Sunday, March 12, 2017

Diggersite & Maximum Drift Karting Arena

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You should be familiar with ORTO by now, or have at least heard of it right? It is a huge place that is not too far from our residence in Ang Mo Kio, and can be considered really accessible by us via both buses or MRT. I had written about some of the activities such as prawning and fishing in my earlier blogpost, but do you know of the newer stuff available at the place now? Check out these two  new activities that you may find really interesting to occupy your kiddos during the Mar holidays! For directions to ORTO, check here.

In case you do not know yet, which I doubt, Diggersite is a company that allows kiddos to operate heavy machineries like excavators and cranes, albeit on a much smaller scale. You go to the office and pay for tokens to insert into the machines much like the kiddy rides in the shopping centres but these are the bomb! They had just relocated here from their premise in East Coast Park and they had added in a pair of forklifts now as well! 

  • Check out the instructions on the machines and guide your kiddos before inserting the token. Best is to observe the others operate first so that you can save a little (time and money).
  • The place is still new and only have umbrellas for shade right now. Use sunblock or go in the evening for respite from the sun. Permanent shelter will be up once positions etc are finalized.
  • Bring along insect repellent as well for mosquito protection.

Such a scenic place for a new home for Diggersite!

Sand-playing, albeit using machinery!

No kiddos were harmed in the taking of this photo.
Forklifts are awesome fun, but really more suitable for older and stronger kiddos 10 years up. Because the wheel control is not as easy. 
Let your kiddos work out some sweat operating these heavy machineries. Great experience for the kiddos during the holidays for sure. But just be prepared to fork out more than you expect because they are way too fun, even for adults!

Maximum Drift Karting Arena

The last few times we were at ORTO, we didn't even realized that there was this new karting arena right behind where the Katapult Trampoline Park is! Apparently it started operations somewhere in Dec last year and is the very first drift karting arena of it's kind here in Singapore. We had done karting before, but the kiddos were not allowed to ride their own karts because of their height. But they can finally get a taste of controlling the wheels on their own here! 

Safety briefing before gearing up for the ride.
These are the karts for the little ones.
The adults go on these instead.
The kiddos getting ready for a friendly race!

Not so friendly when he lost though....
Here are the friendly peeps from Maximum Drift!
It is definitely a great karting experience for all of us! Unlike normal go-karting where drifting is only done by the experts and if I drift, it is likely I would have lost control of the kart! Here, the whole idea is to drift with the special karts and perform awesome cornerings with good control of speed and the steering. Reminds me of the good old Daytona days at the arcades and I can imagine listening to the music from Tokyo Drift as I cut the corners! And fear not, it is absolutely safe, even for the kiddos! Check out more details here

I only have one very important piece of advice for you, and that is to bring along insect repellent. It is after all a forested area and something that is not within their control. So have great fun but BEWARE of mosquitoes! 

Thank you Diggersite and Maximum Drift for having the kiddos over for the experience!

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