Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What is The Entertainer App?


I had seen quite a few Facebook posts about a particular app called "The Entertainer" and how one can get 10% off its purchase price just by keying in a code of the referrer. The app itself is free, but the in-app purchase for the Singapore package cost $60 (discounted price now, usual at $75). A $1.99usd app, I will also take a couple of weeks to think about it, this one how to buy sia? Especially so when I have NO idea what it was all about.

But wait, I received a media invite to the launch of the app for 2015 recently. Sure boh, so coincidental ah? I did managed to get an off pass from my missus and attended the launch party while she took care of the four kiddos and boy I was glad I did, for I got to try out the app after the party! *wink wink*

It was a great party where I met fellow mommy bloggers like Ai Sakura and Phoebe! Check out their blogs further down this article.
So what is The Entertainer all about? I would liken it to be something like Perx, where you can browse nearby establishment who are taking part in the program. Except that this is WAY better, for Perx is only like an FREE electronic rewards card where you need to earn "chops" with purchases before getting a small reward after completion, while The Entertainer app is a PAID one-for-one electronic booklet, with coupons ready for use! I dunno about you, but having to buy 15 beverages for Perx before I get only a FREE drink upgrade at Koi is really sucky! 

I understand that The Entertainer used to be only in print form, a rather thick book in fact and that the app was their new product. The app is definitely much more handier, user and eco-friendly, for I wouldn't even think about lugging a freaking 1 kg book around. You can still purchase the printed form at $75 (no discounts) though and I highly doubt you would consider that. 

One can easily refer to the app to find out which are the participating restaurants or retail outlets nearby and all the coupons are one-for-one deals, meaning you either get a free main dish or service of the same value of lesser, for every one purchased. I was skeptical of course, and tried my virgin purchase at Dunkin' Donuts first to test out. The staff accepted my e-coupon without a fuss and tada, I got 4 donuts for only $3.60, just nice for the kiddos!

My first time using the app. I would have wanted to try out a restaurant first but unfortunately no time yet! 
I ain't got any complaints about the app, except that all the offers are one-for-one, meaning that if you are alone somewhere and you feel like utilizing the e-coupon in a restaurant nearby, it's either you find a partner or you have to finish both portions on your own! Here's a code (2015ALVIN) for a 10% off your purchase of the in-app package for Singapore if you are sold. Or you might want to read a little more about the type of restaurants you can expect, over at Sakura Haruka blog or BPDG Travels blog. And last but not least, find out how you can easily navigate the app here!

To sum it up, if you are a person who dines out with friends or family, even if once in a while, this Singapore package would be a GREAT buy and the $54 (price after discount) would be recovered in no time! If you travel frequently, check out their website for more packages for other countries as well! Steady, no regrets I promise you and I am looking forward to flashing my phone at restaurants more often now!


  1. Nice to meet up with you too! Hope to catch up soon!

  2. thanks for linking to my blog :) nice to have finally met you at the event!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka