Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Aprisin Mega Christmas Sale (27 - 29 Nov 2014)

I am sure you would be given money-saving tips by other parents such as buying milk powder from medical halls or buying second hand items from the various websites or forums etc. Recently I learnt of a retail warehouse called Aprisin Singapore at Tagore lane, along upper Thomson Road that showcases strollers, playpens, baby clothing and accessories from well-known brands such as Aprica, Graco, Nuna and Joie etc. They also happen to be the EXCLUSIVE distributors for these brands, meaning all the branded toys and strollers etc that you see in the major departmental stores, would have originated from this warehouse! This would be an alternative place to visit if you are looking for a bargain, besides the usual baby fairs!

This is the first time we visited Aprisin Singapore and Stacci was all smiles!
I brought Leroy and Stacci down to pay them a visit recently and they were instantly drawn to the HUGE range of Little Tikes toys on display! There was no holding them back as they went from one bench to the other, one toy car to another and raced each other up and down the aisles. Well, Little Tikes is known for products that encourage active and imaginative play, get small bodies moving, spark curiosity, create wonder, and let kids dream big and that is a really refreshing change in today's IT-savvy kids where only the finger does all the work. My kids were once so addicted to iPads that they can actually throw tantrums and get really upset when I got them to stop. That it got me quite worried but I had since restricted their use to only weekends and it has got better now.

Little Tikes toys are not exactly cheap, as I noticed from the price tags, but I guess they are definitely meant to last! From the descriptions, some of the toys can be played from the toddler stage up to 5 years old. For example the car that Stacci and Leroy had so much fun in, can also be enjoyed by young toddlers as a pram-like device when a board is placed in it to secure the toddler. According to the staff, the prices at this warehouse are already marked down and usually only available to as special discounted prices for departmental store members. BUT you need not be a member of any organizations to shop here and enjoy those special prices! 

You can go through the printed brochure to find the toy you are looking for!
Or go through the rows of display to find your ideal toy! Here are some heavy duty vehicles suitable for outdoor sand play as well!
Some of the toys may already be SOLD! But no worries, if you need anything that is not available at the moment, I am sure they would order them in just for you!
Haha, Leroy enjoyed racing down the aisles with Stacci.
Little Tikes toy range is very wide and I was surprised by the many different types available!
There's even a musical range to bring out the hidden talent in your kid!
How about some music?
There are also baby walkers, rocking chair for toddlers and all sorts of useful additions.
Stacci had been eyeing the kitchen play set! 
Different realistic play sets that one might find in indoor playgrounds as well.  Kids can spend hours role playing!
Something for private house owners perhaps? Everything also have!
With so many toys to feel and try out, the kids can never keep their hands to themselves. 
These tricycles look familiar? Huggies ever had joint promotions with Little Tikes before if you can recall.
A play area for the kids, and I was told that there would be more sets to entertain the kids during the sale.
But that's not all as the company will be having a Christmas Mega Sale from 27 – 29 Nov 2014 and the outlet will be open from 10am to 7pm daily! All the discounted prices that I saw during my visit, will be further discounted, and if I have not seen the prices myself, I wouldn't dare say that it’s gonna be great! And for those who can’t wait, or wishes to find out what they have to offer, you can hop on over to their website as they also have a special pre-order for 25 selected products!

It’s super easy to get there if you drive, as it is just along Upper Thomson Road. But if you take public transport like me, bus numbers 138, 167, 169 and 980 will bring you there just fine. A little walking will be required but they do provide free delivery for purchases above $200! Don’t procrastinate if you are looking for that particular stroller, cot or toy, for this might be the cheapest you can get.

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