Sunday, December 10, 2017

NTUC Xtra Jurong Hypermart Revamp!

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I have reached the stage of my life where grocery shopping, besides being necessary, can even be considered an enjoyment of sorts! The thrill of finding something you need, or discovering something you want is rather satisfying, and even more so if you are able to get them at a discounted rate! Lest you be “tricked” into questionable promotions, especially those involving free gifts, you should really check out the unit cost of the item you need up to the cost per gram or millilitre! The “free” gifts can sometimes come with a hidden cost. I am not saying promotions are no good la but you need to suss out the great ones! Fairprice Xtra does have special corners where you can find these deals at a glance too.

Easy to succumb to buying more stuff than necessary with all these offers!
Anyway, all I wanted to say is that, grocery shopping can be an enjoyable process and we jumped at it when we were invited over to visit the revamped 57,000sqft Fairprice Xtra outlet at Jurong Point Hypermarket! The fact that this is a hypermarket, already gave everyone the impression and expectation of a very big outlet stocked with all the good you can find. And this holds true for Jurong Point Hypermart, which despite the extensive range of 26,000 products stocked, was still able to provide  for wide shopping isles for that pleasant shopping experience, even with our shopping trolleys and the kiddos!

Can really be a one-stop for almost everything. They sell ceiling fans and air-conditioners too!
These electronic price tags makes it easy for the staff to update price fluctuations and are also easy to read even for the elderly! 
We went on a short guided tour of the outlet, led by the General Manager, Mr Marcus Wong who went on to explain to us on how the planning of the goods differed from other traditional outlets. One can expect to find all the relevant products or appliances related to a certain task to be grouped together. For example the floor detergents may be housed together with the mops and buckets. So instead of having to pop by the household products to look for mops and then to detergents section as one would need to in a traditional supermarket, the shopping experience would be more streamlined according to the task or mission of the individual in this new experimential outlet.

The aisles were wide and the kiddos can push their own trolleys too ($10 deposit required)! 

All in all there are a total of 5 different zones, namely the “Parenting Zone”, “Health and Beauty Zone”, “Healthy Eating Zone”, “The Kitchen Zone” and “Total Home Solutions Zone”. So if I need to get any stuff related to my kiddos, such as formula milk, diapers or toys, I can just head straight to the “Parenting Zone”. “Healthy Eating Zone” features a very wide range of organic / healthy products within the zone, making it so much easier for anyone to embark on the journey to a healthier body! If you are feeling lazy and not in the mood for cooking some food, you can grab some read-to-eat food and have them microwaved by the friendly staff at the customer service counter, or simply grab some sushi or cooked seafood at “The Kitchen Zone”! There is even a Swee Heng confectionery within the zone!

All your parenting "needs" can be found at this zone.
This section is in the "Parenting Zone" and right near the entrance. There is no escaping!
Wide shopping aisles and low shelvings makes the whole place looks big and spacious!
They did away with the live seafood tanks. But I guess it is for the good of everyone too, since no cruelty and staff need not take care of the fishes!
Fresh prawns for your cooking needs!
If you are not into cooking, get ready-to-eat food items from this section!

The fried sweet potatoes were pretty tasty!

Saves you time to cook the prawns also!

Get ready-to-eat microwaveable sets here and get them warmed up by the customer service counter staff after payment.

Rows of cut fruits for your convenience!
Or you can also get packs of fresh whole berries too!
Louie wants his rainbow cake from Swee Heng!

Wide selection of natural and organic items stocked within these aisles!
They are starting to roll out more of these Tesco stall selling premium groceries within the supermarkets.
With Christmas just round the corner, and goodie bag or gift exchange items to buy, as well as the traditional Christmas Deli to order for the family gatherings, you should check out Jurong Point Hypermart if you happen to be staying in the West side! Because from now till 13 Dec, you will get a $10 return voucher (for use on your next purchase of $50 minimum) for $100 spent. Who would say no to more savings? The terms and conditions stated one redemption per customer per day, thus shopping with your whole family may be a good idea!

You can also order your Christmas Deli instore here!
We will also be giving away a $50 NTUC FairPrice voucher (sponsored by none other than NTUC FairPrice) to one lucky reader who faithfully follows the steps below -

Giveaway Instructions

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Thank you NTUC FairPrice, for extending the invite to our family for your launch and for bringing us on a fun-filled shopping trip!

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