Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Celebrating Christmas in Hong Kong Disneyland

We had only been to Hong Kong thrice, but there is one place we never fail to visit on all the 3 occasions, and that is none other than Hong Kong Disneyland! Our first 2 visits were when my older 2 were still much younger, and we were only able to get on the kiddy rides. We did spent a considerably long time in the queues for photographs with the mascots since that was the only other thing worth queuing for besides the rides. Even though we adults knew for a fact that the characters were merely staff in costumes, the characters never fail to bring smiles to everyone whenever they appear. I had ever heard screams of joy from even adult women too when they see Mickey and friends!

The first character we got to take a photo with and we were the first in the queue!
With the festive season upon us soon, the characters in Hong Kong Disneyland  were also decked in red when we visited last month. The park was transformed into a magical wintry Christmas wonderland, with Christmas trees and ornaments adorning every nook and crannies. The rides were pretty much the same when we last visited, and we went back onto quite a few of the kiddos' favourites such as Slinky Dog Sling and RC Racer. But what was different this time round was that the kiddos had grown taller and were finally able to get onto scarier rides!

What I love about going to Hong Kong Disneyland during this time of the year, would have to be the wonderful cool (bordering cold) weather, that made the queuing so much more tolerable. The queues at the rides were also shorter this time round as compared to our previous visits too. Perhaps due to the opening of Shanghai Disneyland, where I think where a good portion of previous crowd might be at now? All these made for a pleasant and stress-free visit!

I thought that there was not that much of people around initially but when the special Mickey and Friends Christmastime Ball came on in front of the castle, you can then really see ALL the people appearing from nowhere, trying to catch their favorite characters performing! The same thing happens when the parades come on too!

The kiddos are Marvel fans and we were glad to finally visit Stark Expo and try out the Expo Edition Iron Wings! The ride reminded us of the Transformer ride in USS and was rather realistic with the StarkVision glasses on. We went on it 4 times and there would be screaming every time, without fail. Leroy even donned his Spidey suit and gave Iron Man a surprise in the Iron Man Tech Showcase! I am impressed with the voice over and the comical reaction of the actor in the suit. This definitely made the kiddos' day! Can't wait for more Marvel themed attractions in the years to come!

I was surprised, Leroy was surprised and even Tony was surprised. 

Didn't knew Tony sold burgers too!
We only managed to catch Piglet and Santa Goofy for photos this time round as the kiddos were more interested in going for MULTIPLE rollercoaster rides this time round. I would recommend the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars if you have not tried it before. It is truly an awesome ride and my kiddos loved the adrenaline rush! Oh you can also send a postcard with a special Goofy stamp directly to friends and family anywhere from Disneyland!

Had to make do with the statues of Mickey and Minnie because they were too busy elsewhere already!
It's with much sadness when we read about the cessation of the firework displays by the end of this year. We were truly lucky to be able to catch it during our recent trip, because I was actually contemplating going back earlier as the kiddos were pretty tired out after a full day at the park. Glad we stayed on for the magnificent display and even managed to take a snowy family portrait to end the fun-filled day. Big thanks to Hong Kong Disneyland for hosting our family!

I recommend that you do it fast if you want to visit so as to make it in time to catch the nightly firework display before it temporary stops with the last display on 01 Jan 2018. Do check out these following perks if you have the intention to visit Hong Kong Disneyland any soon -
  • Singaporean guests should start planning their magical journey with the Advanced Purchase Room Offer to save up to 40% on a guest room at either Disney Explorers Lodge, the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel or Disney’s Hollywood Hotel. 
  • The Discounted “2-Day Fun” Ticket Offer will give Singaporean guests two days in the park’s immersive Christmas atmosphere with just HK$60 more over a 1-Day ticket! From today, Singaporean guests can also buy the 1-day ticket and receive a HK$50 merchandise coupon and one “buy one get one free popcorn coupon”. For more details, please visit: www.hongkongdisneyland.com/disney-christmas-intl/

Me and my wife each had our Changi Recommends WiFi router with us while in the park and remained contactable with ease even when we had to fulfil the different needs of the four kiddos! Picking up the devices just before our flight and right in front of our check-in counters gave us the peace of mind, as well as the ability to navigate Hong Kong the moment we touched down. 

Just need to drop the routers off at any of the counters in Terminals 1 - 4 when you return!
Returning the devices was equally easy. I forgot to return it upon checking out from Terminal 1 and ended up returning them at Terminal 3 without any problems. So if you are thinking of fuss-free internet access where ever you are going from Singapore, check out ChangiWifi! Thank you for providing us with reliable internet access throughout our Hong Kong trip!

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