Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mystica 2014 - Where the Night Comes Alive to Play [Media Invite]

We brought the kiddos down for a preview of Mystica at the Singapore Night Safari, without any inkling what it was all about.  When the CEO, Mr Lee Meng Tat launched the event and mentioned that it was already in its FOURTH year, I really wondered to myself where I had been all these while! Super mountain tortoise lor, but it is better late than never ya? 

Happy kids on their first visit of the Night Safari!
Steffi wanted one with the elephant too!
Leroy taming the crocodile!
The first real animal they got to meet besides the wild squirrel and free-roaming peacocks!
As the name implies, it's all about mysterious, mythical and weird creatures that one can take photos or selfies with. It is about a special party with the colorful outrageous creatures (take note, not real animals hor) on top of the usual REAL animals you get to see along the tram rides and the 4 walking trails. Think Safari Boo that happened recently. There is even a quest that you can take part in and there are no extra charges for all these activities! Now, how awesome is that?

"Orr yi orr" in front of backdrop for Mystica!
All must take photos, with props some more.
Just for this special preview, the kids were introduced to all the creatures before we started our tour and that made taking photos much easier than me having to look for them at their respective stations! The tram rides had to be the highlight for Leroy as he enjoyed looking at all the nocturnal animals in comfort! While for Steffi, it was the entertainers in their various elaborate costumes that she loved. The staff were really into their characters and even Stacci enjoyed the interactions with them too. The whole atmosphere was magical to say the least. But do remember to bring along the usual insect repellents or mosquito patches. We were lucky to run into Andy from SengkangBabies who offered their patches and saved our day (or rather night)!

Steffi getting up close and personal with Mr Porcupine! 
Do you want some magic balls?  It's ok, I have to take a photo first...
And here's the Ravishing Raven who happens to be part of the quest!
The kids were mesmerized by the magic tricks!
And NEVER leave without the brochure!  You will need the map!
Be sure to get and hold on to a copy of the Mystica brochure when you visit, for that's where you can find instructions for your quests as well as their locations on the map! There are a total of 4 tasks for you to complete, each earning you a color wrist gem (band), and it ranges from the simple selfie with one of the creatures, to drum beating that tests your sense of rhythm! Complete at least 3 tasks and exchange the 3 bands for a $5 retail voucher reward or complete them all to get a precious Night Safari Glitter Tumbler! (Limited to first 200 redemption per day, for both voucher and gift)

Colorful twin birdies!
The fierce looking guardians you have to meet for another quest!
The Jumparoos are really tall creatures!
The snake lady that glitters more than slithers.
Wow! The kids got to hold the magical weapons of the fairies!
Kiddos with the King and Queen of the Savannah and Stacci giving the thumbs up!
With the forest fairies (I guess)! There are creatures stationed throughout the main stations! 
So if you plan on visiting the night safari any soon, you MUST do it during Mystica! Given that the ticket prices for the Night Safari are not exactly cheap, it's definitely more value for money now with Mystica thrown in.  The kids will definitely enjoy the fringe activities, as well as posing for photos with all the friendly mystical creatures of the night! Mine did, they tried and tested! Completing the quests gave them a tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment as well!

Thank you so much Wildlife Reserves Singapore for the invite, and letting the kiddos be the privileged few to experience it first!

The kiddos goofing around with the CEO, Wildlife Reserves Singapore who gamely posed with them! 
We also took a guided tour along the Leopard trail.
Here's a couple of real porcupines!
Steffi got to pat the leopard as well!  Erm, not really lah as they were separated by a thick glass.
And what better way to end the fun day, after the completion of their quests, than to take another happy photo before we leave for home!

Useful Information

Dates: 21, 22, 28, 29 Nov and 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20 Dec (Fri and Sat only)
Time: 5:30pm – 10:00pm
Venue: Night Safari (start your quest at the Entrance Courtyard)
Fee: Festivities at the entrance are free but usual admission of $39 (adult) and $25 (child 3-12 years) applies for those entering the park

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