Saturday, December 17, 2016

Cirque Adrenaline

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The last circus I brought the kiddos to, was to Cirque Du Soleil - TOTEM last Oct. It was definitely something that the kiddos enjoyed, and it was in a grandiose setting with the performers performing for a huge crowd. No doubt the acts were impressive, but now as I look back, the performers looked small because they were performing from quite a distance.

Can't help it reenacting the poster. Funny right?
Brought the kiddos back to the familiar Mastercard Theatres for their first Cirque Adrenaline experience and even I was taken aback by their responses towards the acts. Right from the very start of the show, the kiddos were already thrilled by the comedian who worked the crowd really well. Without the use of any spoken words, he was able to draw hilarious laughters with just his funny antics!

Performing blindfolded and risking their life and limbs.
In all honesty the acts that were being performed were nothing really new. But they still required long hours of practice to reach this level of perfection and the camaraderie between the performers did not happen overnight. Watching them in person, within close proximity is exhilarating to the max and the kiddos couldn’t keep their excitement, giving their biggest applause and shouts of approval after every act!

Hanging only by the strap over her neck.
As I watched the many acts being performed, I was consciously looking out at any safety lines attached to the performers. Save for the few mattresses that popped up during certain acts, I was unable to find any other safety measures. And that was exactly what made these acts absolutely heart stopping. Because any slips from those heights would easily stop any beating hearts! Adrenaline pumping, for the performers and the audiences as well, hence the name of the show was really apt!

Thank you for having the kiddos over for the awesome act BASE Entertainment!
For me, I cannot help but keep thinking of how that lady manage to keep her head attached after getting swung around and rotated like a fan with just a strap round her neck in "Duo Strap", or how that muscular and stocky guy manage to keep his balance on numerous pipes in "Rolla Bolla" and pass two hoops through as well! Oh, and that "Lrya" performance was scary shit as well. It was beautiful acrobatic routine on a suspended hula hoop, with no safety nets or ropes and relying on just her muscular limbs. Go check out the show, you will be thrilled like us!

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Performance Times (now till 25 Dec 2016):
Tue (20 Dec): 2pm & 7.30pm
Wed - Fri: 7.30pm
Sat (17 Dec): 2pm & 7.30pm
Sat (24 Dec): 2pm
Sun (18 Dec): 1pm & 6pm
Sun (25 Dec): 2pm

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