Monday, August 14, 2017

Canon Shootout (EOS M10)

[Media Invite]

We were invited to a Canon family shoot out session at South Beach a few weekends back and tried out their latest Canon EOS M10 camera, which in all honesty, I would not have tried, if not for this particular session. And the reason is simply because I am a procrastinator and a laggard who is resistant to change. I was glad I went for that session.

Steffi was really interested to try out the camera too!

I had been using a Sony NEX 5RL for years, and it was actually under the persuasion of my sister-in-law who thought that it was good. It sure was good and takes decent photographs. I especially loved the digital viewfinder and the screen which can be flipped for that easy wefie with the family. However till now, I had never progressed beyond the "auto" mode. So what good is a piece of equipment if the user doesn't improve? I had only been using its kit lens ever since too, even though the lens were inter-changeable!

A wefie but I definitely could use a selfie stick, or longer arms!

Loved the timing of this shot which capture our friend high up in the air! Still in focus some more!
I thought she looked cool!
It was just 5mins of basic instructions before each family got their respective EOS M10 loan sets to try out. Fiddling with the touch screen and the different menus were rather intuitive and even my little ones was able to grasp the concept of how they worked. Loving the different shooting modes and they even had the fishball effect without the need for special lens. I am pretty sure that this camera would serve my needs really well, and the other plus point is that the price of the basic set (comes with Pikachu shoulder plush now) is like only half of what I paid for my Sony NEX 5RL back then! I love the easy operation of this nifty set, and even though I know I would be most likely to be using the only the kit lens, I know for a fact that I can upgrade the lens for this mirrorless, interchangeable-lens camera when I feel like I am ready.

Steffi took this shot of her sister and you should click on the video below too!
There is this function that takes a short clip of what happened before you clicked on the shutter button and we only found out after reviewing the memory card content. Quite funny lor!

It was sure a fun day out with the kiddos and their new found Pokemon friend, Squirtle as we roamed South Beach for some photography inspiration. Steffi also tried her hands at capturing fun shots of us too and handled it like a pro, although in my heart I was still a little scared that she might damage the camera lol! And just when we got to know Canon EOS M10 a little better, we had to return the loan camera with sadness. Well who knows? I might just get one for myself soon. Thank you for having us over for the fun weekend Canon Singapore! How how got discount some more boh?

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