Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Kampung Fun Fair At Waterway Point

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We popped by last week on a weekend with Steffi and Leroy who enjoyed themselves so much. Brought Stacci along too but she was totally exhausted by the time we reached and she slept throughout! Hence we went AGAIN over the last weekend so that Stacci and Louie can have some fun too at the carnival!

The dining crowd over at the mall is ridiculous. We had to wait over an hour and a half just to get a seat for my family over at Ichiban last weekend. I seriously doubt the mall needed any more promotions, but they are having a Kampung Fun Fair right now over at The Plaza, Basement 1 and Village Square, L1. First 2000 shoppers daily who spends $50 at the mall gets to redeem a coupon set that includes $5 worth of credits for the amusement rides/game booths and a food coupon for three items redeemable at the Food Stalls. Go grab your free potong ice-cream and kacangs!

Redeem your vouchers from the customer service with $50 spent.

But take note that the fair will end next weekend, on Sun, 22 Apr 2018. If you are looking to win some toys for your kids at the fair, you may wish to try out some of those that requires skills ( that is if you have what it takes), otherwise I let you in on an open secret. There are 2 stations that with sure win prizes. One would be the fishing game at B1 while the other is the ball game at L1. Having said that, you should still check out what are the prizes before going for it because we realized that the prizes changed during our 2 visits, and the consolation prize at one of the stations was pretty lame for the price of $5 per try. 

Try this fishing game for a sure win prize!
In any case I would also advise against going during the weekend because we felt as though a good half of the Punggol population shops and dines there on Saturdays and Sundays! You still have a couple of days to bring your kiddos there though and you should! Check out their website for more details on the fair and thanks for the invite Waterway Point, the kiddos had great fun! 

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