Friday, April 17, 2015

Emicakes - Custom Designed Cakes

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Having 4 kids already, I think I should know my fair share of birthday cake choices. I can go for taste and indulge in some nice cakes like Lychee Martini (not suitable for kids though), but aesthetic-wise, there would be nothing to shout about. Or I can go for the “designer” cakes, where the emphasis is really about the looks and not about the cake itself. There are so many online “bakeries” doing it nowadays, and all you need is to Google. Then of course, how can we forget about our retro birthday cakes from our neighborhood cake shops? I still find the butter cream and the sweet colorful thick syrups nice and definitely very affordable! I am not shy about it, if I need to fill lots and lots of little tummies, I think I would definitely go for this choice!

I didn't know that Emicakes did custom designed cakes, until recently.
I had also attended many birthday parties that showcased absolutely gorgeous fondant cakes, with the most exquisite designs you could think of! And boy are they costly, with some costing even up to $500!!! But the thing is, after the cake-cutting, it seems that many guests simply do not touch or finish the cakes. For some, we can attribute it to a full stomach from the party food already, but I know for others, the cakes were simply not nice to eat. It was almost like a tradeoff for the design and sometimes the cake itself is made so hard just so that it can prop the heavy fondant up. In short, nice to look at but cannot (not nice to) eat. So although we were really thrilled and happy to be sponsored a customized cake from Emicakes for Louie’s birthday, I honestly wasn't expecting something out of the world.

The draft that was forwarded to me prior to confirmation.
Prior to the confirmation, I was actually shown a sketch of the cake by the designer and it sure didn't look too impressive, for it was just a sketch after all. But I liked the concept was good and we proceeded with a little input from my side. On the actual day when I opened up the box and saw the cake for the first time, I must say I was pretty amazed. The kids of course went ballistic and all wanted their choice of toppers to eat!  It was the prettiest 1st birthday cake that we had, for any of our kiddos!

Louie's very own 3D custom designed cake from Emicakes! A very pretty cake indeed!
I knew for a fact that the sugar dough would not be nice to eat, definitely too sweet and tastes weird in fact, but Louie's cake was REALLY delicious! It was a chocolate mousse cake and definitely of Emicakes quality.  I had a few of the guest coming up to me to enquire about the cake on that day itself! They complimented that the cake wasn't as dry and hard as they would have expected of a fondant cake. Although the 1/3 chocolate sponge on the top is little dry, but the remaining 2/3 chocolate mousse at the bottom complimented it well. If the chocolate mousse is already so nice, I wonder how it would have tasted like if it was their famous Durian cake instead! Hmm...

Louie couldn't keep his hands off his awesome cake! 
The blocks were made to spell out his name.
The fact that the cake looked nice, and is equally nice to eat too, would be the major plus point for ordering from Emicakes! To give you an idea of the pricing, I was told that Louie's cake would have cost $300 but it really depends on the size, the design, the complexity, the number of toppers and the choice of filling. Louie's cake wasn't too complex but it was HUGE! Besides all the guest getting to try the cake, we even had extra to go round for all the crew of Polliwogs and still had some to bring back for supper!

The cake was sufficient for the whole village with lots of extras to go!
At the end of the day, we were only left with the cake toppers. Too bad they cannot be kept FOREVER.
Emicakes was also kind to offer a 15% discount to all our readers for their customized cake. From now till end 31 May 15, you only need to quote "The Perfect Father" in your email enquiry to to enjoy the discount. You may also wish to check out their policies on their cake designs here.  One thing for sure, you need to order 7 days in advance (excluding Sat/Sun), so do plan well ahead!  Check out their website for more information.  

P/S We were sponsored a 3D customized birthday cake for Louie's birthday party and all opinions and photos are mine.  No other monetary compensation was received.

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