Thursday, January 29, 2015

Earle Swensen's (No Longer Serving Ice-Cream)


I have always had a sweet tooth and even if I am unable to all the dishes at buffets, I would NEVER miss the desserts. So how can I miss the launch of Earle Swensen's new range of desserts that no longer features ice-cream! But don't panic, they simply upgraded everything to gelato. Starting from 01 January 2015 onwards, Earle Swensen's will only be featuring gelato across all it's dessert menu, meaning that whatever used to be served with ice-cream last year and before, will now be served with gelato instead, even its signature earthquake! 

Leroy and Steffi having a cool time decorating their banana split that's served with gelato!
The kiddos can't wait to tuck into their creation!
Most, if not all of you would have known that Earle Swenen's is the more upmarket sister restaurant as compared to Swensen's. I had tried the lamb chops at both restaurants and despite the higher price over at Earle Swensen's, I would choose it over Swensen's anytime for the thicker and juicier cut. Ok let's not talk about the main courses but move on to the desserts!

Sorry, I cannot help but rave about the lamb for it is really nice. The proportion of fat and lean meat was just nice and the meat was absolutely tender! Really flavorful if you love lamb like me!
Okay, so why gelato you may ask and what's the difference? Is gelato simply an overpriced Italian-sounding ice-cream? That was what I thought but that's not it. Gelato DOES taste better and more flavorful due to the lower fat content and overrun. Just so you know (I researched online), overrun refers to the amount of air in the ice-cream, meaning the lesser it is, the more full-bodied it is. Then of course, Earle Swensen's also promises that its gelato are made with the freshest milk, fruits and purée! 

Poached Pear in Butterscotch Sauce 

Somehow the photo I took didn't do justice to the wonderful dessert that my wife loved! 
The name reminds me of some Chinese dessert that's cooling for the body. The pear was sweet smelling with a hint of strawberry and the texture was just right, easy to scoop and yet not too mushy. The taste of the creamy vanilla gelato coupled with butterscotch complimented the pear nicely. My wife gave this 2 thumbs up! 

Maple Banana Wrap 

Life is sweet!
So is my Steffi, with the Maple Banana Wrap!
This is almost like our "Goreng Pisang" but the bananas are wrapped in soft burrito instead and deep fried. It is then drizzled with sweet butterscotch syrup as well, served with a generous scoop of Vanilla Gelato and strawberries too!  

Opera Dark Chocolate 

This is simply, chocolate heaven!
Stacci agrees, and can't contain her excitement at trying it!
I wonder why the name "opera" but the dark chocolate was an understatement.  I truly must say that this is for the serious chocolate lovers. Dark chocolate gelato covered with chocolate fudge with chocolate bits and pieces made this really filling too!

Some of the other warm desserts (served with vanilla gelato) that might interest you (those that we didn't manage to try thanks to our dinner treat) are as follows -

Celebrity Brownie (photo credit: Earle Swensen's)
Molten Chocolate Lave Cake (photo credit: Earle Swensen's)
Waffle Dream (photo credit: Earle Swensen's)
Thank you for hosting us Earle Swensen's and Touch PR! I wished I had more stomach space then, but nevermind, there will be no questions that we will definitely be back for more desserts some other time!

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