Monday, September 14, 2015

I lost my phone, but got back my daughter.

Two days ago, I lost my phone. No thanks to a phone call which I answered in the toilet cubicle, which subsequently led me to leaving it on the toilet paper dispenser in the cubicle. I realized that like almost immediately but it was already gone when I when back to the toilet within 30 secs. I hope the uncle in blue striped polo-tee have fun playing with my half-spoilt, password protected phone. It gets incredibly hot when I charge it sometimes, don’t know when it would burst in flames! Yay, sorry, cannot help it lah, damn fed up with his dishonesty. 

The stolen phone was a birthday gift from my wife 2 years back.
Now, this was something I never really thought would come out from Steffi’s mouth when she heard that I lost my phone. She was actually happy that my phone got stolen! She went like, “Yay, now you cannot play your game anymore and can spend more time with me!” That hit me so hard. I knew I loved playing my game on the phone whenever I had the free time because that to me, is my only “me time”. I thought that she would be a little empathetic on my unfortunate phone loss but I never saw that coming! 

I was angry, very angry for the loss because I am such a stingy person who would try to save that few cents and dollars whenever possible. In fact, my wife had been asking me when I am going to change my phone because it was already going bonkers. But I just wanted to use it till it “dies”, just to save on buying a new one and also because it was her birthday gift to me. I still mourn the loss of my precious phone, the photos as well as my just-reloaded (that same morn!) EZ Link card worth $45.25, and also pained by the $7.50 replacement fee for the EZ Link card. But you know what? I also gained! 

I gained wisdom and I gained back my daughter and her siblings. I shall no longer be a prisoner to my smartphone and I shall spend more time with my kids and family from now on. Let my loss be something for you to ponder over. Have you been spending way too much time on your smartphone like I did before?

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