Friday, March 21, 2014

Steffi's First Tooth Extraction

Earlier on, I posted a question on whether I should have Steffi's 2 lower front baby teeth extracted by a dentist or to let nature take it's course.  I got overwhelming response from all over the world that I should not hesitate!  Moms and Dads shared with me similar cases of their own kids needing braces etc due to the same situation.  Of course I did my own research online as well and concluded that it is better to be safe than sorry!

I finally had the time to bring her to the dentist at my neighboring block tonight and Steffi was totally cool about that, somewhat nonchalant in fact.  She was still playing in the dental chair before the dentist attended to her.  If it was Leroy, I think he would be bawling when told of the prospect of a visit to the dentist.

Anyway, I tried saving some money by asking if it was alright for the teeth to drop on its own but the dentist advised against it.  The entire procedure took only roughly about a minute and a half.  First it was the application of some gel on the gum for about 1 minute to numb it, and than the extraction of the 2 teeth with some "pincer" was over in a split second. The dentist earned $28 per minute in Steffi's case.  I fear for the rest of my kiddos, for I might just use the old school method when it's their turns.  *just joking*

As advised by my friends, there could have been cheaper alternatives such as the polyclinic etc, but I guess I had to get it over and done with soonest possible! So here's my brave Steffi with her new smile!


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  1. I must say, you have one brave little girl! Tooth extraction is one serious procedure that most children are afraid of. But your kid was cool about it, and even cooperated well with your dentist. How is she, btw? I hope she didn’t experience too much pain after her tooth was extracted.

    Eugenie Velasquez @ WynneWood Dental Arts