Friday, March 13, 2015

I.belibaby High Chair

[Review and Giveaway]

There was once I had to do some household chores in the kitchen and had left little Louie in his walker in the living room. I remembered I had barricaded certain areas with cushions and chairs to block him from nearing dangerous things such as the electrical sockets. But never, NEVER underestimate a curious baby for I came out of the kitchen only to witness Louie with half of his body hanging out of the walker while trying to reach for the electric plug, after pushing away the barricades! I was lucky Louie wasn't harmed in any way!

Here is happy Louie in his new high chair!
Louie was gifted a I.belibaby high chair a couple of weeks back and I never had to worry about leaving him alone anymore while I do my work! After having tried out the high chair for a while now, I shall list out what I found great about the high chair – 

  • Easily cleanable – The food tray is removable for easy cleaning and any food or drinks that on the waterproof fabric material can be wiped off easily too! 
  • Easily installed and stored – When the high chair was delivered to my place in a box, I was told that all I needed was a screwdriver and that was true. I didn't even require the instruction manual! And to keep the high chair, I just need to fold the tray all the way back, release a catch, fold and it’s done. Check out the video below -

  • Safe and Comfortable – Babies are always so inquisitive and they seem to be able to climb out of any restraints. I remembered my old high chair only had the simple single belt round the waist and another down between the legs. Looking back now, that seemed pretty dangerous. The I.Belibaby high chair has a five-point harness and that would make any attempt at escaping really difficult! The cushioned seat was also comfortable enough for Louie to sit in without kicking up a fuss. 

The top food tray is easily detached and that makes cleaning up a breeze!

The 5-point harness is essential as it keeps the baby in place comfortably and safely!
When not in use, the chair can be folded easily to save space!
The recommended retail price is $129.90, not exactly cheap if you ask a bargain hunter like me for there are always cheaper alternatives (albeit not necessarily better ones). However if you can wait till it is on offer at Booth G09 of the Baby Market Fair, Singapore Expo Hall 5 between 10 -12 April 2015, I hear that the price would be lower than $70! 

In fact, if you want to be doubly sure of getting it at a good price, you may wish to pre-order the special package consisting of a Rocker Bouncer + Highchair at a VERY VERY good price here! You would still have to collect it during the fair though.

For now, we are glad to partner I.Belibaby and Baby Junior in an exclusive giveaway!  Stand to win a brown I.Belibaby Diaper Bag worth $69.90 and to celebrate The "Perfect" Father's Facebook page milestone of reaching 1,000 fans (we hope), one orange I.Belibaby High Chair worth $129.90 will aso be given away to another lucky fan too!  For now, you just need to do the following and help us reach the milestone to unlock the extra prize!

I.Belibaby Giveaway Instructions
  1. Like and Follow The “Perfect” Father Facebook page
  2. Like I.Belibaby Facebook page
  3. Like Baby Junior Facebook page; and
  4. Like and Share this Facebook photo publicly and comment under the post once done. Tag your friends (optional) especially the mommies and daddies so that they don't miss the chance to win too! *wink wink*
Terms and Condition
  1. To be eligible for the giveaway, all the above steps must be followed.  
  2. Organizer reserves the right in the choice of winners for the diaper bag and highchair. 
  3. Follow our page so that you will KNOW if you have won in our announcement.
  4. Prizes won are not exchangeable or transferable.
Contest ends at 2359hrs on Sun, 22 Mar 2015.  Good luck to all of you and happy parenting!

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