Monday, December 1, 2014

Doh Vinci - It's Child's Play

Machiam real artists sia! Steady hor?
Having tried the newest Doh Vinci by Hasbro quite a couple of times now, my kiddos are forever bugging me to let them try them at home. It's totally different when I have helpful adults supervising the kids and guiding them through the play, and being so ever attentive to their needs and whims at play events as compared to playing at home, where I risk having the doh everywhere in the house and suffering a heart failure from trying to restraint myself from shouting due to their "daddy this" and "daddy that" and having to keep an eye on the infant as well. In short, Doh Vinci events are AWESOME and we went for the last one at Food For Thought @ Botanic Gardens earlier this month, much to the kiddos' happiness and mine as well!

Steffi with her stylus!
Leroy trying his best at getting the doh out in a straight line.
The kiddos getting some much needed help from the friendly peeps from Hasbro.
Look at the big turnout! Everyone is having fun and I happily left the kids with others.. Hee hee...
For the initiated, Doh Vinci is a cool new way of playing with your doh, albeit softer doh. It is softer because the doh needs to go through the nozzle of the styler and the process is much like noodle-making and 3D printing. Although I never had the lofty idea of seeing the kiddos come up with beautifully artistic masterpieces depicted in the illustrations, I do wish that they would not end up with doh everywhere. And yes, they will still get doh everywhere (including beneath their nails) as they will often end up with excess doh expressed through the nozzle due to their lack of control on the amount of strength required on the styler. They will also end up playing doh the usual doh way with the excess doh and have them stuck everywhere in the house. How I wished that there's a way to recycle the deco pop tubes (color cartridges) by putting the excess doh back into the tubes. It would have been easier on my wallets too.

Practicing with the different colors and lines.
Look! Leroy ended up playing doh the classic way! Grrr....
And suddenly this Kor Kor came by and made Leory a snowman on his tree.
And Steffi got one too!  This Kor Kor got years of playing experience lor...
The beautiful snowman that's obviously NOT made by the kids.
I would recommend getting the starter kit which consists of a styler (you will NEED one anyway), four interchangeable design tips, as well as 3 DECO POP color tubes to try out first.  You can then proceed to the various sets ranging from simple pop-ups art board to vanity sets for the girls! Doh Vinci is available at all leading departmental stores such as Isetan, OG, Robinsons, Toy'R'Us, BHG and Metro. Erm, I just read the recommended age for the toys to be 6 years up, no wonder all Leroy and Stacci only looked forward to, was mashing up all the doh and messing up!

Steffi with the many play possibilities behind her. Note, the drying process is long though.
Beautiful finished product, no doubt by a pair of skilled hands.
Mexican styled pumpkin?
Despite the mess, Hasbro was kind to issue the kiddos a certificate of completion!
Stacci had some fun too, and here's with the friendly Jie Jies who made it possible for the kids to have doh fun!
I did a giveaway quite a while back, and now, I know of another 2 bloggers who are doing the same! So hop over to and if you wanna stand the chance to win a Doh Vinci hamper for your kids! Good luck and don't say I boh jio!

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