Friday, December 23, 2016

Science Centre Visit

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We seldom make our way to the western part of Singapore, except when on route to Malaysia. But we were happy to make that trip down to Singapore Science Centre for a visit recently. The Marvel fan, Leroy was asking me when they could visit Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. for the longest time, while the missus kept asking for a winter holiday, and the eldest, Steffi starting asking me about evolution. With this visit, I managed to accommodate all their requests in a day!

Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N.

In case you are still unaware, this exhibition had started since 29 Oct 2016 and will run through to 05 Mar 2017 at the Singapore Science Centre, Annex Hall. This is almost "die die must visit" place for all Marvel fans, where you can find all the awesome weaponry and costumes worn by the superheroes and imagine yourselves fighting alongside as you take on your role as a recruit. You may rent the device for $5 onsite, or download the app on IOS / Android.

Personalized I.D. Card - $12 each
Printed Certificate of Completion - $10 each
Photos - $5 each

Useful Information

Check out the official exhibition website here.

Snow City

My wife had been asking me to bring the family somewhere for a winter holiday like every other day, and although she is not going to settle for this visit to Snow City but it sure gave me respite from the hot weather (and her nagging too)!

Useful Information

Visit Snow City official website here for more information!

Science Centre Omni-Theatre

Woohoo! The Omni-Theatre had been around for a long time and I always loved the immersive experience when watching the shows there. This time round, we were there to experience the South East Asia's first 3D Digital Dome Movie - Natural Selection 3D. It is a show about young Charles Darwin's travelling adventure onboard HMS Beagle and it features ultra realistic graphics that made my kiddos reach out their hands to try to touch the animals "floating" in front of them!

(Movie stills, credit: Omni Theatre, Singapore Science Centre)
Useful Information

Ticket Price for all shows - $14

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