Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Woohoo WoWo Wows!


I hadn't been taking good care of my oily hair and skin since young. I had been bleaching my hair as and when I liked and washing my face only whenever I remembered. Well the effects are quite evident now. My face is already beyond repair but experiencing bad hair days on work days are the worst. I either had to use lots of hair gel, or get a quick shampooing just to get the hair under control.

However recently I received a range of WoWo products as a gift to try out. For someone like me who is lazy and don't really bother about "beauty", I thought there was no harm trying? I mean my condition would not get much worst anyway. So try I did, but I only used the body gel and shampoo for the past 2-3 months. I was too lazy to apply the hair mask and other lotion. Initially the shower gel seemed difficult to work up a lather as it produced less suds than my usual body foam but I got used to it soon. What's great about this shower gel is that it smells really nice and it leaves a silky feeling after I dry up from the shower. 

I have oily scalp and dandruffs. At times, using off-the-shelves anti-dandruff shampoo does work at controlling the white flakes but it often dries out my hair and makes styling a chore (even though I do not have much style lah). Since using WoWo Hair Shampoo, I realized that to comb and get presentable enough for work in the morning took me less than 5 minutes for me these days. My hair remained soft and manageable after sleeping in the air-con room. I also hardly see dandruffs and also noticed lesser hair on the cover of my drain trap too!

With Mother's Day coming up really soon, I was thinking that maybe you would like to pamper your mother, wife or maybe even yourself a little! So we are giving away a full set of hair series products (shampoo, mask, serum) to one lucky reader who completes the following steps before the end of Fri, 11 May 2018 -

Giveaway Instructions

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3) Like and Share this Facebook post (with the original text) publicly; and
4) Comment in the Facebook post once done and tag your friends who may be interested too!

For whose who wishes to try the products out yourselves, you can contact Sindy through WhatsApp at 86886556 or WeChat ID: ProsperityMiracles56. She never say she will give me any commission but she did mentioned that she will do something special for you if you mention you were referred by The "Perfect" Father. 

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