Monday, February 13, 2017

Rochor Beancurd House

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Having a bowl of traditional bean curd brings about fond childhood memories for me. I can still remember the sights and sounds of the old food center that I “grew” up in. The familiar faces, the familiar food and the familiar scooping of the bean curd from the big bucket. Of course times and fads changes and we had been seeing the sprouting of many modern outlets selling silky smooth sweet bean curd served in plastic disposable container over time hadn’t we? These were jelly-like concoctions that melt in the mouth, and totally different from the bean curd I had grew up with. Sweet and enjoyable definitely, but somewhat lacking the “substance” as some would say.

I had been to Rochor Beancurd House’s third outlet along Thomson Road a long time ago. Simply love the late night opening hours where one can have a good bowl of bean curd and share the fried dough fritters or “butterfly” with friends. I also love ending the meal over a cup of cooling grass jelly drink, or with soy bean milk mixed in aka “Michael Jackson”.

When I hear the name Rochor Beancurd House, it is only natural that dessert that comes to my mind first. Didn’t know that they had been selling some Taiwanese style snacks for some time now, until recently when we dropped by the outlet with all the entire family in tow. It was definitely a pleasure to be hosted by the boss, Mr Jason Koh, who not only introduced us to the food personally. but also gave the kiddos a kitchen tour! 

Soy Beancurd

Of course we had to try the famous Soy Beancurd when we are there. At first glance, there is really nothing unusual or exceptional about this bowl of dessert, until you try it. And the difference is especially obvious if you compare it with the other versions found in wet market stalls or hawker centers. My wife really loved its silky texture, unlike the somewhat lumpy ones she had tasted elsewhere. You can choose to have it warm or cold.

Herbal Grass Jelly

What would be better than a bowl of refreshing Herbal Grass Jelly in a hot day? Maybe a bowl of cold Herbal Grass Jelly topped with Soy Milk? That’s the way I love my dessert but a normal bowl of Grass Jelly would do fine as well! This is the “Black” counterpart, while “White” would refer to Soy Beancurd. Some grass jelly I have tasted elsewhere are rather mild and tasted mostly “sweet”. The ones here are quite balanced in terms of the taste, and definitely had hints of herbs machiam “Gui Ling Gao” but minus the bitterness!

Taro Bowl

This would have to be the upgraded version of the Soy Beancurd, “zhnged” to the max with Taro Yam Cube, Herbal Grass Jelly, Eight Treasure or Mixed Beans and my favorite Honey Pearls! It’s a pretty big bowl and with all those ingredients, you may wish to share the bowl with a partner. It is probably too fanciful for my wife who preferred the humble traditional Soy Beancurd, but I find this rather interesting and would have loved it even more if it came cold, rather than only warm. But I guess it has to be served warm for the right texture of the ingredients.

Crystal Buns

Fans of Hong Kong Dim Sum would be no strangers to these little buns filled with turnips strips. The buns go well with the sweet sauce and some chilli but although Leroy looked really happy with his plate of buns, his expression changed after realizing what the fillings were! Little carnivores my kids are! Nothing really exceptional about these, and would be better if the skins were a little thinner.

Tofu Fries

These has to be the biggest surprise for me, and the kids. I never liked Tofu, and would only take egg tofu dishes and never the plain ones. But these little golden fingers of tofu, lightly marinated with the seasoning powder Taiwanese style, were the bomb! Even the kiddos who were hesitant in trying them out in the beginning, but ended up devouring all at the end! You can choose to have them either spicy or non-spicy! Trust me, please order these when you visit the shop, they are really yummy!

The kiddos are always inquisitive and knowing that, Mr Jason allowed the kiddos into the kitchen to have a look at the food preparation and Steffi even got to try her hands on making Chinese pancakes with red-bean fillings!  

(Got to learn the steps first before trying it herself)
(These are the butterfly snacks before the go into the fryers)
(A serving of freshly fried Tofu Fries about ready to be served!)
The above are only some of the food items Rochor Beancurd House is currently serving, and you should really pay them a visit find out for yourself what they really have, instead of only going for drinks, bean curd or desserts like me previously! Many thanks to Rochor Beancurd House for hosting us, we really can’t wait to have those fries again soon!

(Do you know they sell chewy fried squids too?)
(Thinly battered fried squid that is well-marinated too!)
(How about some Egg Tarts if you have craving for some sweet stuff?)
(Happy food, happy kiddos!)

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