Thursday, July 12, 2018

Tollyjoy Baby Wipes


Wet wipes, especially the travel packs, are usually listed as one of the essential items for parents to have in their bags, and for good reasons. At times when one could not find any wash basins, these little pieces of wet tissues definitely comes in really handy. You can use it to wipe the hands and face of the little ones, especially after or before food, and of course to wipe their bottoms as well when you do a diaper change for them, so that they stay fresh!

Being a trusted local Singapore brand since 1971, Tollyjoy is committed to providing reliable, durable and value-for-money mother and baby care products. Their new baby wipes is no exception of course, with its 99% pure water content undergoing three levels of purification treatment including ultra filtration, reverse osmosis and UV sanitization. With absolutely no traces of contaminants, toxins or bacteria, I use them on Starri without worries too!

But that's not all, the wipes are free from alcohol, phthalates, lanolin and harmful preservatives such as parabens and MIT (methylisothiazolinone) but contains Aloe Vera extracts, which soothe and protect the skin, as well as Vitamin E, which nourishes and helps to maintain the skin’s oil balance. Having tried the scented wipes (in blue package) myself, it does not fray easily and leaves a light talcum powder smell after use as well. But if you rather have your wipes unscented, you can get the pink package one instead! For me, I simply love its resealable package, which keeps the moisture in without the need for any special box.

At the recommend price of $7.90 per bundle of two packs of 100s, each piece of wipe would cost you less than 4 cents, which is actually one of the cheapest around too. But now, you can even get to try them out for free in our special giveaway! All you have to do, is to complete the following steps before Wed, 01 Aug 2018 for a chance to walk away with 24 packs of Tollyjoy Baby Wipes (mix of scented and unscented) worth $94.80! We will be choosing 2 winners for this giveaway, so do not miss this chance to win for your little ones!

Giveaway Instructions

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The new Tollyjoy Baby Wipes are available in leading retail malls and shops, as well as online at Qoo10, RedMart, on Prime Now App, and Giant Online!

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