Sunday, November 29, 2015

Parenting - One intention, Many Methods

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You know the saying, never to dry your dirty laundry in public? Well, I guess many people subscribes to this and we always try to look good outwardly as well. To many, our family may have been the perfect one, one that’s always full of laughter and joy. That may be the general feel of my social media account and what it portrayed. That’s how I wanted it to be as well in real life too, and thus presenting mostly the positive stuff. Hence there are also many things that go unpublished, the quarrelling between the adults, the tantrum that I throw and the constant fights between the siblings for our attention. The ugly side. Because even us, the parents do not agree on certain issues with regards to our "standards".

Photos capture the very best moments of our trips, but there will always moments of anguish at times!
Given our different parenting styles, there are obviously instances when I do not see eye to eye with my wife. As I had ever mentioned before, I am generally the more liberal and “bo-chup” one while the wife would be more concerned about their education and enrichment. I was actually started to think that my family was kind of dysfunctional. Why is it that my wife cannot see that kids should just be having fun at this young age? Or why I fail to understand the need for my wife to nag the children non-stop when going through their homework with them?

Can bath them until what age? They can bath together until what age? Who has the best answer and who is right?
There are so many controversial issues out there when it comes to parenting. Like perhaps the case of what age should parents stop bathing their children (especially those of a different gender) which I brought up here earlier in our #NurtureYourChild campaign. There were many diverse views offered, with some feeling that daddies should not touch their daughters after the age of two, to others who felt it was perfectly fine and that sexuality is merely state of mind. It was nice to know that I wasn't alone in this, for there were also many parents out there who do not share the exact sentiments with their spouses on how to nurture their child.

What if a slight whack with a cane is the only way to stop one from crying non-stop or a way to let an unruly child know you mean business? 
And there is also the issue of whether one should use corporal punishment (aka the cane) on the child, or even if mommies should “die-die” breastfeed their baby no matter what. While mommy's milk is always the best for the baby, we also know and appreciate that sometimes that situation just does not allow breastfeeding. You want the best for your child, and NAN3 would like to be there to support you in providing the best alternative for your child as well.

Parenting is an art by itself. Just like how the same materials can result in very different artwork by different artists, or how the same ingredients can result in vastly different tastes when cooked by different chefs, the same goes for parenting. Besides, not everyone appreciates the same painting or dish as well. Even I cannot even utilize the same methods on all my four kids too! But I know I need to work doubly hard to earn my missing point, one way or another! (watch video)

Thank you Nestlé Baby Club Singapore for having us on board the #NurtureYourChild campaign! It was a fun and engaging campaign, with inputs from our readers that reaffirmed our beliefs that parents simply want the best for our children, albeit in our own special ways. If in doubt, check out and join Nestlé Fanpage for more parenting ideas and nutrition tips! Keep calm and parent on!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pororo Park

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The brothers at the media preview of Pororo Park.
You would have heard about the opening of Pororo Park at Marina Square, Singapore by now. It's official opening on 11 Nov 2015 happened to be the birthday of my little Stacci too! The REALLY lucky kids were one of the first to experience the park's facilities during the media preview a couple of days back and they were thrilled by the mascots. Just in case you do not know, Pororo is a very famous cartoon penguin originating from South Korea and had lots of friends such as Crong the Dinosaur, Eddy the Fox, Petty the Penguin, Loopy the Beaver and Poby the Polar Bear. The 11,000 square feet character-themed indoor playground in touted to be the largest in Singapore and also the very first Pororo Park in South-East Asia.

With that in mind, I am sure the expectations would be high for parents too. It was definitely much bigger than most of the other indoor playgrounds we had been to. Maybe it was the vast amount of free space, but the facilities somewhat just felt smaller (or lesser) than what I would have expected from the description of the park. However knowing how the kids can entertain themselves for hours in any given area, Pororo park is definitely big enough for the kids to roam and play in for 2 hours. Check out their attractions as follows -

  • Pororo Express: a train ride for kids and the iconic center piece 
  • Pororo House: a replica of Pororo’s house in the series 
  • Crong’s Backyard: a play area extension to Pororo House 
  • Shark Ball Pool: an all-time favourite with toddlers 
  • Poby’s Jungle Gym: fun play system for active young adventurers 
  • Eddy and Petty’s Rooms: two classrooms cum party rooms 
  • TongTong’s Little Theatre: for live shows and performances

Pororo Express where all the excited kiddos can't wait for the train to arrive!

Leroy had other plans. (No kids were harmed. Train was recharging)

Happy kids finally got their turns! But note that the train only goes one short circuit every time.
One can get a little rest in Pororo House if one gets tired after all the play. That is if sleeping on a hard plastic bed is one's thing. 
The bathtub is SOOOooo cute!

Crong's Backyard at the back of Pororo House would be a great place for the younger kiddos to interact and play!
Stacci loves birthdays so it was no surprise when she assembled a wooden birthday cake!
Even little Louie can cook!
The big Shark Ball Pool can accommodate a lot of kiddos and a LOT of balls!
Stacci had fun hiding in the balls! I wouldn't be able to find her if she had really wanted to hide!
Kids will love feeding the shark with balls too!
Poby's Jungle Gym is the place where the kids can burn off their energy! Although it felt a little small and I probably wouldn't want follow them in as it was too compact.
But the kiddos have fun though and big sister Steffi helped to take care of the little ones.
Eddy and Patty's rooms are two adjoining rooms with the retractable partition and would cater to any party's needs.  
For our case, it was converted into a classroom for all the little ones to do their art and crafts! 
Pororo and friends performing in TongTong's Little Theatre
There is also a 60-seater Loopy themed café offering both adults and kids food. You can top up your body fuel after all the fun, or spam your social media accounts with photos using their free Wi-Fi too! 
Now the big question that everyone has been asking, is the park worth a visit? Everything there is so cute and kawaii and I am sure you will definitely be snapping lots of photos of your kids with the plastic resin characters, or posing inside Pororo House. I have no doubts that the franchise is not cheap but my own personal view is that it is way too expensive for me to bring my family of 4 kids. A trip to the park for 2 hours would cost me (4 x $33.50 + 2 x $6) = $146 or discounted price of $121 if I use the partners' rates. So you do the maths! As much as the kiddos enjoyed roaming the park, it is still overpriced for our big family. I am sure fans of Pororo will visit nevertheless, and you can also console yourself that you need not fly elsewhere to experience Pororo Park!

Lots of photo opportunities within the park. Everything is so cute!
And if you are lucky to be there to meet the mascots, be sure to snap lots of photos too!
Poby came out to say hi too!
The kiddos scored a photo with pretty Petty as well!
Useful Information

Location: 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square #02-29 Singapore 039594
Operating Hours: Sun – Thu (10.30am to 8.00pm) and Fri - Sat (10.30am to 9.00pm)

Monday, November 16, 2015

HeART Studio 2015 December Holiday Classes [Giveaway]

The three older kiddos of mine love to doodle and draw and they had the wonderful experience of going through HeART studios holiday class the year before. With the ever patient teachers around, all kids WILL be able to draw and paint! Their canvas paintings are still proudly displayed on top of my wife's piano! You can check out our review of last year's holiday classes here.

HeART studio is kindly sponsoring two sessions of their fast-selling holiday classes as giveaways to you, our readers! The two slots will be for the canvas painting class - "Up Close With Flowers" on 02 Dec 2015, 5pm - 7.45pm. It is suitable for kids at least 3 years and above! So hurry, follow the steps below if you want to score a free art class worth $75 for your little one!

Follow all the steps listed in the Rafflecopter before 2359hrs on Sun, 22 Nov 2015 -

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions for the Giveaway: 
  1. Entries that do not fulfil the requirements stated below will be disqualified without notice. 
  2. The child has to be at least 3 years and above, based on the month and year of birth. 
  3. No repeat winners are allowed (e.g. past winners of giveaway by other bloggers). 
  4. Winners will be notified by Heart Studio Singapore directly via email, through the email address provided. Winners must confirm by reply email or phone call, within three days. Otherwise, a new winner will be picked. 
  5. Strictly no changing of date or time is allowed. 
  6. Existing customers of Heart Studio Singapore are not eligible. 
  7. This giveaway is open to Singapore residents only.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Go-Karting at Kartright Speedway

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Our first time at the go-karting tracks of Kartright Speedway.
It was yet another first for me and the kids last weekend! I had never tried go-karting before and I was probably just as excited as the kiddos. Sorry lah, I didn't even know there was one called Kartright Speedway just opposite SAFTI-MI, beside Arena country club. It was a pity that Stacci was underage and wouldn't be able to join in the fun though. As Steffi and Leroy were still below the legal age (10 year old) and height requirement (145cm), they can only ride in the 2-seater and be driven by an adult 21 years old and above. That would basically be, me.
Leroy couldn't wait to drive his own vehicle but too bad for him, he needs another 4 years plus a lot more height
We were given a briefing by the staff on the various parts of the car to familiarize ourselves with the gas and brake pedals and what are the do's and don'ts. I had too put shower caps on the kiddos for hygiene reasons and they squirmed at needing those. But I think the kiddos looked really cool with after they had their helmets on! We were then told that each session lasts 10mins and I thought to myself, WHAT? All the way from Ang Mo Kio to Jurong just for a short 10min ride? But well, anything for the kids and so off we went on the very first round with Leroy. 

He was also given an additional neck support coz he looked really puny!

Our car stalled almost immediately after the starting line because I failed to keep the gas pedal on and I needed help with restarting it. So embarrassing. The go-kart engine sounded almost like a lawnmower! It was loud and because there were two metal bars at the back of the seat, I kept banging my helmet against it. It had been ages since I last drove and I was basically holding on to the steering wheel with my life! The fun part was of course the turns and the kids would scream with joy when they felt the G-force. The two-seater is heavy and very stable. Turning at full speed posed no problems at all.
A wefie before my turn with Steffi!
After I was done with Leroy, I went for another 10mins with Steffi and finally it was my turn for the single seater. I can go up to 50km/hr with the single seater as compared to only 30km/hr with the kids. And so the hero in me decided to go faster this time and when I got on the 2nd turn I actually stepped lightly on the brake while still having my foot on the gas. The car suddenly felt so light and then I remembered that I was no longer in a 2-seater. Too late. I ended up spinning a few rounds before stopping and I bet the other racers must be laughing at me when they passed! From tiger, I became a cat after that, lest I had to pay damages for spoiling anything!
I finally got to try out the single-seater!
Ah... my models for the day after their rides, with the exception of Stacci who cannot try it out yet!
All in all I had 30mins of fun round the tracks, having to chaperone the two kids for their sessions too. This 30mins were indeed exciting, and really tiring as well! There were no power steering obviously and I am pretty sure I burn quite a lot of calories too during the sessions too. I never knew that there were 2-seaters for go-karting but the bonding experience with the kids was awesome and I have no doubt that the kids would have wanted to go for a couple more rounds! Good luck to you if you have multiple young kids like me. My arms are still aching as I type this, but it's good exercise for sure!
Here's a nice photo with Andy from SengkangBabies and his brood!
These are the special rates for their on-going SG50 promotion. But wait, quote The "Perfect" Father blog and enjoy even better rates!
Now might be the best time for you to try out go-karting with your young kids right here in Singapore! This is because Kartright Speedway has kindly extended a heavily discounted rate of $20 per session for both the single or 2-seater rides for our readers. All you need to do is to quote The "Perfect" Father blog, and it's valid for ALL timings (till 31 Dec 2015 only!). Please refer to their official page for more information on rental and other important things to note. 
A parting shot with all their kor kors before going off after our exhilarating rides!
Useful Information

Address: 511 Upper Jurong Road, #01-05, S(638366)
Telephone: +65 6265 3303
Operating hours: Weekdays 11 am - 7 pm ​and 7 pm - 10 pm (For Events Only), Sats 9 am - ​7 pm and 7 pm - 10 pm (For Events Only) while Sun 9 am - 7 pm

Happy kids with all the wonderful staff from Kartright Speedway!
I do not have any go-pro camera to take video, but you can check out some of the well-written reviews (with videos) from the other awesome daddies as follows -

Life’s Tiny Miracles