Friday, November 21, 2014

Yun Nam Hair Care Dandruff & Oily Scalp Treatment [Sponsored Review]

Time flies! My treatment at Yun Nam Hair Care is already coming to an end. I was supposed to complete 10 sessions in total consecutively, once a week but had to take some break in-between due to vacation and work, and not to mention taking care of the 4 kids as well! I wonder if the results would be much better if I had followed through with the treatments, but I hope with my use of the products back at home have helped. 

Leroy took this photo of me with super friendly Yun Nam Hair Care consultant, Ms Carol
I was lucky to have Ms Carol as my consultation for she had proven to be really friendly on all my visits, and was genuinely okay with me bringing my kids for the visits on some occasions when I have no other choice for there were no one else to take care of the kids. Besides wanting to see results for the hair treatment, I believe consumers like myself, would also be expecting top-notch customer service from the consultants especially since this would be considered a form of luxury treatment to many. 

Steffi and Leroy enjoys accompanying me on my visits and they get their own drinks and snacks too!
My second part treatment of Herbalogy Formula 3 was mainly for the promotion of new hair growth and the difference in the scans of my first visit, as compared to the scan I just did was very noticeable! I could make out the new growth of baby hair in the latest scan as compared to before my treatment. There might not be much difference on my looks though, for my problem was mainly oily scalp and slight hair-thinning, and thank goodness, not chronic hair loss. 

Leroy waiting for me while I get my hair steamed for 30 minutes!
Haircare treatment is not something that one can reasonably expect instant results from and very much often requires long term care. Hence as I said earlier, that this is a luxury for many due to the cost involved. However if one have unrealistic expectations, it will undoubtedly lead to the feelings of being “cheated”. This is where the consultant’s job of explaining clearly to the client is of utmost importance. 

Woohoo!Judging from my latestscans, there are lots of new hair growth already! And of course, no more dandruff!
Having said that, many cases of hair loss problems could have been identified earlier and less treatment would then be required. Do not let procrastination hinder you from a full scalp of healthy-looking hair! I have benefitted from the treatments for my dandruff and hair-thinning, and now you can too! Yun Nam Hair Care offers a FREE Consultation, Scalp Analysis and Hair and Scalp Treatment for first time customers at any of the following 9 conveniently located outlets – 
  • Century Square 
  • City Square Mall 
  • Heartland Mall 
  • Jubilee Square 
  • Jurong Point 
  • Lot One Shoppers’ Mall 
  • Plaza Singapura 
  • Tiong Bahru Plaza 
  • Woodlands Civic Centre

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Aprisin Mega Christmas Sale (27 - 29 Nov 2014)

I am sure you would be given money-saving tips by other parents such as buying milk powder from medical halls or buying second hand items from the various websites or forums etc. Recently I learnt of a retail warehouse called Aprisin Singapore at Tagore lane, along upper Thomson Road that showcases strollers, playpens, baby clothing and accessories from well-known brands such as Aprica, Graco, Nuna and Joie etc. They also happen to be the EXCLUSIVE distributors for these brands, meaning all the branded toys and strollers etc that you see in the major departmental stores, would have originated from this warehouse! This would be an alternative place to visit if you are looking for a bargain, besides the usual baby fairs!

This is the first time we visited Aprisin Singapore and Stacci was all smiles!
I brought Leroy and Stacci down to pay them a visit recently and they were instantly drawn to the HUGE range of Little Tikes toys on display! There was no holding them back as they went from one bench to the other, one toy car to another and raced each other up and down the aisles. Well, Little Tikes is known for products that encourage active and imaginative play, get small bodies moving, spark curiosity, create wonder, and let kids dream big and that is a really refreshing change in today's IT-savvy kids where only the finger does all the work. My kids were once so addicted to iPads that they can actually throw tantrums and get really upset when I got them to stop. That it got me quite worried but I had since restricted their use to only weekends and it has got better now.

Little Tikes toys are not exactly cheap, as I noticed from the price tags, but I guess they are definitely meant to last! From the descriptions, some of the toys can be played from the toddler stage up to 5 years old. For example the car that Stacci and Leroy had so much fun in, can also be enjoyed by young toddlers as a pram-like device when a board is placed in it to secure the toddler. According to the staff, the prices at this warehouse are already marked down and usually only available to as special discounted prices for departmental store members. BUT you need not be a member of any organizations to shop here and enjoy those special prices! 

You can go through the printed brochure to find the toy you are looking for!
Or go through the rows of display to find your ideal toy! Here are some heavy duty vehicles suitable for outdoor sand play as well!
Some of the toys may already be SOLD! But no worries, if you need anything that is not available at the moment, I am sure they would order them in just for you!
Haha, Leroy enjoyed racing down the aisles with Stacci.
Little Tikes toy range is very wide and I was surprised by the many different types available!
There's even a musical range to bring out the hidden talent in your kid!
How about some music?
There are also baby walkers, rocking chair for toddlers and all sorts of useful additions.
Stacci had been eyeing the kitchen play set! 
Different realistic play sets that one might find in indoor playgrounds as well.  Kids can spend hours role playing!
Something for private house owners perhaps? Everything also have!
With so many toys to feel and try out, the kids can never keep their hands to themselves. 
These tricycles look familiar? Huggies ever had joint promotions with Little Tikes before if you can recall.
A play area for the kids, and I was told that there would be more sets to entertain the kids during the sale.
But that's not all as the company will be having a Christmas Mega Sale from 27 – 29 Nov 2014 and the outlet will be open from 10am to 7pm daily! All the discounted prices that I saw during my visit, will be further discounted, and if I have not seen the prices myself, I wouldn't dare say that it’s gonna be great! And for those who can’t wait, or wishes to find out what they have to offer, you can hop on over to their website as they also have a special pre-order for 25 selected products!

It’s super easy to get there if you drive, as it is just along Upper Thomson Road. But if you take public transport like me, bus numbers 138, 167, 169 and 980 will bring you there just fine. A little walking will be required but they do provide free delivery for purchases above $200! Don’t procrastinate if you are looking for that particular stroller, cot or toy, for this might be the cheapest you can get.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Heart Studio Singapore [Giveaway]

When you come across those beautiful canvas painting of cartoon characters posted online by proud parents, do you ever wonder how the little ones actually painted them? Or do you secretly hope that your own little one would be able to do just as well?

I did, and I am happy to say that I will be finding out how exactly would Stacci, Leroy and Steffi perform very very soon, as they will be taking part in an art class by Heart Studio Singapore come December.

There will be special classes for kids from 3 years up for the weeks 08 - 12 Dec and 15 - 19 Dec and we are really happy to announce that we have 2 trial classes (worth $75 each) that will take place from 4.30pm - 7pm on Mon, 08 Dec 14 to giveaway!

3-4 year old kids will get to paint Mr / Ms Fantastic Fox while the 5-6 year old kids will try out popular Monster Inc characters! In the class, the kids will also learn to blend colors and understand the color values: Contrasting and complimentary colors. Are all of you excited yet? You can check out their official website for more information on the classes!

Beautiful finished work of art.  Don't know how Stacci's painting would turn out to be?
Meanwhile to stand a chance to win one of the classes for your kid, just complete the Rafflecopter widget below but you must take note of the terms and conditions as well -

Terms and Conditions for the Giveaway: 
  1. Entries that do not fulfill the requirements stated below will be disqualified without notice. 
  2. The child has to be at least 3 years and above, based on the month and year of birth. 
  3. No repeat winners are allowed (e.g. past winners of giveaway by other bloggers). 
  4. Winners will be notified by Heart Studio Singapore directly via email, through the email address provided. Winners must confirm by reply email or phone call, within three days. Otherwise, a new winner will be picked. 
  5. Strictly no changing of date or time is allowed. 
  6. Existing customers of Heart Studio Singapore are not eligible. 
  7. This giveaway is open to Singapore residents only.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mystica 2014 - Where the Night Comes Alive to Play [Media Invite]

We brought the kiddos down for a preview of Mystica at the Singapore Night Safari, without any inkling what it was all about.  When the CEO, Mr Lee Meng Tat launched the event and mentioned that it was already in its FOURTH year, I really wondered to myself where I had been all these while! Super mountain tortoise lor, but it is better late than never ya? 

Happy kids on their first visit of the Night Safari!
Steffi wanted one with the elephant too!
Leroy taming the crocodile!
The first real animal they got to meet besides the wild squirrel and free-roaming peacocks!
As the name implies, it's all about mysterious, mythical and weird creatures that one can take photos or selfies with. It is about a special party with the colorful outrageous creatures (take note, not real animals hor) on top of the usual REAL animals you get to see along the tram rides and the 4 walking trails. Think Safari Boo that happened recently. There is even a quest that you can take part in and there are no extra charges for all these activities! Now, how awesome is that?

"Orr yi orr" in front of backdrop for Mystica!
All must take photos, with props some more.
Just for this special preview, the kids were introduced to all the creatures before we started our tour and that made taking photos much easier than me having to look for them at their respective stations! The tram rides had to be the highlight for Leroy as he enjoyed looking at all the nocturnal animals in comfort! While for Steffi, it was the entertainers in their various elaborate costumes that she loved. The staff were really into their characters and even Stacci enjoyed the interactions with them too. The whole atmosphere was magical to say the least. But do remember to bring along the usual insect repellents or mosquito patches. We were lucky to run into Andy from SengkangBabies who offered their patches and saved our day (or rather night)!

Steffi getting up close and personal with Mr Porcupine! 
Do you want some magic balls?  It's ok, I have to take a photo first...
And here's the Ravishing Raven who happens to be part of the quest!
The kids were mesmerized by the magic tricks!
And NEVER leave without the brochure!  You will need the map!
Be sure to get and hold on to a copy of the Mystica brochure when you visit, for that's where you can find instructions for your quests as well as their locations on the map! There are a total of 4 tasks for you to complete, each earning you a color wrist gem (band), and it ranges from the simple selfie with one of the creatures, to drum beating that tests your sense of rhythm! Complete at least 3 tasks and exchange the 3 bands for a $5 retail voucher reward or complete them all to get a precious Night Safari Glitter Tumbler! (Limited to first 200 redemption per day, for both voucher and gift)

Colorful twin birdies!
The fierce looking guardians you have to meet for another quest!
The Jumparoos are really tall creatures!
The snake lady that glitters more than slithers.
Wow! The kids got to hold the magical weapons of the fairies!
Kiddos with the King and Queen of the Savannah and Stacci giving the thumbs up!
With the forest fairies (I guess)! There are creatures stationed throughout the main stations! 
So if you plan on visiting the night safari any soon, you MUST do it during Mystica! Given that the ticket prices for the Night Safari are not exactly cheap, it's definitely more value for money now with Mystica thrown in.  The kids will definitely enjoy the fringe activities, as well as posing for photos with all the friendly mystical creatures of the night! Mine did, they tried and tested! Completing the quests gave them a tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment as well!

Thank you so much Wildlife Reserves Singapore for the invite, and letting the kiddos be the privileged few to experience it first!

The kiddos goofing around with the CEO, Wildlife Reserves Singapore who gamely posed with them! 
We also took a guided tour along the Leopard trail.
Here's a couple of real porcupines!
Steffi got to pat the leopard as well!  Erm, not really lah as they were separated by a thick glass.
And what better way to end the fun day, after the completion of their quests, than to take another happy photo before we leave for home!

Useful Information

Dates: 21, 22, 28, 29 Nov and 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20 Dec (Fri and Sat only)
Time: 5:30pm – 10:00pm
Venue: Night Safari (start your quest at the Entrance Courtyard)
Fee: Festivities at the entrance are free but usual admission of $39 (adult) and $25 (child 3-12 years) applies for those entering the park

Monday, November 10, 2014

Mariette Tea Party [Media Invite and Giveaway]

Yours truly is not your bona fide food blogger per se but I do have a sweet tooth and a liking for desserts and cakes.  I was afraid that if I blogged about food, that I might end up using adjectives like “wow, yummy, awesome, moist and sweet.” and then get flamed online.  However the family was invited to a Mariette tea party recently and I cannot resist such an invite!

The Mariette High Tea @ Medz, Millenia Walk
Leroy was really shy when everyone sang him a birthday song! 
Ok, like I always said, I am really a mountain tortoise. I was actually expecting the tea party to be held at a cafe or something. But it was held at Medz, a restaurant that serves Mediterranean food, somewhere I had never been to before. Looking at the large selection of food available, I got hungry instantly, even though it was only 3pm. The stars of the day, had got to be the Mariette tea cakes that we got to try, as well as Leroy! The nice PR folks knew that it was his birthday the next day and actually got everyone present to sing a birthday song to him! He didn't expect that coming and basically stood stoned standing on his chair. Having so many pairs of eyes looking at him must had given him stage fright, like me!

Salted Caramel with Walnuts!
Stacci loves her Salted Caramel with Walnuts!
Back to the cakes now.  You see, I honestly have no idea what Mariette cakes were and had thought that these were "branded" cakes available only in restaurants etc.  When I tasted the salted-caramel walnut tea cake that was served naked on a plate, I thought to myself that hey, it didn't look and taste THAT heavenly leh, how to comment sia and hor expensive or not?   I only learnt that they were over-the-counter frozen cakes after they brought out the box for us to see.  I must say that for dining in, the food presentation makes hell of a lot of difference to the perceived value and taste.

Orange with Orange Peel Tea Cake with lots of orange zest was the second we tried! Yummy stuff!  
With my expectations better managed now, I was back to the uncle in me and reckoned that these cakes really tasted not too bad at all.  In fact with a little plating done for the visual effect, these cakes would easily be “café-worthy”.  These cakes are readily available at selected supermarket chains like NTUC Fairprice, Giant and Cold Storage supermarkets at an affordable price of only $7.90 per box.  There are 3 Mariette tea cake flavors for now, the salted-caramel walnut, orange zest as well as an all-time favorite, the double chocolate tea cake.  But but but… the one that I was anticipating was really the Mini Chocolate Lava Cake!  When I sunk my spoon into the cake, dark chocolate “lava” flowed out and I was hooked.   Despite tasting multiple pieces of the 3 teacakes earlier, I ended up devouring another 3 lava cakes!

Yummy Double Chocolate Tea Cake, double the yummy index!
This is the yummy Mini Chocolate Lave Cake that I plated.  Not too bad ya?
We were encouraged to use the many toppings to plate the cakes using our creativity!
Here's presenting the Mariette babies! Lol!
We were also given a few boxes of the cakes to bring home to try.  The instructions on the box were to let the cake thaw and then cut it to size and serve direct but I had tried cutting my cake up immediately after removing it from the freezer yesterday night, for I was too hungry.  I was half expecting a block of concrete, but surprisingly I had no problem slicing the cake with a knife at all.   I ended up having my double chocolate tea cake cold but it was still nice and I ended up sharing the whole loaf with the kids.  I wonder if it would even be nicer if I had warmed it up a little but I do not have any microwave oven at home.

The first box we devoured back at home, in less than 15 minutes!  Look at Stacci! 
That is also the only reason why my Mini Chocolate Lava Cake is still sitting pretty in my freezer! Do you want to try the cakes too?  Well, I am really happy to share some goodies with you, our dear readers!  Simply follow the 3 simple steps below and you might be one of three lucky winners to win 3 sets of cakes (all 4 boxes / flavors) worth $31.60 per set in our giveaway!

Giveaway Instructions

  1. Like The “Perfect” Father Facebook page;
  2. Complete the sentence "I want to try Mariette tea cakes because ..." as a comment under this photo post (just once will do and you can also tag your friends) ; and
  3. Like and Share this photo publicly (as many times as you want, but once a day only. Each share = 1 chance).
  4. I will choose one winner (out of the 3) specially from the list of commentators under this blog post.  Comment anything under this blog post and add in your Facebook username at the end of your comment.  

Terms and Condition
  1. To be eligible for the giveaway, the first 3 steps must be completed. Step 4 is optional. 
  2. Organizer reserves the right in the choice of winners for each of the cake sets. 
  3. Prizes won are not exchangeable and winner will be contacted by Sponsor directly on prize collection.
Contest ends at 2359hrs on Sun, 16 Nov 2014.  Good luck to all!