Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Father and Son Bonding on Superhero Level

The closest encounter he ever had with a Spider Man was when we won some tickets to a red carpet event for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and he got sit beside Andrew Garfield for his press conference back in 2014. But the thing is, he came unmasked and Leroy didn't have a clue he was actually Spider Man himself! Check out his experience here.

Now fast forward to April this year, we happened to pass by MBS when they had the Marvel's Captain America: Civil War event going on and we got to meet up with a Spider Man in costume, a cosplayer who was really friendly, and didn't minded the kiddos' incessant questioning! That really sparked Leroy's interest and he asked me if he could get a real suit too! 

Hey there @omgmartinspidey, it's been awhile! The first Spider Man cosplayer that Leroy had close contact with.
And last weekend, was the first time we attended a comic convention of any sorts. Even though I loved superheroes, cartoons and anime too, I was simply too lazy to attend any. I knew people attended the conventions to get exclusive merchandises (to keep or to flip) or meet artists for their autographs and photos, there are many others who go as cosplayers.

Practicing his poses!
@SpiderboySG was given training by the seniors!

I never quite understood why anyone would go to that great extend of transforming oneself into a fictional character, with nothing much to gain except for that brief moment of "perceived" fame when someone asks for a photo together. The elaborate suits will mostly cost a fair bit of money if bought online, or requires a lot of time and effort to fabricate or customize. Either way, it costs.

But after spending my Sunday at STGCC 2016 with Leroy cosplaying as little Spider Boy, I now understand. Some may feel that it is a form of escapism from the real world, but there is real friendship and camaraderie between members of the various cosplaying groups. And under the masks and costumes, deep inside many of them simply loves making other people happy! Even Leroy understood that, and was truly happy to oblige anyone with a photo request, from the smallest kids to the biggest adults. It made him happy, to see others happy and that me really proud of him! 

Walau Capt America can be lazier or not?

Big shout out to all the cosplayers, Spider Mans from #SpiderverseSG, all the Dead Pools as well as the many many other characters for being so nice and accommodating to @SpiderboySG and for teaching him the ropes of cosplaying Spider Man. He had the wildest time ever and never wanted to go home. Poor me, the long hours of keeping an eye on him, bending down to take photos of him from his level and standing almost the entire event took a toll on the old body. I am still aching as I type this. But no regrets, I am sure the wonderful memories of the day for Leroy will be worth any bodily sacrifice. I am his biggest fan.

Was still into his character even when on the way home after a long day!

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