Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Alive Museum Adventure [Sponsored Review]

The family had always been laggards in everything.  All these while I had been seeing all the photos of friends doing incredible stunts in their Instagram and Facebook postings when they visited Alive Museum.   It was finally our family's turn to visit last Thursday on the invite of OMY!

The classic family in the paper boat photo @ Alive Museam
The whole idea of going to the museum is not to look at the paintings or the wall murals, but to take lots of photos of oneself together with them.  But this is not gonna be that easy if there is a crowd, for some of the exhibits may be spaced too close together, meaning lots of photo bomb possibility.  Otherwise, one have to be thick-skinned to capture the perfect shot, especially with kids.

Jordan kowtowing to the princess.
Steffi, my little angel.
Back into the womb for the 3 kiddos.
The kiddos sure are small!
Whoosh!!! And the kids went over the cliff!
No worries if the paintings doesn't make any sense at first glance, for there are instructions besides the exhibits to teach newbies how to pose for the various scenes as well as an arrow on the floor to show you the angle.  However I realized that at times when I took photos from the correct angle, there would be glare from the lighting and it's due to the glossiness of the paintings.  So do double check your photos!

One Leroy is more than enough... two would drive one crazy!
Stacci loves drawing on the wall as well!
Did Stacci just grew taller?
Some of the exhibits that were closed.
We were also unfortunate to encounter more than 4 exhibits closed for "upgrading" during our visit, with some of them being the more popular ones.  We weren't made know of these prior to visiting. Although we still would have probably visited, it would be good for the ticketing staff to know customers know in advance.

Neck-less Leroy!
Steffi sure is thirsty!

There's no need to see a dentist!
The fully-mirrored disco room.
The whole place is built like a maze with false doors etc and the kids did enjoy looking for the real exits.  There is also the full mirrored room with groovy music that the kids danced to!  If you have a few kids like us and wants to take photos of ALL the exhibits, at least 2-3 hours would be required.  It's definitely worth a visit just so you can better all those photos you see on social media, but a repeat visit may be questionable, at least not before they change exhibits during their 30% yearly refresh.

Having fun posing!
You can check out their official website for more ticketing details and do note that they currently have a promotion of a free Burger King meal with every purchase of a full priced ticket.  Check it here!

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