Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Kids' First Time on the Singapore Cable Car

[Media Invite]

The kids were no strangers to taking the cable car, and we had done the touristy thing by hopping onto the Mao Kong in Taiwan and the Ngong Ping Hong Kong. But we had never taken the Sentosa cable car yet! In fact, the last time I took the cable car was probably in primary school. It was definitely an exciting way to get to Sentosa and we even had the option of taking the ferry from World Trade Centre back then! So when Mount Faber Leisure Group (MFLG) extended an invite to the family for the launch of its new Cable Car Sky Network, I knew I had to take leave to bring the kids along!

The excited kiddos at Mt Faber Station.
Striking a pose high above, with no fear at all.
We were able to see the activities over at Adventure Cove from the cable car.
Reaching the final station for the Mt Faber line.
We were obviously excited and we even went over to Sentosa much earlier than we were supposed to, taking the Sentosa line in from Mt Faber. I grew up in Telok Blangah Rise at the base of Mt Faber and only moved to my current place when in my twenties, My childhood was all about catching of spiders (not those puny fighting spiders, but big tarantulas), centipedes and snakes and what nots from the nooks and crannies of Mt Faber with my friends and neighbors. It was my giant playground then. How time flies, revisiting Mt Faber after all these years brought back wonderful memories of yesteryears but everything is so clean, beautiful and sanitized now, in our usual efficient Singapore way. We actually felt like tourists, especially so for the kids who had never tried our Singapore Cable Cars before.

Yay, we are back at the Luge! This time round, we started from the top of Imbiah Lookout!
The more ride you buy, the cheaper it gets, check it out here. We would recommend at least 3 rides or the family pass! 
Happy family just before our luge rides again!
The kiddos getting ready, for a pose that is. They are too short to go on their own and would need to ride tandem with us!
It took us mere minutes to get to Sentosa Station from Mount Faber Station as we took in the sights of the greeneries Mt Faber offered, the bustling traffic along Seah Im Road and the cruises at World Trade Centre while the kids pointed to the puny humans swimming in the pools of the RWS hotels and Sentosa Adventure Cove. The kids definitely enjoyed this mode over having to walk over via the boardwalk which is our usual method getting into Sentosa! We had a lot of time to spare since we were early and we decided to pay our friends at the Skyline Luge a visit. We went there once in June last year, and then again in December. You see, “Once is Never Enough” and we went twice this time round!

We met the SengKang Babies and took the cable car in to Siloso Station together.
We are approaching Siloso Station of the Sentosa Line, where the party will be.
The kids had some fun at the beach after getting off the station.
The kiddos having a little workout before the party. Fun, is running carefree!
And then we met our friends from BPDG Travels as well! 
We finally took the Sentosa Line to the launch event and garden party at Siloso Point Station via Imbiah Lookout Station which is actually the second station, with the first being the Merlion Station. From our vantage point, we were able to see the beautiful sea with the small islets, and it would be an awesome way to view the sunset! We also happened to meet our friends, SengKang Babies and BPDG Travels at the party and managed to sneak together to the top of the Skywalk at Fort Siloso for a great view! It is always fun when the kids get together but there are way too many fun-filled activities in Sentosa nowadays, and simply not enough time in a day!

We sneaked over to the skywalk before the party started.
Took some nice photos of the kiddos at Fort Siloso.
Went up the tower for the magnificent view of Siloso Beach!
The glass walkway on the skywalk would prove scary for those with acrophobia but not for Stacci.
And how can the kids miss taking wacky photos at the photo booth?
Here's how the launch party looked like! With lots of friends from the media.
And here is Mr S Iswaran, Minister in Prime Minister's Office and Second Minister for Home Affairs and Trade and Industry doing the honors of launching the Singapore Cable Car Sky Network!
The kiddos with their long lost brother, Louie the mascot. Ok, he shares the same name as their youngest brother that's all lah!
It is not exactly cheap for a family to get into Sentosa via the cable car and the prices for both Mt Faber Line and Sentosa Line are $19 for adults and $12 for children and this is for locals. This means I would have to spend $74 just to get into Sentosa via the Cable Car, but I guess it would be worth going at least once with the family. Non-Singaporeans would have to pay $10 and $6 more for adult and child tickets respectively. You can find out more details here. But having said that, there is also Faber License that you can sign up for $120 per annum that allows unlimited cable car rides for a family of up to 4 members with a host of other privileges. This would come in handy for those who stays near the Southern end of Singapore and/or wishes to visit the island multiple times.  

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