Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Magnificent Seven Review

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I understand that The Magnificent Seven was actually a remake of an old movie but I had not watched it before and hence I couldn't compare. Basically the movie was about human greed, and how an evil tyrant took over control of a town through brute force and firepower. There were so much deaths throughout the movie and even right from the start, that I think my kiddos was kind of desensitized. I am guessing that must be how they kept human population in check back then.

Other than Chris Pratt who carried his playboy-ish heroic Starlord personality over from GOTG playing Josh Faraday, the only other person I knew was Denzel Washington who played the bounty hunter Sam Chisolm [Edit: And also Ethan Hawke after I found him really familiar and googled, Looks a little like Capt Jack Sparrow doesn't he?]. In any case, the band of the seven unlikely heroes was a quirky mix of characters from very diverse backgrounds but they all had their own way with weapons of their choice. With their superb marksmanship, using weapons ranging from arrows, axes, knives, guns and rifles, they would seem almost invincible but unfortunately they were still human after all.

The pace of the movie was really good and there wasn't any hint of boredom for the whole family, which they do get at the movies at times. Even the missus approves and enjoyed the movie thoroughly, although she lamented that some of the movie characters should have better endings. She was right, because I was also secretly hoping that all the magnificent seven would overcome adversity and triumph over the evil guys, even though they themselves were not that holy too. Not all heroes survived, but at least they went out with a bang! Lots of action, gunplay and funny scenes as well. Thank you Sony Pictures for the invite!

So should you watch? I would say, ANYTIME! 

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