Thursday, July 26, 2018

Parenting Made Easy with Combi

Some of the “problems” parents may encounter when dealing with babies would be that they find it hard to perform household chores (or just about anything else) with the little one awake. Sometimes the little one may insist to be carried too and it would be next to impossible to complete whatever you need to do. That could bring about some stress for sure. And even if one decides to do chores while the little one is asleep, one may also feel uncomfortable leaving the baby out of sight, especially if there are other young children around. You never know what kind of mischief the little ones are capable of! 

The first time that Starri got onto the BEDi and slept within minutes!

We had never even used any baby chair of any sorts even though we already have five kids, save for a baby high chair that was rendered useless shortly after we were blessed with it because it was inflexible, as well as uncomfortable for the baby. So I shall be really honest here to state that a parenting station is not exactly a need or must-have, since we had been placing the baby anywhere convenient all these while. After all, parents everywhere had been improvising and parenting with the use of common household items for the longest time. But on hindsight, we were really lucky that there were never any incidents. 

It come in the box already assembled like this, less the canopy and the food tray not shown here.

Leroy was present when I unboxed the BEDi from the carton box and the first thing that came out of his mouth was, “wah, why you buy another pram?”. It definitely looked like one, even to me! Everything came fully assembled, except for the canopy which I managed to fix on even without the need to refer to the instruction manual, so I can safely say that it would be hassle-free for anyone to start using it. I only needed to figure out what are the knobs to adjust it to the different positions. 

Pull this in to lock the rocking mechanism.

Pull and shift the backing to a suitable level, after turning the knob on top to release.

With the canopy cover, you can block indoor or outdoor UV and adjust it to the ideal darkness you want for your baby anytime, anywhere, so baby can have a good rest! 

This is the lowest it can go, and you can still rock the baby while you sit on the floor.

When I first ran my fingers through the material, it felt soft and comfortable, unlike the high chair we had previously. However I was also concerned with how easy it would be to clean any mess that babies are known to make. All the milk spills, pee and what nots! Thankfully all the covers and cushions can easily be removed and machine-washed, leaving the plastic body which then can be cleaned easily with a piece of damp cloth. 

All the washable parts are easily removable for washing!

The BEDi is meant for babies up to 4 years of age. For really young infants, the contraption can be lowered fully and it will function much like the hospital bassinets for newborns. And as the baby grows and start to get stronger and more curious by the day, you can raise the backrest to a higher position so that the baby can watch you while still sitting in comfort. Although the backrest can be fully adjusted upright for the older kids, such as my Louie, I doubt most kids can sit still or last long in the chair, or any chair for that matter. At most, maybe only during their mealtimes and that’s when the tray comes in handy. 

Even Louie can fit onto the BEDi which provided him with a comfortable seat for an afternoon snack!

The BEDi is really meant for parents to be able to keep an eye on the baby while performing their day-to-day activities. It surely looks safe with its 5-point harness systems, but one should never leave the baby unattended in it, or have the baby out of sight. Thus the 4 swivel wheels comes in so handy, allowing one to push the chair anywhere it is needed. I tried moving it around the house, with and without the baby and the movement is still smooth. Once you have it where it is needed, just need to remember to lock down the legs to secure the chair and you are all set. 

Push in to lock the wheels.

The magical thing about the BEDi for the little ones, would have to be the rocking mechanism! Starri did not take it too well when I placed her down onto its thick cushion, and she looked a little apprehensive. When she started to cry a little and wanted to be carried, I started gently rocking her back and forth easily (without much effort). Then the most amazing thing happened. She calmed down totally and fell asleep all within less than 5 minutes! This sure beats having to carry her and walk around for ages, or having to swing her in the cradle till my arm aches before she finally have some shuteye! Now I can rest her in the BEDi by my table when I needed to work on my laptop, or beside the sofa as I watch the television programs. I merely needed to first adjust the BEDi to a suitable height for me to comfortably rock Starri, and I am good to go!  

The sleep shell provided a dim environment for Starri and coupled with the light swinging movement, made putting her to sleep much easier. Not to mention, a better quality sleep for both baby and us parents!

The BEDi is definitely a great help around house and I will surely recommend one for parents who wishes to spend a little more for the luxury, for both baby and themselves! But just like a domestic helper, you definitely would not NEED to have one, but you know you would WANT the convenience it provides, and the extra free time it can free up for you!

Disclosure: Starri received a unit of BEDi from Combi for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received and all views and images remains ours.

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