Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Brandt: Built-In Extractor Hood

I never knew the problems that came with cooking meals for the family because for a good 10 years into our marriage, we either had food from my in-laws or we dine out. But after having a helper and needing to save some money because of the many kiddos we have now, we starting having home-cooked food.

Fits nicely in the cabinet, allowing for storage space on top.

That was when I finally realized that cooking fills the entire kitchen with a layer of grease on the floor and on the cabinets and one would really need to clean up after cooking lor. Even boiling soup will release fumes into the air, let along frying! So one really needs a good kitchen hood to suck out all the grease and reduce the odours. It is a must! 

Simple touch buttons.

Given the size of our standard HDB kitchens in Singapore, I believe most of us would use ductless hoods. We got for ourselves a Brandt Built-In Extractor Hood (AI1790X) which in my humble opinion, was sufficient for the amount of cooking we really do. 

Love its sleek design that matches perfectly with our Brandt hob as well. The touch display comes with 3 fan speeds and it even have LED lights (which is not really used lah).

This post is a review collaboration between The "Perfect" Father & Brandt but all photos and views belongs solely ours. 

Monday, June 3, 2019

Learning To Ride A Bicycle In 4hrs Or Less With Biking Singapore


I can still remember how I learnt to cycle when I was just a young boy. I would have one hand on the parapet while I tried balancing the bike along the long HDB corridor until I finally had the confidence to bring it down to the void deck to try. There were falls along the way definitely but I managed to learn riding a 2-wheeler on my own eventually.

The kiddos were practicing on the bikes without the pedal when they started the lesson.

Now that Steffi and Leroy is 11 and 9 already, I thought it is high time they learnt how to ride a bike. I had always harboured the thought of teaching them how to ride, but when I thought of the need to buy the bikes and safety gears even before they learn, as well as having to find the time to coach them as well, I procrastinated. 

Who knew that by a stroke of luck, I would come across a company named Biking Singapore recently, that actually guarantees that the kid will be able to cycle after going through 2 private sessions of 2 hours each! To be honest, I had my doubts lor. Like seriously? Just 4 hours and the kid will be able to cycle? I definitely don't mind spending a couple of hours to find that out myself!

So off we went to PAssion WaVe @ Marina Bay where the lessons were conducted under shelter beneath the flyover. It seemed that this place is great for all sorts of classes, such as rollerblading etc as one need not be under the mercy of the weather. But Biking Singapore will also able to conduct the classes at any suitable locations upon customers' request as they are really a mobile team.

It was all about gaining confidence and learning how to balance.

Parents are not required to be present as it was a drop off session, so they can go dating after dropping the kiddos. But obviously I had nowhere to go anyway so I stayed back to observe the instructors, and maybe try to learn the secrets to learning how to ride a bike from the experts. The instructors were really friendly and attentive, and guided the kiddos really well I would say. I was only surprised that the kids started off without any pedals and training wheels.

So they practiced on their balancing first, much like using those balance bikes, and before I knew it, after only about an hour into the lessons under the watchful eyes of the instructors, the pedals were put back on and both of them started pedaling ON THEIR OWN, even before the end of the first session! But the instructors were quick to add that the progress would really depends on individuals, even though 99% will be able to cycle after 2 sessions.

During the second session, the instructor worked on their confidence as well as taught them on how to better control the bike. They even went on a ride to Marina Barrage and back, and there were no falls or accidents at all during the two sessions just like they promised.

They were already riding pretty well during the second lesson and were given tips on how to have better control.

Now that we had experienced the lessons for ourselves, I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone, young or old, who wishes to learn how to ride a bike. You really need to check them out at https://www.bikingsingapore.com/ now, and I promise that it will be a pleasant learning experience! Thank you for teaching the two kiddos to ride in record time, you guys rock! Now I also know that instead of helping the little ones overcome the fear of falling, training wheels can really be crutches too!

I am confident that your kiddos will be in good hands to learn how to ride a bike in the shortest time too!

I was telling them that their lessons were really good and that they should give a discount code for our readers and the boss said to use promo code: BIKESG10OFF for $10 off their lessons BUT only valid for July 2019 hor, because they are almost fully booked for June! That's how good their lessons are, and the effects of words of mouth by customer. Don't say bojio!