Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Tollyjoy Hamper for the Kids [Sponsored Product Review]

The kids received a hamper full of goodies from good peeps at Tollyjoy recently, that included lots of stuff that kids would need on a daily basis and it was just in time for our trip to Cambodia recently.  Tollyjoy is synonymous with quality baby product since it started in 1971.  My mother-in-law showed us one Tollyjoy baby gift pack she found while packing her house the other day, which was gifted to my wife when she was just one month old!  Can you imagine it was already the brand of choice back then?

The trusty companions for the kids.  Leaves their skin clean and supple despite the harsh weather in Siem Reap.
We brought along the baby bath, shower, lotion and powder in the easy to carry travel pack just in case the usual bath gels provided by the hotels were too drying on the skin and we were glad we did!  The weather in Cambodia was really hot and dry and I can even feel my own skin drying up barely after 2 days there.  Despite getting under the sun while we were out, and returning to the resort to swim every single day, the use of Tollyjoy baby bath did not dry out the kids’ skin and the use of baby lotion after the bath kept their skin soft and supple!

Tollyjoy baby wipes, another gem and must have travel companion!
We had to visit the famous temples in Siem Reap while there and it wasn’t easy, with the kids complaining of the searing heat or the long walks at times.  Our trip probably took much longer than the usual tourists as we would need to rest in the shade very often to let the kid recharge and drink water.  The kids were all perspiring a lot and this is when we found out that Tollyjoy baby wipes were fantastic in cleaning the dust off the skin and refreshing the kids in an instant!  The best part is that the wipes were firm and does not tear easily like another brand in green that we used before, albeit it does contain fragrance which may be of concern to some, but not to us for the kids smells good after using it!

The detergent left the dresses soft and smelling great!  Couldn't resist bringing the dresses close for another whiff!
That's not all that Tollyjoy supplied the family.  After coming back from our trip, we had to deal with lots of kids clothings to wash after our 5 full days of photo taking!  The Tollyjoy baby laundry detergent we used left the clothings clean, soft and smelling of flowery fragrance, despite us having to move them indoors to continue drying due to a sudden shower.  All it takes is a capful of detergent for a full load of clothing.  No more worries about having to time our washes based on the weather, or having to getting foul smelling clothings from indoor drying!
The liquid cleanser now have a permanent place at our sink.  Cleaning without worrying about soap residue affecting the kids!
When I have to do dishwashing myself, which is seldom I have to admit, but I always have this fear of having residual detergent left on the dishes.  I would often use up more water than I desired,just to ensure the dishes are clean!  Now that we have Tollyjoy baby accessories & vegetable liquid cleaner, washing without any fear is made easy.  Having four kids means we always have lots of bottles to wash, and all I need is one teaspoon into one litre of water for squeaky clean bottles.  I used to wash bottles with only water from the tap last time.  To ensure that the grapes that my kids loves so much are clean from pesticides, it's just 1/4 teaspoon into 5 litres of water for soaking and washing of fruits and vegetables!  So there you have it, easy washing without worries!    

You can check out the full range of Tollyjoy products in their official website.

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