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Absolute Slimming Review - Losing Weight Without Exercising

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It wasn’t that long ago when I could eat whatever I wanted and yet not gain any additional weight. In fact, I was so thin that I actually drank special milk powder in a bid to gain some weight so that I can look bulkier. Ok, I admit it wasn’t that short a time, but when the one up there finally granted my wish, he overdid it though. Four kids later, I shouldn’t mind those extra inches anymore, and the kids loved the additional “cushion” too. 

However that blob of fat around my waist started becoming my burden so much so that even trying to put my socks posed a challenge to me, not to mention that I do feel breathless much easily and taking care of the four kids tire me out fast too. I had went through one round of “slimming” session during the first quarter of last year when I took part in a clinical study (recommended by a colleague) which required me to lay off sugar and reduce my food intake. Over those 3 months, I did managed to slim down quite a fair bit, losing 11.8kg to be exact by the end of the program in April. 

I felt invincible and really light after that! I even had to buy new working clothes because my colleagues were all saying that my old clothes looked awful on me. My pants were basically just being held up by my belt! Now that calls for a celebration doesn’t it? Perhaps a cup of my favourite bubble tea? My first cup of bubble felt REALLY SWEET to me, even though it was only at 10% sweetness level! But it got me hooked again and before I knew it, 10% needed to be increased to 20% and then upgraded to 50%, just so that I get the same kick. 

Before I knew it, the dreadful blob started surfacing again as I took in all the glorious food, as well as whatever leftovers from the kiddos. At the beginning, only the pants felt a little snug, then I started having trouble buttoning them, and by then it was a damn obvious sign already. But I am not letting the bulge gets its way this time again. I am not going to let all the extra money I paid for my G2000 clothing go to waste in just one year. I decided I needed to get back in shape, so when the opportunity with TCM-based slimming centre Absolute Slimming came up, I decided to drag someone along with me! They say it is always easier when you have support. 

The Treatment 

The very new outlet at Bugis Cube (#04-23)

Absolute Slimming’s treatment plan was pretty simple. You’ll be required to undergo 8 sessions of Chinese traditional guasha and baguan treatments with no exercise regime, no supplements, no add-on products involved! You continue your life as per normal, and dedicate only 1 hr of your time twice a week for your guaranteed weight loss (yes, there is a money back guarantee some more). But there is one catch, you need to go on a STRICT diet. You will need to forego all your carbo and survive on white meat and greens / fruits! That's a really big catch for the average Singaporean loves his/her food indeed. 

I would be lying if I told you I wasn't skeptical. In fact, I do not think I would even think of trying the treatment if it wasn't sponsored. Anyone who lays off carbs 100% and reduces food intake will definitely lose weight, no? Well apparently not, for I have had colleagues who laid off carbs, and ended up with no visible weight / inch loss and only added frustration. 

It is also common sense that as long of input is less than output, the inevitable will happen, losing weight correct? Well, I’m told by my therapist that once one’s metabolism has slowed down, eating less can only result in very limited weight loss – that’s why many people (especially ladies) continue to have stubborn fat even after cutting down on their portions, especially after hitting a certain age! Anyway I damn honest one and stingy too, but when I have nothing to lose (except weight and some of my time), I know the program was definitely worth a try. 

The treatment room with the proper massage table.
The treatment itself involved scrubbing of a piece of guasha stone along the limbs, back and tummy followed by the application of slimming cream and usage of the suction cups on the specific acupoints. The treatment is meant to increase ones' metabolic rate, and will aid in the suppression of hunger as one embarks on a reduction of food intake throughout the treatment period. Maybe because I am a little thick-skinned, the scrubbing felt okay for me but the suction cups were really uncomfortable for me and I needed getting used to. I always can't wait for the therapists to remove them! 

But the worst had to be the self-restraint when it comes to mealtimes! No more fried stuff, no more fatty skins, and red meat to be limited to twice a week. I could only take vegetables and white meat with the minimum sauces. I reckoned I had as much green as I had consumed for the whole of last year, just in that few short weeks of treatment. First few days were irritating and I get frustrated with anything and everything and I have never heard the stomach growl like it did! My appetite definitely got smaller as my stomach starting getting used to my smaller meals. I was amazed that I got through the initial week, but even more so when the therapist told me that I had actually lost 4kgs in one short week. Happy and scary at the same time! 

Your weight is recorded at every session and keyed into the app so that the progress can be tracked.
You might ask, stop having carbo and reduce food of course will slim down la, and that I totally agree. But it was only when I took a one-week break from my treatment when I holidayed in Gold Coast and reverted back to eating whatever suits me, that I really felt the effect of the dieting and treatment. I had the usual fish and chips as well as other fried and oily stuff there. I was expecting weight gain when I resumed my treatment after I got back to Singapore. But no, I actually lost another 1 kg and my visceral fat percentage (the fat between my abdominal organs) continued to go down despite the hiatus and lack of diet! 

My Other Half 

I actually dragged my wife into this as well. But don't get me wrong! I love her for what she is and how she looks now, and forever, but taking photos of her (to her liking) still packs quite a challenge. I always needed to find the right angles to hide all her "flaws" and she was also constantly complaining that her clothes don't fit anymore! Food was always her downfall, and she would love her late night suppers whenever she fancies, oyster omelets at 11pm also no problem, so when she got onto this program, it was an even harder job for her, as compared to me! 

Nevertheless she managed to loss a total of 3.5kgs just halfway through her sessions too, but I knew she cheated quite often as she would have her lunch with colleagues while I packed my bland lunch from home. Despite that, she still managed shed that many kilos and also told me that her appetite shrunk. I am sure she would have achieved even more if she had adhered strictly to her diet, but then I would also have to deal with her constant grumbling about food cravings! I guess you can't have the best of both worlds! 

My Result 

You know the saying that “no picture no talk”? I shall let my before and after photos do the talking then. And in case you wonder, I never reverse the order of my photos from after to before and vice-versa ok! 

I had lost a total of 5.1kg and 8cm around my waist after the 1-month long program! Bending over to put on my socks is no longer as difficult as before! It is much easier for men to lose weight around the mid-section where the visceral fats are stored, whereas women tend to have their fats spread in other parts of the body (eg hips, thighs) and lose weight in a different way. 
You can see from the my records, that my visceral fat had gone down 3 points from the start of my program. And even though my weight stagnated at certain points, and even increased towards the end, my fat % continued to go down.
To Try or Not To Try? 

Each person have a different body composition, and results varies between each individual, but most of their customers generally lose 4 to 6 kg in 1 month. Gender, body build and even the adherence to the dieting requirement plays a big role in the ultimate result. 

I had really just wanted my love handles to be eradicated, but because the treatment results in full-body slimming/shaping, I also lost some inches along the waist but my face also looks much sharper now (even though I’d prefer it to be meatier). 

I have had colleagues who saw what I had for lunch and attempted to replicate my diet but it didn't work for them for they were either half-hearted with maintaining zero carbs, or the results didn't commensurate with the tremendous efforts they put in. Just simply going on a diet would probably not yield the desired effect, unless coupled with the treatments. Of course, it is always good to have a healthy diet nevertheless, but it will not have the positive effect of reversing the downward spiraling of the metabolism rate of our aging body, like it did to mine with the appropriate treatment. Even though the treatments were sponsored, I had my doubts, but I still had to give credit when it is due. 

If you have the determination to go through dieting, by all means go for the treatments and try it out for yourself. A balanced metabolism though this non-invasive TCM-based method may be your answer to a slimmer you. The treatment is all-natural with no supplements or add-on products involved, and the only commitment needed from you is to follow the diet plan as best as you can. I am looking forward to having some of my favorite food in moderation again, because the whole point of having a higher metabolism is that it will help in keeping my weight in check, even when I go back to my normal diet. Will update again in due course but for now, you can call them up for a non-obligatory consultation to find out more. 

Useful Information 

Address: 211, Holland Avenue, Holland Road Shopping Centre, #03-14, S(278967) and 470 North Bridge Road, Bugis Cube, #04-23, S(188735) 
Operating Hours: Weekdays (11am - 9pm) and Sats (11am - 6pm). Closed on Sun and PH. 
Telephone: 64630360 / 98613123

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