Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Safari Zoo Run 2015 - Our First!

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We were really excited to be invited to our very first Safari Zoo Run this year even though it was already in its 7th year!  Talk about being laggards, even our post took so long!  The kids were really excited too and they even wore their running attire to bed (partly to save time in the morning too).  But I guess that didn't help much as we still to the venue pretty late.  Imagine trying to wake up 3 sleeping kids early in the morning... That's not exactly an easy job!

All of us can't wait to start our race!!! Woohoo!!!
Stacci was so comfortable in the pram! But because of the pram, it took us a very long time before we got to the starting line due to the crowd, and we ended up being the very last to start the race!
We had time to take lots of photos behind the last batch of runners awaiting for the earlier batch to clear.
Keeping the kids entertained while waiting!
The thing about the Safari Zoo Run, is that it is not only about running the full distance, but it included viewing all the animals too!  How nice is that!  I was strategizing that we should finish the run as fast as possible and then take our time to view the animals AFTER that.  Of course it didn't turn out the way I wanted and we ended up taking photos, selfies and wefies with all the different animal enclosures as the backdrop, just like the 4,999 other runners.  Ok, I exaggerated for there were some pretty serious runners we saw too, but you get the idea.
Stopping to take some Instagram photos as well!
Although the kids were happy with the medals, they were also told to really earn for them the next time round.
I was also kind of ashamed to admit that we didn't run the full 6km, as we were the very last family to START the race such that by the time we reached the Night Safari, we were actually offered a shortcut by the marshals which we sheepishly accepted.  On hindsight, we should have persevered and complete the race like winners do.  But we promise to do better the next time round!
We stayed back after the run and let the kids have some water fun in the Children's playground and also visited as many animal exhibits as possible.  I hope that more than made up for our non-completion of the race earlier, for I sure felt totally wasted at the end of the fun-filled day!  The run was really well-organized and the entire experience for the family was wonderful, much better than to some other running events I had ever been to.  The kids and I are so looking forward to future Zoo runs!  Thank you so much for the invite Wildlife Reserves Singapore!

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