Thursday, October 31, 2019

Brandt: In-Home Product Demonstration

I do not know about you, but I always feel that whenever we buy any new equipment, be it a new laptop or household appliance, we will get used to the few basic functions and then just assume that that's all the equipment does. User usually does that without reading the instruction menu in the first place too, well, at least that's me.

That's just one very regular daily load.

To be absolutely honest, this is the first time I have heard of a company offering in-home product demonstration after sales. Usually it would be in-store demonstrations before one makes any purchases right? But theses days online shopping are so prevalent, that even buying expensive household appliances by simply relying on online descriptions or reviews is also commonplace now.

Patiently going through the functions of the dryer with the wife and Steffi.

We were informed of the complimentary product demonstration by Brandt when we got our appliances from them. Apparent it is free when you buy any ovens, washers / dryers, coffee machines or dishwashers, but you must make the arrangement within 6 months after having them delivered. We got a very friendly and patient staff by the name of Dennis.

Next up, learning more about our new induction hob.

We had arranged for an evening appointment and he was absolutely professional from the moment he stepped into our place. As patient as a teacher, he went about explaining the different functions of our washer and dryer, as well as going through the steps of maintaining the machines so that they will last longer! Being first time users of a dryer, my wife surely grilled him on the functionalities! 

Was also taught how to wash the filters.

We were also shown the many safety features of our induction hob as well as how to clean the filter panels of our hood. Of course, we were also taught how to fire up to clear the grease in the oven thoroughly once a while and how the different programmed buttons of the microwave work for different purposes such as thawing or cooking! 

The microwave had a lot of preloaded buttons for different type of food and purposes.

Good to know that Brandt provides such a great after sales service. Makes sense for them too, as consumers feel valued and not forsaken after deal is sealed and proper usage and maintenance of their appliances will also lead to lesser complains and product failures mah, correct boh? Works both ways!

Learning how to take out the glass of the oven for a thorough cleaning if required.

This post is a review collaboration between The "Perfect" Father & Brandt but all photos and views belongs solely ours. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Under Armour for Youth!

The name Under Armour only evoked images of adult sportswear in my mind, as I had seen them worn by athletes at many sporting events we attended. The brand is well-known and its logo is readily recognizable, but we were recently introduced to its Youth collection quite recently. Oh by the way you should check out their HOVR Collection if you are an avid runner who tracks your run data like speed, distance, cadence, and stride length. 

Leroy the Spider Boy on top of the unmistakable Under Armour logo.

My kiddos are not really particular about the clothes they wear and many a times it is yours truly who asks them to change into something else instead because they kept wearing the same attire every time we go out for events! They pick whatever they fancy and feel comfortable in!

I love their poses in their new hoodies and pants! Look really cool right?

My little models!

In any case, we hopped over to Under Armour's online shop to browse through their Youth collection and found some pretty nice clothings for the kiddos. It is only a pity that there wasn't really much meant for Louie as the collection is really meant for 8 - 11 year olds.

Louie with Leroy's hoodie looking a little too big for him for now.

The kiddos were ecstatic when they tried on their clothes and looked pretty much the part of cool little rappers as they struck their awesome poses for me. I must also add that the kiddos complimented that they felt really comfortable and confident in their new clothes, except that Steffi mentioned there were quite a lot of labels inside though. 

New tees for the girl's sporting events!

I am really honest here, kid's clothings can be pretty expensive when you compare them to adult's and their Youth collection can really lighten one's wallet, especially when one has multiple kiddos! But the quality more then make up for it and I am pretty confident that they will last from my first child to my fifth without any problems, unlike your pasar malam clothes lah!

Check it out! 

It will soon be our Japan winter trip come December and their new clothings will definitely come in really handy, keeping the kiddos warm while looking cool at the same time! Thank you for sending these awesome clothing for the kiddos Under Armour Singapore!