Friday, November 21, 2014

Yun Nam Hair Care Dandruff & Oily Scalp Treatment [Sponsored Review]

Time flies! My treatment at Yun Nam Hair Care is already coming to an end. I was supposed to complete 10 sessions in total consecutively, once a week but had to take some break in-between due to vacation and work, and not to mention taking care of the 4 kids as well! I wonder if the results would be much better if I had followed through with the treatments, but I hope with my use of the products back at home have helped. 

Leroy took this photo of me with super friendly Yun Nam Hair Care consultant, Ms Carol
I was lucky to have Ms Carol as my consultation for she had proven to be really friendly on all my visits, and was genuinely okay with me bringing my kids for the visits on some occasions when I have no other choice for there were no one else to take care of the kids. Besides wanting to see results for the hair treatment, I believe consumers like myself, would also be expecting top-notch customer service from the consultants especially since this would be considered a form of luxury treatment to many. 

Steffi and Leroy enjoys accompanying me on my visits and they get their own drinks and snacks too!
My second part treatment of Herbalogy Formula 3 was mainly for the promotion of new hair growth and the difference in the scans of my first visit, as compared to the scan I just did was very noticeable! I could make out the new growth of baby hair in the latest scan as compared to before my treatment. There might not be much difference on my looks though, for my problem was mainly oily scalp and slight hair-thinning, and thank goodness, not chronic hair loss. 

Leroy waiting for me while I get my hair steamed for 30 minutes!
Haircare treatment is not something that one can reasonably expect instant results from and very much often requires long term care. Hence as I said earlier, that this is a luxury for many due to the cost involved. However if one have unrealistic expectations, it will undoubtedly lead to the feelings of being “cheated”. This is where the consultant’s job of explaining clearly to the client is of utmost importance. 

Woohoo!Judging from my latestscans, there are lots of new hair growth already! And of course, no more dandruff!
Having said that, many cases of hair loss problems could have been identified earlier and less treatment would then be required. Do not let procrastination hinder you from a full scalp of healthy-looking hair! I have benefitted from the treatments for my dandruff and hair-thinning, and now you can too! Yun Nam Hair Care offers a FREE Consultation, Scalp Analysis and Hair and Scalp Treatment for first time customers at any of the following 9 conveniently located outlets – 
  • Century Square 
  • City Square Mall 
  • Heartland Mall 
  • Jubilee Square 
  • Jurong Point 
  • Lot One Shoppers’ Mall 
  • Plaza Singapura 
  • Tiong Bahru Plaza 
  • Woodlands Civic Centre

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