Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bepanthen Nappy Rash Ointment (Review)

Being a hands on father 3 times over, and always having a baby or toddler in the house since 2008, I had my fair share of diaper changing and the problems that comes with it.  But as they always say, practice makes perfect.  Being wiser, I no longer encounter the novice problems of leakage or wrongful / untimely discharge of bodily waste during “change parade” now.  There is however, still one thing that I really hate, and that is nappy rash.  Seeing the little ones with their delicate skin inflamed is bad enough, but that also meant I have to get my fingers messy trying to smoother babies’ privates with a thick coat of smelly nappy rash cream while they struggle. 

Personally I hate any lotion or cream that has fragrance in it, be it moisturizers, sunblock lotions or even mosquito repellents.  That’s why I would never put these stuff even on myself as the metallic smell (from zinc oxide?) really puts me off.   I hate nappy rash because even though I hated applying creams and lotions, I could never bear to see my little ones suffer from it and would have to apply creams on them no matter how much I hated the feeling.   The rash can present itself from anything such as a mild discomfort to extreme itchiness or even pain.  With my youngest child Stacci at 29 months old, it has actually been quite a while since I last had to apply anything to alleviate nappy rash for anyone. 

Earlier last week, I was actually given some sample tubes of Bepanthen Nappy Rash Ointment which I had initially planned on using on my fourth child if need be.  But coincidentally Stacci complained to me that she has gotten some rash around her privates about 2 days after I got the samples.  It was due to our lateness in changing her pull-up pants and thus I ended up using using the ointment on her instead.  The ointment felt relatively oilier on my fingers as compared to usual creams due to its composition, but that also meant I only had to apply a thin layer onto her skin too!  Fortunately there was no unpleasant smell at all and I managed to wash away any residue of the ointment on my fingers with just a tiny bit of hand soap.  Viola, I checked on Stacci the very next day and is glad to report that her rash had already cleared up quite a fair bit after using the ointment and she was back to her usual happy self!

Being free from any fragrances, colorants or preservatives, Bepanthen ointment can also be used to protect or heal cracked nipples during breastfeeding.  I know how bad sore nipples can be, cause I experienced it myself during the route marches in Army.  Hee hee, perhaps the Army can even consider a small tube of this ointment as part of its standard issue.

For me, there is no need to apply a thick layer of cream anymore to cure or prevent nappy rash now.  Bepanthen ointment also contains pro-vitamin B5 which accelerates the natural healing of the skin.  So no fear and happy diaper changing everyone! "  There is an ongoing Guardians in-store exclusive of a Free Munchkin teether with every purchase of two (2) tubes of Bepanthen Ointment (30g) till 31 May 2014.  You can also request for a free sample here to try out first like me but remember to enter "OMYB1" under the promo code though.

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