Friday, July 31, 2015

Where to go with the family during the Jubilee Weekend?

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After seeing the SG50 logo everywhere since the beginning of the year, maybe in your mind you might think, “enough is enough lah”. But before you start going, “What? SG50 again?” think again. How many SG50’s would one get to experience in a lifetime? Perhaps there may be companies that wish to ride on the SG50 hype and sell collectibles at a premium by just embossing SG50 on its otherwise normal product. But there are many others who have joined in our Jubilee celebrations by offering great discounts, free services or products for Singaporeans / PRs, all in the name of the “Kampung” spirit! 

Both my wife and I are full-time working parents and any of our non-working time would be spent with the kids. This coming Jubilee Weekend (7-10 Aug 2015) presented yet another ideal opportunity for our family to enjoy some quality bonding time together. It is just a matter of finding out and deciding where to go that is the lightest for my wallet! 

The kiddos at Jurong Bird Park, one of the attractions offering 50% off on admission from 01 – 31 Aug 2015. Get a free SG50 animal-themed woven tote bag from 07 – 10 Aug too! – Check out their fun play here
I am sure that you would have noticed a long WhatsApp message or Facebook post that had been making its round on social media, listing the fun places to go during this long weekend. Many mommy and daddy bloggers have also compiled their own list of places to go during the Jubilee weekend but these lists are definitely not comprehensive enough, for there is just that much space and info for a message or blog post. So now how? Do you know that there is actually a #‎SG50‬ app (on both iOS and Android) available for free download now? This app actually lists out all the places offering free / discounted admissions, deals and all the fun activities (free or otherwise) that are specially meant for our #SG50 celebrations and there is no need for you to take down any notes! Everything would be at your fingertips with just your smartphone.

Download the official app for SG50 for the full calendar of events. Just type in ‘Celebrate SG50’ in your iPhone or Android app store and search!
What? Cable cars also free ah? Yes, you heard that right, cable cars on both Mt Faber Line and Sentosa Line will be free for Singaporeans / PR on 10 Aug 2015 between 9am – 9pm too!
Gardens by the Bay Celebrates SG50 too and offers 50% for admissions to Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. Seniors above 60 enters for free as well!
There's free admission for Singaporeans to Science Centre Singapore (SCS) and Interplay: Where Science Meets Art and 5 other attractions – Human Body Experience, KidsSTOP™, Snow City, The Cliff @ Snow City and Omni-Theatre!
It is not all about activities, but there are also some great food deals found in the app too!
To be absolutely truthful, I had doubts on whether the Jubilee Weekend will be enjoyable for the family at all, if the attractions were free for all and overcrowded as a result. I was even joking with my fellow daddy and mommy friends that the WhatsApp message they got should be a list of places to avoid over the long weekend!

But I believe if Singaporeans can continue to help each other out by being gracious and patient in the queues, it will not be so bad. The deals offered in the app is also not restricted to just one or two attractions, but there are really a whole lot more places to go up till the end of the year! We will be sure to “jio” (cajole) all our friends to go for some of them so as to not disappoint the organizations for their goodwill! Jubilee Weekend here we come!

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