Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Zoo is getting Cheaper, and Closer to you!

I loved going to the Zoo since I was a kid, and loving to handle the small animals such as rabbits and other farm animals at the kid’s play area. I had always loved life, specifically plant and animal life and was also a Friend of The Zoo in my younger days.

Because I do not drive, the Zoo always seems so far away because I stayed in the far south of Singapore then, walking distance to Sentosa actually. Moving to my own house in the central makes the travelling shorter now and we’ve been to the Zoo (with the kiddos) on more occasions now. It must be damn “sian” to travel from other extremes ends of Singapore.

Cheaper Transport

Do you know that there is a special “Heartland Express” that is plying the roads now? From now till 25 September 2016 only, this trial direct bus service to Mandai will be offered every weekend and selected public holidays, from Tampines (via Bedok) and Sengkang to Mandai. But take note that you will have to book the tickets and pay (via credit card) online before your planned trip, as you will not be able to just hop on and pay cash on the spot.

Going by the usual prices that one have to pay, and the travelling time required to get to the Zoo via public transport. $3 per trip really makes sense! I think it should be renamed “Zoo Express” or something though!

Cheaper Family Membership

Ok, the truth is a trip to the Zoo is not cheap for a family. In fact for my family, it would cost me ($33 x 2 adults) + $22 x 3 (Kiddos between 3 to 12) = $134 for a single trip. Even if I get 25% off booking online here, it would still cost me $99 just to enter the Zoo.

So if I plan on going to the Zoo (or any of the other WRS parks) more than 3 times a year, it makes perfect sense to get onto their family membership program don’t you think? And I don’t have to bother about getting tickets or which parks are cheaper anymore. Membership also comes with free tram rides in the Zoo or Bird Park on weekdays (excl PH) now!

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