Saturday, March 18, 2017

eXplorerkid - Science Life Hacks Camp

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Steffi and Leroy participated in a Science Life Hacks Camp at eXplorerkid @ E!hub. It is a full-day drop-off program where parents can drop their kids at 9am and pick them up at 7pm. A great way to keep the kiddos occupied during the school holidays especially if one had to work. But obviously I had to stay behind to find out what they were really up to so as to present this post to all of you!

Build bridges, not burn them. Team-building games to warm them up!

The program started off with all the kiddos giving a short introduction of themselves to all present and two rounds of team-building games that involving them pitting against each other to be the best group. Sure got them started well and before long the kiddos were already behaving like long-time friends! Off they went, making the strongest bridge as well as the tallest tower!

So, this is how you separate the yolk from the white!
Learning how not to weep when cutting onions.

And there are actually more than one way to keep your eyes free from tearing!
And then the fun begins and they get to try out some of the real life hacks we had been reading about but had never used, like myself, because I never cook! Stuff like how to separate the egg yolk from the white and how to cut onions without tearing. Simple stuff no doubt, but definitely fascinating for the kiddos.
Cool trick don't you think?
Learning how to make an air-pump using a bottle!

So our teacher was from Whizz Kidz!
Lunch and snacks were all provided for the kiddos so there is no worry about them going hungry at all. Play breaks were also given during the program so that the kiddos can expand their energy a little! Beside getting to try out these hacks themselves, one of benefits of such a workshop is allowing the kiddos to hone their socialization skills. The participants come from all over Singapore (okay I exaggerated, most were from the East side), but by the end of the session, they were all playing together, with even the older ones taking of the little ones too!

There were free play time for the kiddos too!

Big thanks to eXplorerkid for the invite! Steffi and Leroy sure enjoyed themselves very much and learnt some pretty cool life hacks. They even managed to come up with one hack using LEGO bricks to make a phone holder for yours truly! 

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