Saturday, November 5, 2016

SJ50 Matsuri & Sunstar

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I had always loved the Japanese culture, especially their food, and I would choose ramen or tempura over most other food in a heartbeat. A group of cosplaying friends asked if I would like to join them in a "zentai"walk last weekend as a show of friendship to the Japanese and I thought why not? Well, it's not that I actually cosplay, but my little kiddos love playing superheros alongside all the big brothers and sisters! I had no idea what was SJ50 then but boy was the event huge! 

The kiddos with the big brothers just before the joining in the SJ50 parade.
The kiddos and my friends were all suited up and it was only when we got into the parade area did I realize the scale of the entire SJ50 Matsuri! We ended up right in front of the parade too and it was indeed a wonderful experience to be part of the walking contingent. In fact it felt almost like Chingay, with Japanese and Singapore national day songs played as well.

The cosplayers were right at the front of the contingent!
And the kiddos got to meet Pen-Chan at the dressing room too!
We paid SUNSTAR a visit at their booth while we were at the fair and it was only then I realized that this Japanese company actually produced so many different types of products. They ranged from oral care, health care to sealants, house care and even motorcycle parts! 

The management of SUNSTAR were out at full force at the booth that day!
They were already producing men shampoo since 1968!
SUNSTAR had really got the little ones' oral needs covered, and carries products ranging from toothbrushes and toothpastes, to even mouthwash for kids! And do you know that the official partner / sponsor for the dental clinic over in KidZania Singapore is actually SUNSTAR? Even though we had been there a couple of times already, I didn't know that because we had overlooked the dental clinic after having done that station in KidZania Bangkok previously! 

Teeth-whitening paste!
Toothbrushes meant for little ones from 3-6 years old.
Stacci hated those very "hot" and "minty" mouthwash. Maybe this would do the trick?
These oral product meant for kids were going at special prices during the festival.
During SJ50, we did manage to catch a very entertaining Kid's dental show by SUNSTAR in collaboration with KidZania Singapore, and the kids got to learn the correct ways of brushing their teeth and even won oral care products in the games! And the little ones were reminded of the two very important times they need to brush their teeth. Once in the morning when we see the SUN, as well as at night when the STARs are out, hence with the name SUNSTAR!

The KidZania hosts were faced with some very enthusiastic kids indeed!
Brave Steffi received some nice SUNSTAR products for her bravery!
Well that's for the kids, but for me, the one product that really caught my attention would be their Super Vegetable Drink - Midori de Salana and their Multi Berry Juice - Yottsu no Berry no Megumi. I dislike eating most vegetables unfortunately and had ever contemplated blending vegetables so that I can just gulp them down without having to deal with the texture / taste. I tried the vegetable drink which as luck has it, still tasted like vegetables with that distinctive celery smell, which I did not really like. But for people who doesn't mind the taste of celery, this drink is actually quite nice. There are no added sugar, salt, flavouring or preservative and contains as much dietary fiber as consuming 105g of vegetable!

It was indeed "berry" nice!
The berry juice on the other hand, would be a winner for the whole family, and tasted much like Ribena as exclaimed by the kiddos. We know fruit polyphenols are beneficial for the body and a can of the berry juice contains 200mg of these antioxidants!

Thank you SUNSTAR for inviting the kiddos over, they had lots of fun!

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