makes me shudder and wonder how can someone ill-treat their helper so badly. I for one, treated mine with dignity and respect, and would NEVER allow my children to be rude as well.

I also know of many who disliked the idea of having a helper staying with them, and for a good reason. As the saying goes, "日防夜防,家贼难防".

We all know how strict our government is when it comes to prosecuting wrongdoers here in Singapore. So much so that forklift operators had been charged over $1 bribes (maybe a lot of $1 lah) but reading a recent post by a Singaporean in a Facebook group left me perplexed at our legal system and made me wonder what exactly are the rights of us employer? Of course I would need to quantify that I do not know the full truth of the case.

The post is reproduced in full below -

I would like to share what I had encountered and hope that if anyone come across the same as me please think twice before you act. 

I took a transfer maid and she came my house on 25/10/18. Somewhere in November 18, I noticed that my $1 coin worth about $300 is missing but as I have 3 kids. Therefore, I give The Maid benefit of doubt. On 17/12/18, I received M1 bill and realised that my SIM card which was brand new( tag with house broadband ) has been used. Total data used was 7.9 GB which cost $85.60. For the past 2 years, there is no charges at all. I searched for the SIM card within my house however I can’t find it. I started to suspect is The Maid who did it but I didn’t say anything. 

On 18/12/18, my elder Daughter found a Samsung Note 4 (my friend spare phone) in between the 2nd and 3rd mattress which The Maid is sleeping on every night. My gal tried to on the phone but there is a password which was set by The Maid therefore my gal was unable to unlock it. My gal was able to recognise that phone belongs to my friend. Immediately She informed me about it. I took a day leave and rush back home. I then Brought her to The Maid agency. Initially when the agent confronted her, she denied stealing and claimed that she don’t know anything. When I told her that if she don’t unlock the HP password I will go to any HP shop to unlock the password but all charges will be bear by her and I leave her to the agent. A while later, my agent told me that she had admitted to steal the HP. My agent told me that she will let me decide if I want to make police report. At the same time, my agent explained to me that I will have to pay $15 per day (laundry fee), if police want agency to bring her back during investigation period. It might takes up to 6 months time which will cost abt $2,700. After consideration, I decided to make police report and she was brought back by the police. 

Around 11pm, my gal managed to find a bag inside a cupboard where we put all the clothing. Inside the bag, there were a total of 24 $1 coin, I informed the SIO who in charge. (She say they have strong evidence at their end) 

On 19/12/18 at 6.20pm, I received a call from the SIO and she told me that the case has been concluded. A warning was given to her. I ask her did she admitted she steal, she say yes and when I ask abt the money. She claimed that unable to recover. (but we managed to find $24) I told her I want to bring The Maid back since only warning was given to her but she said under MOM, I am not allow to bring her back and kept pestering my agent to bring her instead. ( instruction given to my agent was I will bring The Maid myself) 

On 20/12/18, I called MOM to make a check as I did not cancel her work permit and MOM say if I didn’t cancel her work permit I am still the employer so I have the right to bring The Maid back and continue working with me or transfer her. I make several complaints to the police department regarding the outcome and where is my maid (48 hrs pass) but no 1 responded until at 6.09pm, I received a call from the police side telling me that my maid is at the embassy as no 1 wanted to take her. 

Now I need to have either a police investigating result or make another police report ( to proof that maid is with police since 18/12/18) in order to claim back my loan. I also need to cancel her work permit, get a special pass, buy an air ticket and bring all her belongings to embassy. 

Initially I thought that the police will charge ( at least learn their lesson) that’s why I make the report. If I would know the outcome is a warning, in order to minimise my loss sorry but to say we should just throw back to agent (agent will transfer her to others household)and not report to police. After reporting, we are just making ourselves suffer more loss and busy for nothing. No matter how unhappy u are with the outcome their reply is just pushing here and there.

I am all for providing and ensuring that our domestic helpers are given sufficient protection and prevented from any abuse, but in this instance after reading the above incident from a Facebook group, it made me wonder how well-protected we employers are? We would not like to employ extra help if not for necessity.

Maybe the police have their own set of protocols in handling such cases but one cannot help but feel that they are taking the easy way out this time. Wouldn't it set a good example that we charge the domestic helper and let it be fair warnings to the rest? I have personally knew of many examples of such theft from my own friends and relatives, but they are always let off by their employers.

What can the Ministry of Manpower that controls the issuance of work permits, as well as the Singapore Police Force do or better do to ensure the recalcitrant foreign domestic helpers are weeded out and prevented from returning to work? Do not make law-abiding citizens pay the awful price please.

What are your views on this?

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

KidZania Christmas Night Out

Ho ho ho! Christmas is just round the corner and KidZania is now fully decked in full festivities! With the regular admission charges of S$25 - S$58 from now till 31 Dec 2018, one will also get to enjoy the Christmas Bazaar (selling ornaments, slime and what nots!), special Christmas City Parade for the festive cheer, free Christmas Crafts activities by MuzArt (make keychains and butterfly magnets etc), Christmas Lights Projection (light show on the façade of the theatre), Elves Station (learn how to warp and decorate gifts and donate them), as well as the Santa's House @ the Kindergarten for photo opportunity!

Huge Christmas tree that cannot be missed!

All kiddos get 2 chances at the claw machine!

Meeting Santa along the streets!

There are some pretty fun activities for the kiddos such as the inflatable playground at the Stadium. The kiddos loved the ball pit and going down the slides! Awesome fun but it costs $10 (per 30 mins) and you get a pair of socks in return too. Adults can also try out the VR game - Snow Fortress located opposite the parents lounge. Very realistic game that will tired you out in no time as well!

They had a ball of a time at the inflatable playground!

For the first time ever, entry into KidZania will also be free from 21 - 31 Dec 2018 from 6pm - 10pm! The only catch is that there will only be selected activities available and these are payable at $5 per activity per pax. During this period, adults can also join in the activities with your kiddos as well and it may be quite a steal considering that it cost only $10 per activity for a parent-child pair.

They got to get onto the ambulance this time round.

Hmm... I think Pizza Hut got manpower shortage.

So if you have never been to KidZania Singapore yet and would like to check out the place, this would be the best time to find out for yourself how the place looks like and feels, and to participate in the role-playing activities with your child at an affordable pricing. Merry Christmas to all and thank you KidZania Singapore for having the kiddos over for a fun day! Check out for more information!

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Stand Chart Kids Dash 2018

[Media Invite]

We were one of the last to start in our batch.

We participated in our first ever Stand Chart Kids Dash this year and it was held in one very happy place for the kiddos, Universal Studios Singapore! We know the place pretty well and the kiddos also knew what rides they want to do at the back of their heads but this time, we are going to be there for a run instead and needed to report before 7am for the event, which elicited some yawns from the kiddos on site!

The kiddos were not in a hurry for sure.

Managed to get some photos but were soon caught up by participants in the next batch.

The standard race $35 package consists of a runner tee by Under Armour, a goodie bag (some coupons, Sharity Elephant figurine, towel etc) and the finisher medal (which was pretty cute). It does not include USS park admission though, and you need to be out of the park before 9.30am. If you want to continue on to play, you will need to get the $100 race package which included tickets for one adult + one child which is quite a steal. But be prepared too, for longer queues because of this great deal.

The dash was over just like that!

Queued up for a photo with Cookie Monster!

The race itself is a short 600m dash around the park and will be over before you know it. We were expecting some entertainment after the run but there were only a queue for a meet-and-greet with the "character of the hour" from Sesame Street. We met Cookie Monster, but some friends met Elmo instead. I was actually planning on getting back near to the entrance for some more photos but were directed to the queue for drinks and only noticed that we were already out of the park after collecting them.

We were on the monorail back after collecting our drinks through this queue.

Pretty cute medal that the kiddos loved.

Well it was a fun dash for the kiddos in a familiar setting but they would have seriously preferred a later starting timing, or perhaps even a night run instead. Thank you for having our family for the kids dash Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon!

Saturday, December 15, 2018

LEGOLAND Brick-Tacular 2018!

[Media Invite]

Brick-Tacular Winter Wonderland 2018!

Yay! We were back to LEGOLAND Malaysia recently for their Brick-Tacular Winter Wonderland a couple of weeks back! As much as we would love to see real snow in our tropical climate, we will unfortunately have to make do with foam for now!

Winter Wonderland with the Igloo just outside of the Big Shop.

This is the coolest place in the whole of the theme park I swear! If only ice-creams were available as well!

They want real snow but given the weather, even if possible, will also become raindrop lor!

So what can you really expect from this special one-month long celebration? First and foremost, you get to see Santa very often in the park and hotel vicinity and he is of course supported by a whole hoard of elves at work! There will also be shows and activities around the park.

LEGO Santa is so cute!

Write a wish down in the postcard and then drop it into the mailbox.

Check out the huge DUPLO Christmas tree!

You will get a limited edition Duplo brick after dropping off your wish!

Took a photo with Kurt Stocks, General Manager at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort. 

Brick-building activities are aplenty and the kiddos (or adults alike) can take part in them and redeem small gifts upon completion of their tasks! My kiddos had fun for sure and we collected quite a number of limited edition bricks in the end!

Building a LEGO Snowman with the instructions provided.

Do it in any colors you like!

I did one too!

Get rewarded with these cute little ornaments after you submit your artwork to the elves!

Building candy canes at another station.

Colorful cane indeed!

The kiddos get a limited edition DUPLO brick after completion as well!

You must grab this brochure when you enter the park, or from the elves at the stations. Fill in the names of all the elves in miniland and get a limited edition DUPLO brick!

Can you see the elf and find his name in the photo?

The entire hotel is also decked in joyous festivities with lots of photo opportunities as well as meet and greet with the characters. You should really check out the buffet at Bricks Restaurant too where you can find turkey, roasted lamb and ribs on top of your usual spread! There are also desserts aplenty too. You cannot miss the Christmas mood for sure!

Find out the timing of activities and meet-and-greet at the hotel lobby!

They spent HOURS building and building way into the night, or should I say, morning?

But still better than watching shows on TV whole day right?

Do not miss out on the Advent Calendar draw happening daily too. You just need to make a LEGO purchase at the shop (a RM$10 Minifigure will do) and staple the receipt to the lucky draw coupon will do. The only catch is that you would have to be present at the festive stage where the draw will be held. Otherwise your chance will be forfeited. The prizes are pretty awesome!

I believe they pick a few consolation winners everyday, as well as one grand winner who will walk away with the big prize behind the door.

Besides the various extras due to the festive season, the kiddos enjoyed the usual rides at the park and lamented on the lack of time. If given a choice, I bet they would go on the same rides they love, ten or twenty times each, and stay for a week or two!

Leroy still cannot use the VR headset because he is short of a few cms in height!

This is a great place for a photoshoot for sure!

Louie sure loved horse riding!

The two older ones are quite pro at NINJAGO The Ride hor?

Making do with this backdrop while the front is still under renovations.

So what are you waiting for? If you are still thinking of where to bring your family to before the school holidays end, LEGOLAND Malaysia may be a great idea for a short getaway! Check out for more information! Thank you for having our family over LEGOLAND Malaysia, the kiddos could not have enough of you, ever!