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NINJAGO Fever In LEGOLAND Malaysia [Giveaway]

[Media Invite + Giveaway]

Amusement parks all over the world needs to keep refreshing its attractions once in a while, so as to keep goers happy and satisfied. Although I do not know about you, but once my kiddos find a certain ride interesting, they would go on and on and on without wanting to stop. It is really us, as parents who feel short-changed, after having paid the full price into any amusement parks, only to have the kiddos explore that few rides or attractions.

LEGOLAND Malaysia is no different, and Leroy and Stacci were invited over to recently to find out more about their latest LEGO NINJAGO the Ride. I guess I was pretty excited as well and admit that I didn't really read THAT much into the invite and only knowing it was about the new NINJAGO ride.  So I merely told them that we were going to try out some new stuff over in LEGOLAND when they asked why we were going in.

Getting into their warrior characters!
We reached there a couple of hours before the media event and that meant a couple of hours of fun at the amusement park for the kids of course! They cannot help but get onto the rides, be it on land or water. However the sun was out in its full glory and even the kiddos enthusiasm got a little subdued by the heat. Having said that, I do notice that the park had made a fair bit of improvement since the last time we were there. Some of the rides, such as LEGO City Airport got covered up and that is really awesome coz those seats used to get really heated up under the mid-day sun. I also noticed a few big fans installed throughout the park to provide the welcomed breeze.

Judging from the shadow of the blades, you can roughly know how big the fans were!

The kiddos were already pretty exhausted by all the play just before the event started, but perked up a little when they knew it was time to get to the place of the new ride. We followed the well-positioned signs and reached the site without a hitch, except that we weren't expecting a construction site. Then I re-read the invite and went "ohhhh", it was only a bricklaying ceremony for the coming new ride! I sure had some explaining to do!

We had lunch at Market Restaurant, a respite from the heat.
The Lamb Shank is pretty good! And the potato mash is awesome!
Who can refuse a big bowl of Ice Kachang in this weather?
And if there happens to be kids around, the staff may bring out some bricks and engage them in some building activities.
And they even got a LEGOLAND Malaysia mug for completing their building task!
The LEGO chicken they were supposed to replicate.
Nevertheless during the event, we were shown how this revolutionary ride would be like. LEGOLAND theme parks are actually the first to adopt the Maestro™ hand gesture technology that enables guests to control the outcome of their adventure through the power of their hands without the use of any hand-held device. No devices required, just your hands! There will also be elements of heat, smoke and wind to elevate the experience of the riders as they pursue the training and continue their battles against the evil forces by blasting animated fireballs, lightning, shockwaves and ice with their hands (gestures). I can almost imagine Leroy throwing out fireballs as I type this.

Leroy walking into the "new world"!

Some activities for the little kiddos!

Cute ninja that I would love to carry back...

Ninja Kai performed for everyone before the VIPs laid the bricks in the ceremony.
The official brick-laying ceremony with the kiddo ambassador!
This NINJAGO Ride in Malaysia, will be the third in the world after the opening of the same ride in Billund, Denmark earlier this year, followed by the California Resort in April to much fanfare. LEGOLAND Malaysia, in its commitment to keep its attractions up to date, is pumping in an estimated RM $40million to be the first to bring this ride to Asia, and this obviously benefits us, the neighbours in the south.

Stacci can't wait to be back again to experience the cutting-edge technology promised!
Now I only need to placate the kiddos and have them wait patiently till Nov and hope that we can make it back to EXPERIENCE it ourselves! I know it will be a blast! Check out the video below and watch till the end for a preview of the ride!


Be amongst the first to get to try out the ride in November this year, before the rest of the public even gets close! We are proud to partner with LEGOLAND Malaysia to bring some friends along for the exclusive preview come November 2016!

Complete all the steps required in the Rafflecopter below and two families will be chosen to go on this extraordinary family trip to the theme park (preview date to be confirmed)! Do not worry if you have many children (like me), because the prize is meant for a family unit (consisting of 2 parents or 1 parent + guardian, plus unlimited number of children*). Why? Because LEGOLAND Malaysia loves children!

*E.g. If you have 4 kiddos like me, you get to bring the entire family of 6 (parents + kiddos) to the park for free! The more the merrier, but proof of relationship must be produced.

This giveaway will run from now till 2359hrs on 31 Aug 2016. Winners will be notified of the actual date of visit closer to the date.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


While we were there, we also caught the NINJAGO Live Show for the first time. I was initially expecting performers to be dressed in the LEGO suits but it turned out to be puppeteers controlling LEGO NINJAGO characters that were around a meter tall. An immersive and delightful show for the whole family indeed. 

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