Monday, November 10, 2014

Mariette Tea Party [Media Invite and Giveaway]

Yours truly is not your bona fide food blogger per se but I do have a sweet tooth and a liking for desserts and cakes.  I was afraid that if I blogged about food, that I might end up using adjectives like “wow, yummy, awesome, moist and sweet.” and then get flamed online.  However the family was invited to a Mariette tea party recently and I cannot resist such an invite!

The Mariette High Tea @ Medz, Millenia Walk
Leroy was really shy when everyone sang him a birthday song! 
Ok, like I always said, I am really a mountain tortoise. I was actually expecting the tea party to be held at a cafe or something. But it was held at Medz, a restaurant that serves Mediterranean food, somewhere I had never been to before. Looking at the large selection of food available, I got hungry instantly, even though it was only 3pm. The stars of the day, had got to be the Mariette tea cakes that we got to try, as well as Leroy! The nice PR folks knew that it was his birthday the next day and actually got everyone present to sing a birthday song to him! He didn't expect that coming and basically stood stoned standing on his chair. Having so many pairs of eyes looking at him must had given him stage fright, like me!

Salted Caramel with Walnuts!
Stacci loves her Salted Caramel with Walnuts!
Back to the cakes now.  You see, I honestly have no idea what Mariette cakes were and had thought that these were "branded" cakes available only in restaurants etc.  When I tasted the salted-caramel walnut tea cake that was served naked on a plate, I thought to myself that hey, it didn't look and taste THAT heavenly leh, how to comment sia and hor expensive or not?   I only learnt that they were over-the-counter frozen cakes after they brought out the box for us to see.  I must say that for dining in, the food presentation makes hell of a lot of difference to the perceived value and taste.

Orange with Orange Peel Tea Cake with lots of orange zest was the second we tried! Yummy stuff!  
With my expectations better managed now, I was back to the uncle in me and reckoned that these cakes really tasted not too bad at all.  In fact with a little plating done for the visual effect, these cakes would easily be “café-worthy”.  These cakes are readily available at selected supermarket chains like NTUC Fairprice, Giant and Cold Storage supermarkets at an affordable price of only $7.90 per box.  There are 3 Mariette tea cake flavors for now, the salted-caramel walnut, orange zest as well as an all-time favorite, the double chocolate tea cake.  But but but… the one that I was anticipating was really the Mini Chocolate Lava Cake!  When I sunk my spoon into the cake, dark chocolate “lava” flowed out and I was hooked.   Despite tasting multiple pieces of the 3 teacakes earlier, I ended up devouring another 3 lava cakes!

Yummy Double Chocolate Tea Cake, double the yummy index!
This is the yummy Mini Chocolate Lave Cake that I plated.  Not too bad ya?
We were encouraged to use the many toppings to plate the cakes using our creativity!
Here's presenting the Mariette babies! Lol!
We were also given a few boxes of the cakes to bring home to try.  The instructions on the box were to let the cake thaw and then cut it to size and serve direct but I had tried cutting my cake up immediately after removing it from the freezer yesterday night, for I was too hungry.  I was half expecting a block of concrete, but surprisingly I had no problem slicing the cake with a knife at all.   I ended up having my double chocolate tea cake cold but it was still nice and I ended up sharing the whole loaf with the kids.  I wonder if it would even be nicer if I had warmed it up a little but I do not have any microwave oven at home.

The first box we devoured back at home, in less than 15 minutes!  Look at Stacci! 
That is also the only reason why my Mini Chocolate Lava Cake is still sitting pretty in my freezer! Do you want to try the cakes too?  Well, I am really happy to share some goodies with you, our dear readers!  Simply follow the 3 simple steps below and you might be one of three lucky winners to win 3 sets of cakes (all 4 boxes / flavors) worth $31.60 per set in our giveaway!

Giveaway Instructions

  1. Like The “Perfect” Father Facebook page;
  2. Complete the sentence "I want to try Mariette tea cakes because ..." as a comment under this photo post (just once will do and you can also tag your friends) ; and
  3. Like and Share this photo publicly (as many times as you want, but once a day only. Each share = 1 chance).
  4. I will choose one winner (out of the 3) specially from the list of commentators under this blog post.  Comment anything under this blog post and add in your Facebook username at the end of your comment.  

Terms and Condition
  1. To be eligible for the giveaway, the first 3 steps must be completed. Step 4 is optional. 
  2. Organizer reserves the right in the choice of winners for each of the cake sets. 
  3. Prizes won are not exchangeable and winner will be contacted by Sponsor directly on prize collection.
Contest ends at 2359hrs on Sun, 16 Nov 2014.  Good luck to all!


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