Sunday, November 5, 2017

Halloween Spooktacular Party 2017 by Waka Waka

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We brought all the kiddos to Waka Waka last week for their Courageous Kids Challenge - Halloween Spooktacular Party and in the kiddos' own words, they had the best times ever! The ticket price for each child is $50 (inclusive of free entry for 2 adults), and to be honest, actually sounded quite high to me initially. But after going through what was in the package, it is really not too bad!

Although the event time was stated as 5pm - 8pm, all the kiddos can get in as ear;y as they want for the free play + 1 adventure bundle worth $22. On top of the free play, there were also Halloween competitions and games to be played, as well as buffet for all! Not to mention the lucky draw too! Darn, we were not that lucky, but happy to see other families winning staycations and unlimited Polliwog play passes nevertheless. 

After all the fun and activities, each kid was entitled to a goodie bag which included a Free Play Pass and snacks worth a total of $28 too. So if you were to ask me, just the playtime on that day and the value of the goodie bag added together, would have made the $50 ticket price worth every cent. You still get to have a chance at the lucky draw, while the kids get to go back with their collection of candies and all get to have buffet dinner on the house! 

Having said that, there were definitely room for improvements, such as the games and activities be better facilitated and the buffet timing can perhaps be staggered in groups so that the crowding will not be so bad. The kids are definitely not too bothered. In fact mine doesn't even need to eat when play is involved, but it can make a difference to the adults who are there with their wards. By the way, maybe the company can come up with some special Family packages for families with multiple kids next time? 

We share look forward to the third instalment of your Halloween party Waka Waka, and so much appreciation for inviting or family over!

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