Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Woohoo WoWo Wows!


I hadn't been taking good care of my oily hair and skin since young. I had been bleaching my hair as and when I liked and washing my face only whenever I remembered. Well the effects are quite evident now. My face is already beyond repair but experiencing bad hair days on work days are the worst. I either had to use lots of hair gel, or get a quick shampooing just to get the hair under control.

However recently I received a range of WoWo products as a gift to try out. For someone like me who is lazy and don't really bother about "beauty", I thought there was no harm trying? I mean my condition would not get much worst anyway. So try I did, but I only used the body gel and shampoo for the past 2-3 months. I was too lazy to apply the hair mask and other lotion. Initially the shower gel seemed difficult to work up a lather as it produced less suds than my usual body foam but I got used to it soon. What's great about this shower gel is that it smells really nice and it leaves a silky feeling after I dry up from the shower. 

I have oily scalp and dandruffs. At times, using off-the-shelves anti-dandruff shampoo does work at controlling the white flakes but it often dries out my hair and makes styling a chore (even though I do not have much style lah). Since using WoWo Hair Shampoo, I realized that to comb and get presentable enough for work in the morning took me less than 5 minutes for me these days. My hair remained soft and manageable after sleeping in the air-con room. I also hardly see dandruffs and also noticed lesser hair on the cover of my drain trap too!

With Mother's Day coming up really soon, I was thinking that maybe you would like to pamper your mother, wife or maybe even yourself a little! So we are giving away a full set of hair series products (shampoo, mask, serum) to one lucky reader who completes the following steps before the end of Fri, 11 May 2018 -

Giveaway Instructions

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For whose who wishes to try the products out yourselves, you can contact Sindy through WhatsApp at 86886556 or WeChat ID: ProsperityMiracles56. She never say she will give me any commission but she did mentioned that she will do something special for you if you mention you were referred by The "Perfect" Father. 

Kampung Fun Fair At Waterway Point

[Media Invite]

We popped by last week on a weekend with Steffi and Leroy who enjoyed themselves so much. Brought Stacci along too but she was totally exhausted by the time we reached and she slept throughout! Hence we went AGAIN over the last weekend so that Stacci and Louie can have some fun too at the carnival!

The dining crowd over at the mall is ridiculous. We had to wait over an hour and a half just to get a seat for my family over at Ichiban last weekend. I seriously doubt the mall needed any more promotions, but they are having a Kampung Fun Fair right now over at The Plaza, Basement 1 and Village Square, L1. First 2000 shoppers daily who spends $50 at the mall gets to redeem a coupon set that includes $5 worth of credits for the amusement rides/game booths and a food coupon for three items redeemable at the Food Stalls. Go grab your free potong ice-cream and kacangs!

Redeem your vouchers from the customer service with $50 spent.

But take note that the fair will end next weekend, on Sun, 22 Apr 2018. If you are looking to win some toys for your kids at the fair, you may wish to try out some of those that requires skills ( that is if you have what it takes), otherwise I let you in on an open secret. There are 2 stations that with sure win prizes. One would be the fishing game at B1 while the other is the ball game at L1. Having said that, you should still check out what are the prizes before going for it because we realized that the prizes changed during our 2 visits, and the consolation prize at one of the stations was pretty lame for the price of $5 per try. 

Try this fishing game for a sure win prize!
In any case I would also advise against going during the weekend because we felt as though a good half of the Punggol population shops and dines there on Saturdays and Sundays! You still have a couple of days to bring your kiddos there though and you should! Check out their website for more details on the fair and thanks for the invite Waterway Point, the kiddos had great fun! 

Monday, April 9, 2018

Confinement without the Lady

The confinement period following childbirth is a very important period for a woman to take good care and to recuperate from the pregnancy. I cannot imagine how taxing it would be for ones' body to take the stress of carrying another life for 10 months, provide the necessary nutrients, and subsequently to recover from the amount of blood loss during birth. Especially when it is a cesarean birth.

I have heard of many parents talking about 'regrets' after having children. And it's not about their kids, but rather their nonchalant attitudes during the crucial period of recovery following birth. They will mention about how they felt less energetic or how their bodies ached because they had not taken care during confinement. While I have to admit that I have my own reservations about some dubious practices that were handed down for generations, most of the current practices does make certain sense. And of course taking of proper confinement food and herbal concoctions would no doubt be beneficial for the mommy.

We decided on a "self-service" confinement following the birth of Starri because I was gungho and thought that I would be able to take a full month off work to help (which ended up only to be 2 weeks max), and most importantly, save us a whole lot of money! Employing a confinement lady during the Chinese New Year period would easily cost twice as much and upwards of $5,000! I may be able to bathe, feed and take care of the baby, but cooking is a no no for me. Thankfully the catering of confinement food put together by the TCM Physicians and Nutritionists at Thomson Medical, totally took care of this aspect of confinement.

The lunch and dinner come delivered in 4 blue thermal containers (consisting of one meat, one vegetable, one soup and rice) that kept the food warm, as well as with a thermos flask of red date tea. Thus my wife was able to have hot red date tea throughout the day, and managed to refrain from the temptation of any cold drinks. The food portions were rather generous and I actually shared the food with my wife for the entire 28-day course! So much so that I can even give my own personal assessment of the food! For one, I am definitely impressed with the freshness of the ingredients like the fishes, and the herb-infused vegetables were tasty without the need for too much salt. There were lots of goji berries and dan gui in the dishes. In fact I think I ate more vegetable during this period than I would have in a whole year! And to add on, they actually serve Kinmemai gourmet Japanese rice which we loved over normal rice. 

The "takeaway" version of papaya fish soup is different from the milky one in the hospital.
This has to be one of my favourite. Should be egg tofu or something. 
A 28-day package would consist of 2 cycles of 10-days and 18-days which means you would be seeing the same food within 2 weeks for lunch and/or dinner. There is only that much variety or combinations, otherwise they would have to come up with more than 56 totally different dishes to please the pickiest of customers. I am also not going to lie, the food tasted great on most days when it came on time. But it can get a little disappointing when the delivery is delayed due to unforeseen reasons leading to the food getting "old", as with any other packed food from anywhere. You can find more information on their confinement food packages here.

Some of the essentials for confinement, all conveniently packed for daily use.
However solely relying on just the food is not enough, because a woman would require herbal concoctions to nourish, strengthen, rejuvenate and recuperate from the "ordeal" post-natal. I remembered spending hundreds of dollars buying herbs that were packed on the spot from the Chinese medical hall that were not that well-received by my wife, but this time round we had the pre-packed vacuum-sealed herbs from Mummamia Confinement that came along with clear and simple instructions on the use.

The instructions are all clearly shown and really quite idiot-proof already.
The herbs comes in a box of 10 individually packed herbs clearly labelled Day 1 to Day 5 and one pack is meant for 2 servings in the day, for lunch and dinner. So I started off with brewing Day 1 herbs with meat and followed through with the others days and restarting the cycle after Day 5. Not many people would appreciate the taste of these herbs, and by the first cycle, the wife would have made her preference known. You can vary the water used between 1.5l to 2l so as to make it easier for her to finish up, if you know what I mean. We used a total of 3 boxes for the entire confinement period.

Use these for mom and baby when taking baths.

In this age and time, I believe that most young moms would find it crazy to abstain from bathing and hair washing throughout the confinement. I personally felt that the idea was actually not to catch a chill during this period, and my wife used Ban Kah Chai Mom Confinement Herbal Bath for her baths. Even Starri had her Baby Herbal Bath too, which helped with mild jaundice and baby rashes. After keeping hygiene in check, one must also ensure to fully towel dry and not catch a cold!

All the ingredients are apportioned for the nest results.
We also supplemented the routine with nursing herbal soup to boost milk production.
Water retention is not a pretty sight but her condition was well kept under control!
My wife started taking cold drinks after the confinement and told me that she could feel the difference almost immediately the next day. She actually got body aches which she never felt while she was still drinking tea. The Pre-packed Red Dates Tea from Mummamia Confinement comes in a 10-day pack, in easy to cook sachets. Drinking that helps reduce water retention, and the ingredients are rich in Iron and Vitamin C as well. Those who wished to boost milk production can also try out the Nursing Herbal Soup as a supplement. Do check out their full range of confinement necessities available here.

I am thankful that my wife experienced a great recovery from her 5th cesarean birth, despite the nurses telling me about her heavy loss of blood this time round, which made me worried as I sat alone in the room waiting so long for her return from labour ward. My wife is definitely a strong lady to begin with but I am sure taking extra care, having nutritious food and proper tonics during the confinement period helped lots!

Disclaimer: We were provided with a 28-day confinement food packaged by Thomson Medical as well as a 30-day confinement package by Mummia Confinement for review. No monetary compensation was received and all views are of my own.

Friday, March 16, 2018

iROO x RDSS - Know Me 2018 Campaign

In life, not everything goes as planned. Somethings a little road block may throw one off course and create inconveniences. But for some, it is not as simple for they have mountains to overcome. All parents would want their child to grow up happy and healthy, and all the more so for the parents with little ones who are suffering unfortunately from rare diseases.

While fundraising is important for the families with little ones with rare diseases who have to incur high medical cost, but equally important would be public awareness on the plight of these families and how very often members of Rare Disorders Society (Singapore) are faced with weird stares or verbal abuses from ignorant public because of the different way the little ones look or behave.

We may have heard similar cases on social media, and so it is great that iROO International Pte Ltd (iROO) had come on board to support RDSS in a 5 years corporate social responsibility campaign starting from this year, with the key objectives of raising public awareness on rare disorders and educating the public to be empathetic towards such patients and their family members. The public needs to know more, and understand more.

Being The "Perfect" Father, I am proud to partner iROO to be an advocate for this worthy cause! For a start, the campaign name for this first year is "Know Me" and is as apt as it gets! iROO will be selling these exclusive limited edition ‘Know Me’ charity t-shirt with all nett proceeds donated to RDSS. It is available in 2 colors, black and white, and retails at SGD$68.80 at all iROO retail stores from 28 February 2018 till 15 April 2018.

The tees come in both black and white!

Why hornbills? Because these birds are known to form strong monogamous and takes great care of their young. No surprise that the campaign for 2018 will end with an outing to the Jurong Bird Park on 05 May 2018 for RDSS members and families fully sponsored by some of their sponsors, in line with the Hornbill theme. It is also to honour all mothers from RDSS families in conjunction with Mother’s Day and the nett proceeds from the sale of the Charity T-shirts will also be officially donated to RDSS on that day. Great job iROO, and for all of you out there do share what you know with your friends or simply share this campaign on your social media!

Monday, March 5, 2018

Sherlock Gnomes


If you have watched Gnomeo and Juliet and loved the animated movie, you will surely be happy to know that the gnomes will be back on the big screen this month! And we are happier to share that we have tickets for the preview to giveaway too!

Movie synopsis: 

The beloved garden gnomes from GNOMEO AND JULIET are back for a whole new adventure in London. When Gnomeo and Juliet first arrive in the city with their friends and family, their biggest concern is getting their new garden ready for spring. However, they soon discover that someone is kidnapping garden gnomes all over London. When Gnomeo and Juliet return home to find that everyone in their garden is missing – there’s only one gnome to call... SHERLOCK GNOMES. The famous detective and sworn protector of London’s garden gnomes arrives with his sidekick Watson to investigate the case. The mystery will lead our gnomes on a rollicking adventure where they will meet all new ornaments and explore an undiscovered side of the city. This action-packed sequel features the voices of returning cast, James McAvoy, Emily Blunt, Michael Caine, Maggie Smith, Stephen Merchant and Ozzy Osbourne, plus Johnny Depp as Sherlock Gnomes, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Watson and Mary J. Blige as Irene.
© 2018 Par. Pics
Now that you know what the story is all about, how about winning 4 x tickets to the preview + 1 hamper of movie premiums? We will be selecting one winner for the movie + hamper, as well as 2 other winners who will win the movie premiums too! The preview will be held at 11am on Sat, 10 Mar 2018 at Cathay Parkway Parade.

Giveaway Instructions
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  3. Answer the question - SHERLOCK GNOMES is from the director of Kung Fu Panda (True or False) under the comment of this Facebook post
  4. Like, Share the post publicly and tell all your friends about this!
Terms and Condition
  1. To be eligible for the giveaway, all the above steps must be followed.  
  2. Organizer reserves the right in the choice of winners for the tickets. 
  3. Follow our page so that you will KNOW if you have won in our announcement.
  4. Prizes won are not exchangeable or transferable, so please ensure you are able to catch the movie preview on Sat, 10 Mar 2018.
Contest ends at 1700hrs on Wed, 07 Mar 2018.  

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Little Hokkaido, in Singapore!

Our family had always loved Japanese food, and basically most things Japanese! Ramen and udon are the kiddos' favorites, and they had also been having sashimi since young! If given a choice, I am pretty sure that they would want to have them for every meal! The last time (and only time actually) that our family visited Japan was 3 years back. I can still recall my fascination with their many beautiful confectionery that looked good and tasted great!

Just over the last December holidays, many friends popped by Hokkaido and raved about the great the great snow-clad sceneries and the FOOD! The freshness of the seafood and the experience of eating soft-serve Hokkaido milk ice-cream in winter! It made me so jealous of them and I wonder when it would finally be our turn to experience it. But before we actually make the trip to Hokkaido, we can definitely try some of their goodies here in Singapore! It is no secret that Liang Court caters largely to our local Japanese community and of course to all those who loves all things Japanese as well.

The Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza located within Meidi-ya Supermarket at B1-31, features a wide variety of best-selling confectionery from Hokkaido and boosts a wide selection of over 250 types of products from the prefecture. We browsed through the shelves and were introduced to many famous brands and top-selling goodies in this Hokkaido local specialty shop. This would be a great place to find the local products that you had been sorely missing since your last holiday trip, or to get a real taste of Hokkaido even before flying over! Do yourself a favor and get a Hokkaido milk soft-serve cone while you are there too, as they were really delicious!

These Melon Castella cakes are simply delicious and flavorful! 
Choose from a variety of flavors, including cheese or original!

Yummy soft-serve ice-cream made from real Hokkaido Milk!

Oh and do you know that a little Hokkaido corner had popped up on The State of Fun, Sentosa island not too long ago? Step out from Waterfront Station and look right for the rows of 3 shoplets, namely Ohara Farm (Ice Cream), Watanabe Coffee (Cakes & Drinks) and Hokkaido Sushi Bar (Sushi) that makes up the Little Hokkaido. We visited that over the weekend and were treated to some pretty awesome Japanese fares! We all know how the weather can ridiculously HOT at times, and we found that a serving of Hokkaido soft-serve or a cup of ice-cold coffee could do wonders! Grab their special $8 CNY promo set which consists of a slice of cake and your choice of iced coffee or iced matcha latte which you are there. Or you can also choose to upgrade your drink to a frappuccino for $2 more. They do carry a range of Snaffle's catch cakes that were really soft, cheesy and suits my sweet tooth just fine!

Walk out from the Waterfront Station.
Follow the delicious-looking banners on the left.
And you will this little corner called Little Hokkaido!
Lots of desserts, all made with authentic Hokkaido ingredients!
Melon is a must try but Steffi was attracted to Lavender but I ended up finishing the flower-infused ice-cream for her!
Check out their $8 CNY Promo happening right now!
Soft and cheesy Snaffle catch cake!
Steffi went along with the promo set, but we upgraded to a frappuccino! 
Our family had the great pleasure of trying out their oishi sushi sets, even though the sushi bar was not opened to public yet. The island is not exactly known for cheap food, but the sushi bar does serves up great tasting sushi that were not that detrimental to my wallet! I would totally describe the experience as restaurant quality food at supermarket takeaway prices. BUT take note that there are only 3-4 sets of tables and chairs in the alfresco dining area. The boss also explained to me that this would be exactly how the sushi rice tasted in Hokkaido, as they followed the exact proportions of the rice and vinegar etc. The Japanese embraces technology and in this small bar, the pressing of the sushi rice is actually automated, with each equally-sized rice piece then lovingly topped up with the right ingredient by the chef. It was productivity without the loss in quality but I am really no sushi connoisseur, hence I would not have noticed any difference if I was not told. There are many sets to choose from, with price ranging from $8.90 (Tamago Inari Set, 8 pieces) to $22.40 (Hokkaido Set, 10 pieces) if you feel like indulging in premium seafood.

The Hokkaido Sushi Bar serves Sushi sets, Chirashi Don and Temaki too!
Hokkaido Set ($22.40) - Ebiko Gunkan, Hamachi, Maguri, Salmon, Spicy Salmon Gunkan, Amaebi, Unagi Tamago & Engawa)
Authentic Set ($12.60) - Salmon, Maguri, Tako, Saba, Hotate, Ebiko Gunkan, Ebi and Ika.
Grab yourself a seat in the dining area in front of the stalls and enjoy the feast!
So there you have it, now you know exactly where you can find authentic Hokkaido goodies without the need for air-tickets! But if you insist on tasting them personally in Hokkaido, you can also try winning yourself a trip there simply by visiting the Hokkaido Smile campaign at https://www.passp.asia/hokkaido and filling up a simple survey there. For travel enquiries to Hokkaido, feel free to check with Hokkaido Government Representative Office based in Singapore or visit http://www.hokkaido-asean.org! This post is brought to you in partnership with the wonderful folks from Little Hokkaido.