Monday, December 15, 2014

Ergoworks School Bag


As many of you would have known, my Steffi will be attending primary school next year.  I had been hearing about stories about how much stuff school-going kids need to carry nowadays and realized that we have not gotten her any suitable schoolbag yet. However she did receive a hand-me-down from my colleague and I had thought that was good enough, for it had pictures of one of her love, My Little Pony on it!

Ergoworks showroom at Marina Square #03-337
Just recently I noticed a few of my friends posting on Facebook about getting schoolbags from Ergoworks in preparation for their kids going to primary 1 and I wondered why. From the name of the company, I can probably guess that it has something to do with the ergonomic design of their bags. All these while, our considerations for the kiddos’ bags (meant for childcare use) were only what cartoon character they liked, and of course the PRICE as well! 

Actually I was kind of concerned with Steffi’s development as I can see that she appeared to have bad posture from some of the photos that I had taken of her. She slouch very often and I am afraid that it will lead to a bent spine when she grows up. Back home, she was too used to doing work while sitting on the floor but I had already got them a working bench to address that problem. 

Now I only need to ensure that Steffi gets a good bag so that whatever heavy stuff that she needs to carry to school in the bag, would not affect her spinal development. And that is precisely why we paid Ergoworks' showroom at Marina Square a visit recently to find out more about their bags and hopefully be able to find a good affordable one. We were served by a staff who knew his stuff (pardon the stupid pun), who was not pushy at all too but also patiently answered my questions on the functionality of  the bags as well.

Steffi and Leroy trying out their kiddo chairs and desk!
Even Stacci is happy checking their wrist support and special computer mouse.
And Ergoworks is definitely not just about school bags. Its showrooms showcases a wide range of furniture such as desks and chairs, as well as accessories such like computer mouse, arm and wrist supports that ensure everyone from kids to adults gets the best possible care. The kids had a fun time trying out everything on display so much so that I was afraid that they will irk the sales staff and I ended up having to stop them from touching everything.

Having a hard time choosing her ideal bag from the range available.
Here's IMPACT IPEG - 220 ($129) in pink! 
A trolley bag in pink (opps, didn't get the model number) but it is a tad too heavy for Steffi.
Steffi posing with IMPACT IPEG - 092 ($119), in pink again! She says it feels quite comfortable!
Hearing from our friends about how well Ergoworks bags work and how long they lasts, we finally decided on an IMPACT IPEG-221 orange backpack that Steffi could grow into. This range of bags from is suitable for kids from 110cm – 170cm tall and has adjustable straps that would allow a comfortable fit for kids, even as they grow taller. It weights only 1100g and is considerably light considering its size. Beside using it as a school bag, I could imagine myself going hiking with Steffi, with her using this great-looking and functional bag and I am guessing that it would last her a really long time too!

IMPACT IPEG - 221 ($129) comes with adjustable straps that would comfortably fit kids from 110cm to 170cm tall.
Steffi giving the thumbs on on our final choice, a bright orange IMPACT IPEG - 221 that looked really cool and fitted her nicely as well!
A check with their Facebook page and website showed that they are currently having a promotion where Passion, Safra and Cordlife Circle cardholder are entitled to a 15% discount off all regular-priced items and that meant the bag we selected will cost me almost $20 lesser with the discount. Have a look at their website for the full range of  school bags they are carrying at their stores and I am sure that you would be able to find one that's simply suitable for your kid, and their backs!      

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