Monday, August 21, 2017

DIY Wonder Woman Costume

Ever since the debut of Wonder Woman earlier this year, my little girl Stacci had been telling me ever so gently that she may wish to discard her Spider Girl suit and opt for a Wonder Girl outfit instead. But as usual, this procrastinating father had only started asking around for quotes on making her one, less than one month before STGCC! I could have picked something cheap off the rack but then again, I would like her to look more authentic. And if I want her to look authentic, it would cost me a bomb since a lot of effort will have to go into making one.

Hence last weekend I decided to take the plunge, picked up a ton of stuff from Art Friend and ventured forth to the world of cosplay prop making together with my kiddos. So over the past weekend, I tried to google as much as possible on how to fabricate an authentic looking Wonder Woman outfit for Stacci. Try as I might, but I was unable to find any templates freely available for download. Hence I could only rely on YouTube videos for ideas, and then draw my own templates, right-sized just for her.

Only managed to do these as of now, bu they still requires a coat of paint and missing the body armour!
It was my first try at doing this and I definitely have a lot to learn! Took me an entire Sunday afternoon just to take her measurement, fine-tune templates, cut out the required foam pieces and put them together. And I only managed to do the accessories for now, with the major piece, the body armour untouched because I do not have the foam with the right thickness! It's tiring work, even though I kind of enjoyed crafting it with Stacci, for Stacci. I may not be a superhero, but I sure hope I can make her one in time and create wonderful memories together at the coming convention! When was the last time you did something new with your child, for your child? For me it was all worth it seeing her smile!

She is surely pleased with her tiara and bracelet, for now!
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