Sunday, November 29, 2015

Parenting - One intention, Many Methods

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You know the saying, never to dry your dirty laundry in public? Well, I guess many people subscribes to this and we always try to look good outwardly as well. To many, our family may have been the perfect one, one that’s always full of laughter and joy. That may be the general feel of my social media account and what it portrayed. That’s how I wanted it to be as well in real life too, and thus presenting mostly the positive stuff. Hence there are also many things that go unpublished, the quarrelling between the adults, the tantrum that I throw and the constant fights between the siblings for our attention. The ugly side. Because even us, the parents do not agree on certain issues with regards to our "standards".

Photos capture the very best moments of our trips, but there will always moments of anguish at times!
Given our different parenting styles, there are obviously instances when I do not see eye to eye with my wife. As I had ever mentioned before, I am generally the more liberal and “bo-chup” one while the wife would be more concerned about their education and enrichment. I was actually started to think that my family was kind of dysfunctional. Why is it that my wife cannot see that kids should just be having fun at this young age? Or why I fail to understand the need for my wife to nag the children non-stop when going through their homework with them?

Can bath them until what age? They can bath together until what age? Who has the best answer and who is right?
There are so many controversial issues out there when it comes to parenting. Like perhaps the case of what age should parents stop bathing their children (especially those of a different gender) which I brought up here earlier in our #NurtureYourChild campaign. There were many diverse views offered, with some feeling that daddies should not touch their daughters after the age of two, to others who felt it was perfectly fine and that sexuality is merely state of mind. It was nice to know that I wasn't alone in this, for there were also many parents out there who do not share the exact sentiments with their spouses on how to nurture their child.

What if a slight whack with a cane is the only way to stop one from crying non-stop or a way to let an unruly child know you mean business? 
And there is also the issue of whether one should use corporal punishment (aka the cane) on the child, or even if mommies should “die-die” breastfeed their baby no matter what. While mommy's milk is always the best for the baby, we also know and appreciate that sometimes that situation just does not allow breastfeeding. You want the best for your child, and NAN3 would like to be there to support you in providing the best alternative for your child as well.

Parenting is an art by itself. Just like how the same materials can result in very different artwork by different artists, or how the same ingredients can result in vastly different tastes when cooked by different chefs, the same goes for parenting. Besides, not everyone appreciates the same painting or dish as well. Even I cannot even utilize the same methods on all my four kids too! But I know I need to work doubly hard to earn my missing point, one way or another! (watch video)

Thank you Nestlé Baby Club Singapore for having us on board the #NurtureYourChild campaign! It was a fun and engaging campaign, with inputs from our readers that reaffirmed our beliefs that parents simply want the best for our children, albeit in our own special ways. If in doubt, check out and join Nestlé Fanpage for more parenting ideas and nutrition tips! Keep calm and parent on!

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