Thursday, May 26, 2016

La Roche Posay – Now They Say

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Following our initial review of the cream a couple of weeks back, we got some of our friends and readers to try out the Cicaplast Baume B5 from La Roche Posay for a myriad of skin problems they are facing as well. It was only then I realized that eczema is indeed a very common problem faced by many in this tropical country, and that many had already sought out medical treatments, often involving steroid cream just to attempt to control the problem.

Out of the 5 testers I sent the cream out too, 4 of them were suffering from eczema of varying severity while the last was someone down with an irritating rash that refused to go for a few days already. That really prompted me to do some reading on what causes eczema. And the more I read, the more irritated I would be, especially if I am a sufferer. Why? This is because no one can effectively pinpoint the cause of the eczema, and many sufferers may have the condition for life! But the worst is that whatever eczema one may be suffering from, medication can only treat the symptoms such as flared skin, blisters or itchiness. In short, there is no cure unfortunately.

Test Subject 1

He recently experienced hand eczema on his index finger just 6 months ago and didn’t have any inkling on why and how it happened. The finger itched occasionally but it wasn’t that bad. The skin flaked quite easily. The cream moisturized the problematic area although it required more than the recommended twice daily application to keep the dryness in check. 

Test Subject 2

She had atopic dermatitis on her neck since the age of three as well as the occasional outbreak of rashes on other parts of her body and this condition has accompanied her through adulthood. The joint areas are especially prone to rashes due to the hot weather. She felt that the one-week treatment did not bring about any significant improvements to her old problematic areas, but the skin was better moisturized.  However she pointed out that applying the cream at new breakout areas provided a cool protective screen over the small rashes that erupted. 

Test Subject 3

Subject is an avid runner and he has experienced mild eczema on the sole for quite some time, especially after running. His condition is not particularly serious but he mentioned that the itch is really bad at times. Following the application of the cream for a week, he had noted that the new skin had formed and he felt relief from the itch, especially after applying. 

Test Subject 4

He has had serious eczema for over the last 10 years and is currently on antihistamines to alleviate the itch. He had also tried various remedies but yielded little success.  According to his feedback, he did experience slight relief from the itch after applying the cream and it had also aided in his skin recovery. 

Test Subject 5

She had rashes at the back of her neck for a few days prior to the usage. The rash appeared out of nowhere and she had suspected it to be an allergic reaction to certain external factors. She was able to see improvement in her skin condition within 2 days of applying the cream as compared to previously when she did not do anything. Her condition had cleared up by day 4 of twice-daily application. 

The Verdict

The experiment revealed that La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 is still no miracle cream for eczema, which is understandably so. Even doctors are baffled as to the exact cause for eczema, which can range from anything like allergens, irritants, temperature, genes, hormones, stress to and even food. And there is no cure for it.  

Although the cream does not cure eczema, it did aid in the relief of itchiness and helped in the skin recovery for the testers. To be fair, the subject had only tried the product for a week and the results should be better over a longer period of usage. 

As a whole, the cream had proven to be effective for mild rashes or skin irritations and is a much safer formula that is suitable even for babies, or anyone with sensitive skin for that matter.  It would be a good idea to have one in the house to help soothe any skin irritations that might pop up unexpectedly at times, be it insect bites, burns or rashes from allergies. A definitely safe way to #RepairMySkin for sure!

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