Wednesday, September 16, 2015

AIR+ Smart Mask

[Review and Giveaway]

Even Leroy and Stacci longed to get outdoors and now they can, with their AIR+ Smart Masks!
Every year around this same time, we get same haze problems again. I remember it vividly because I was going different places trying to find masks for my kids. It was either the shops had their N95 masks stocks completely wiped out or they started selling them at crazily inflated prices! And the best thing is, that even when I got the masks finally they didn't really fit well on their small faces! And as much as I hated breathing in the haze, taking the mask off after prolonged use would bring me much relief too. For it was really stuffy and uncomfortable breathing in all the carbon dioxide and moisture over and over again in the mask.

The mask fits even Steffi's small and slender face. Keeps her well-protected on the way to school.
I am not going to beat around the bush (fire) but this new AIR+ Smart Mask is really just what our family needed in this hazy season. The smart masks offers N95 class protection and comes in 3 different sizes, suitable for kids 7 years onwards. The masks fitted nicely on the kids, unlike our past experiences with various other brands. And the best thing is, this product is produced by Innosparks Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of our very own ST Engineering! Quality guaranteed. 

The small and light AIR+ micro ventilator and the accompanying USB cable to charge it. 
The AIR+ or the micro ventilators comes with a cable for charging, needed no batteries and is especially recommended for children, as it helps significantly with the removal of exhaled carbon dioxide, as well as humidity and heat. Think of it like a mini computer cooling fan and you will get the idea. I had the kids try on the masks with their ventilators and they went on their usual businesses without any fuss. There's a light humming sound from the rotating blades when in operation but it's totally safe for the kids. I know because I had tried using my finger to stop it. 

AIR+ Smart Masks are available exclusively at all Watsons stores and the last I heard, they were literally flying off the shelves. Please check AIR+ Smart Mask FB page for updates on their availability and restocking schedules.  But for goodness sake, don't panic! There are sufficient stock for everyone! Please DO NOT fall prey to unscrupulous re-sellers online who created this artificial "out-of-stock" situation! I have some insider news that there will be HUGE quantities of stock delivered to the stores within the next couple of days. Keep calm and breath on! [Edit: The masks and ventilators are now available at all Guardian and Unity stores too!]

I had also been receiving quite a few queries after I posted the video above of Leroy and Stacci with their new masks and here are some of the commonly asked questions with our answers to all of them -

How often do we have to replace mask? 
These are disposable mask and meant for up to 8hrs of continuous usage. But here, we mostly use it for commutes, and hence you can safely use it over a couple of days, especially since our haze is not registering really high PSI. Just keep them in a clean ziplock bag when not in use. A good gauge on when you need to replace the mask would be when it feels increasingly hard to breathe through. It means that the material is clogged and you need to change a new one.

How to maintain the Micro Ventilator (MV)?
The MV can be wiped with a wet tissue on its surface. You can spray some surgical spirit using an atomiser to disinfect the blades etc. Spray into the fan of the micro ventilator and switch it on. The liquid will sanitize, and disinfect as it evaporates.

How long does the MV last? 
A full charge will take around 1 hour, although 30mins should get it to almost 80% charged already. It will last for 2 - 2.5hrs after a full charge, and the MV will last up to 2 years if not abused.

How to gauge the size to buy?
Check the measurement gauge at the side of the box, measure chin to eye and pick the nearest size. You can also check out this FB video. Although it is meant for kids 7 years and onwards, but it really depends on the facial profile of the kids. It is however not recommended for kids aged 1-4 years old to wear any masks at all because their lungs are not as well developed enough to support breathing through masks. Hence MOH advisory is to limit exposure and keep the young ones at home. 

The micro ventilators ($29.90) sounded expensive to me at first, as compared to just buying the masks at $7.20 (per box of 3). But it is this very device that makes the mask truly wearable, and bearable. We are so happy with the masks that I immediately dropped the company an email to request for some sets to give away to you, our dear readers!

I am pleased to inform that we have 3 sets, comprising of 2 boxes of S-sized masks, 2 boxes of M-sized masks plus 2 x Micro Ventilators each to be given away to 3 lucky readers! Just complete the steps in the Rafflecopter by 2359hrs on Sat, 19 September 2015 for your chance to win a set for you and your little ones!

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